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Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount Review

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While better for your physical and mental health, ergonomic accessories and furniture often come at a hefty price. If budget is your concern, a monitor mount for your desk would improve your posture without breaking the bank.

In this Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount review, we’re taking a look into the details to help you determine if the item is a good fit for your needs.

About the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount

ManufacturerLoop Alloy
ModelDual Monitor Bracket Mount W/ C-Clamp (MNT-00006-TM)
DimensionsMonitor Mount – 15.5 x 29 in (39.37 x 86 cm)
C-Clamp – 0 – 3.9 in (0 – 9.9 cm)
Maximum load capacity28.66 lb (13 kg) per arm

Let your neck and spine finally relax as you correct your posture with the help of the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount. Using 5 points of articulation to ensure stability and range of motion, the dual monitor mount is capable of holding up most 32-inch screens, may that be computer or TV screens. It’s desk mountable by two methods and rotatable in almost every direction to accommodate your workstation and ergonomic needs.

Additional features of the product include a Velcro strap cable manager, which helps in organizing cables and your desk at large. The product also has screws for individual height adjustment.

Each package includes the following items:

  • Mounting post
  • Mounting arms (2 pcs)
  • Main screw with plate
  • Instruction manual
  • Screws

Benefits of the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount

Now that you have all the details of the product, let’s analyze all of the monitor mount’s best features.

Full Range of Motion

With a tilt range of 90 degrees, a swivel range of 180 degrees, and a full 360-degree rotation range, flexibility of movement is not a problem with the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Mount. Since both dual detachments offer a complete range of motion, desk workers have the option to have both monitors either portrait or landscape, or have one in each orientation.

Easy Installation

The internationally recognized VESA plates ensure compatibility with most, if not all, computer and small TV screens. These plates make installation an easier process, in addition to the quick-release brackets. For more information on setup, refer to the video below, which has a couple of setup options to ensure the mount can adjust to your current workstation.

Velcro Straps for Cable Management

Cables get tangled, messy, and disorganized. To keep those eyesores in place, the dual monitor mount comes with Velcro straps for cable management. This management system gathers and routes the cables neatly, so they don’t get in the way of other items on your desk.

Pros and Cons of the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount

✔ Easy to install
✔ Full 360-degree flexibility
✔ Space saver
✘ Arms may tremble when holding larger monitors

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount is a highly capable monitor mount. It clears up the desk space, allows you to work with your monitors seamlessly, and reduces body pain. It’s worth investing in. 

“If you work from home or spend lots of time at your computer, a monitor arm could make all the difference in the comfort and functionality of your setup.”

Reviewer – Bob vila

Where to Buy the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount

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Interested in this monitor mount? Visit Lazada today to check for discounts on the Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount. Scoring 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 409 ratings, this dual monitor mount is a hit among Loop Alloy customers. Cash on Delivery is available for those who can’t access online payments.

The item is eligible for free shipping, with standard delivery taking between 3-4 days. Please note that the Lazada warranty is limited to 7 days.

Lazada is the preferred online shopping network in the Philippines. Supplying everything from groceries to ergonomic office furniture, Lazada is an easier way to score deals on new and exciting products. On top of that, it also provides a number of payment options to cater to all kinds of budgets and financial circumstances, making shopping more convenient for everyone across the nation.

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Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount Dual Monitor Arm

Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount

The Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount is a stylish and functional solution for those seeking to maximize their desktop space and optimize their workstation setup.

This sleek mount allows you to easily and securely attach two monitors side-by-side, freeing up valuable desk space and reducing clutter. Its robust construction and adjustable arms ensure that your monitors are held securely in place, while its durable alloy material provides both strength and aesthetic appeal.

Installation is a breeze, with a simple clamp and grommet system that accommodates a wide range of desk sizes and styles. The mount is also fully adjustable, allowing you to position your monitors at the perfect height and angle for optimal comfort and viewing.

The Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Bracket Mount is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to enhance their workstation with a modern and practical solution. Its sleek design and functional features make it a valuable tool for boosting productivity and improving posture while working.

The Review

80% Performance outweighs its slightly inconvenient setup

The Loop Alloy Dual Monitor Mount is a decent product. While it isn't the best that we've seen, it certainly outperforms many of its competitors. Where it loses points is the setup. Although the video instructions are handy, with options available for different desk designs, there are a lot of components to put together. The manual setup contributes to the overall effectiveness of mount, so you do have to be mindful while building the product. The individual screws for height adjustment also may be inconvenient for those that like to switch between sitting and standing while working.