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LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow Review

Back pain is common among those who sit at work. One way to prevent it is to shift to a sit-stand desk. Another is to use back support pillows and cushions.

One such pillow you can use is the LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow. It’s a pillow that you can use on your chair in your office and while you drive. The brand LucaSng, after all, is known for their car interior products. This lumbar support pillow however is so versatile that it can also be used with your seat at work.  

Why Lumbar Support is Needed When Working Seated

While some people do prefer to use a sit-stand desk to alleviate the issues that come from sitting too long at work, there are those who need to be seated when working. Doing this for extended periods of time can bring about lower back pain and other issues like neck pain. If you are one of those who have to be seated while working, a lumbar support pillow should help. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea to use one:

Promotes good posture while seated – One of the reasons why back pain and neck pain happens when seated is poor posture. People tend to slouch after some time when seated. The use of a lumbar support pillow is a good idea since it forces the user to maintain good posture while seated. This is because the shape of the lumbar pillow follows the curve of the back, keeping the user in proper posture at all times.

Bridges the gap between the chair and the spine – Most chairs, even ergonomic ones, usually have the user sitting with some space between the spine and the back of the chair. Using a lumbar support pillow helps remove this space. The lumbar pillow fills the space found between the chair and your back, giving you the back support you need when seated.

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General Product Information

ModelFull Lumbar Support High Back Pillow
Product Dimensions40 cm x 46 cm x 12 cm
MaterialSpace Memory Foam with Polyester Cover

LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow Features

Since this product is a pillow, you would think that it doesn’t have that many features. How many features can a pillow have, right? This is no ordinary pillow, however, since it is one that is engineered to help alleviate back pain and offer full back support to the user when seated. To show you what we mean, here are some of the notable features of the LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow:

Ergonomic back-supporting design

This pillow is shaped in such a way that it helps fill the gap between your seat and your back to give you the back support you need. This support pillow has a back arched design that fills the natural curvature of your spine. It also has side supports that cradle your back so you sit in the right part of the pillow at all times.


This lumbar support pillow was actually made for use in a car but its versatility actually allows users to pair it with their office chairs. The design allows for easy use at work, while driving, and even at home. Take your lumbar support pillow with you wherever you need added back support so you don’t have to suffer from back aches again.

High quality materials

This pillow is made using high quality components to guarantee durability and comfortable use. The cushion is made using space memory cotton that offers soft yet firm support to the spine. The cover is made using polyester which is generally flame retardant and breathable. It is also smooth which makes it skin-friendly and won’t leave patterns or marks on your skin.

Portable and can be lugged anywhere

This pillow is small enough for you to easily carry it around. While it doesn’t have handles like other lumbar pillows, this doesn’t make it difficult to move from one place to another. Carry it under your arms as you would any pillow and you’re good to go.

Where to Buy the LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow

The LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow can be found on Lazada. If you are planning on buying one, you can find these in a variety of colors that include black, gray, brown, beige, red, and blue. Choose the color that best suits your personality or go with the more neutral colors that can easily blend in with both your office chair and car seat.

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The Review

94% Versatile back support pillow that you can use anywhere

If you want to have enough back support while at work, driving, or even just sitting at home watching TV, the LucaSng Full Lumbar Support High Back Pillow is your best bet. It fills the gap between your back and the backrest of your seat, giving your spine the perfect support it needs.