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Manual Lift Standing Desk Review

You probably find yourself in the office five times a week and spend countless hours in it with all the work you need to get done. Due to numerous tasks, you’re probably always stuck to your office chair and let’s face it, sitting for too long isn’t the best idea nor is it good for your health. 

Thankfully, ergonomic furniture such as standing desks has emerged to combat the sitting disease that many people have started to experience. One helpful product that we’re taking a look at today is the Manual Lift Standing Desk which uses a hand crank to lift or lower it according to the user’s desired height.

Sitting for too long isn’t good for the body. However, standing for way too long isn’t good either. There should be a balance between how many hours you sit and how many hours you stand at work. By having a balance, you ensure that you don’t increase the risk of getting afflicted with health issues related to sitting and/or standing. 

When using a standing desk, many professionals recommended being on your feet for only 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Exceeding an hour can lead to sore feet, leg aches, foot injuries, and even nerve damage. Just like everything else in life, standing at work should be done in moderation. Additionally, if you want your feet to be even more comfortable when you stand as you work, you can also include a standing mat in your workstation.

About the Manual Lift Standing Desk

ModelManual Lift Standing Desk
Dimensions120cm x 60cm (tabletop)
70 – 113cm (height range)

From its name, a manual standing desk is hand-operated and makes use of a crank mechanism to adjust the desktop. It requires more effort and strength on the part of the user compared to a one-button-push electric standing desk, but the simplicity of manual standing desks makes for a great case. 

The Manual Lift Standing Desk comes with a hand crank that can be maneuvered from the left, front, or right side of the frame. How convenient is that? Apart from that, this standing desk has several more features to it. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of the Manual Lift Standing Desk

By using a manual standing desk, you’re likely to experience fewer mechanical problems compared to an electrically-powered one. You can also place it anywhere in the office and you don’t have to fret about situating it near a power socket. Both statements ring true for the Manual Lift Standing Desk. Here are some more of its features:

Vast Height Range

Any worker should be in their utmost comfort whenever they’re doing their tasks. If your desk height isn’t suitable, you might end up slouching or straining your back as you work. With this standing desk, you won’t find yourself with any of those problems. This desk is equipped with a manual crank to adjust its height according to your preference. It has a base height of 70cm and if that’s not enough for you, it can be raised up to a maximum of 113cm. 


A lot of desks in the market come as they are and don’t offer any customization options. This Manual Lift Standing Desk sets itself apart from the competition by giving its customers the opportunity to customize the color of the tabletop and the desk frame. You can choose black or white for the desk frame and mix and match it with the four tabletop choices. You can select from natural wood, white wood, beige, or black wood. Any combination that you pick will surely be a perfect fit in your office.

Made with Premium Materials

Despite not having any fancy electrical features, manual standing desks are also made with durable materials that allow them to last for a long time. The same goes for this Manual Lift Standing Desk. It’s armed with a tabletop made of 3 layers of solid wood. It’s scratch-resistant and easy to clean, too. Moreover, this desk has a sturdy steel frame that’s stable and solidly supports the weight on top of it.

Pros and Cons of the Manual Lift Standing Desk

✔ Has a vast range of height options
✔ Unique color variations for the frame and tabletop
✔ Made with durable materials
✔ Crank can be operated from the left, right, or front
✘ Manual adjustability
✘ Slow lift mechanism

What People Are Saying About It

Manual standing desks are a great investment in the workplace. While they may not be equipped with the latest digital assets like electronic standing desks, they are still highly valuable and get the job done. With an attractive price tag, a robust tabletop, a durable steel frame, and customizable options, this Manual Lift Standing Desk can be a great asset to have in the office.

“The Manual Lift Standing Desk is an excellent option when you need a large standing desk but don’t want to spend too much money. This simple standing desk nails the basics.”

Reviewer – CNET

Where to Buy the Manual Lift Standing Desk

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Manual Lift Standing Desk

The Manual Lift Standing Desk is the perfect solution for those who want to get their blood flowing and stretch their legs while working, without breaking the bank. Its simple and efficient manual lift mechanism allows you to adjust the desk’s height with ease, so you can switch between sitting and standing positions comfortably.

The desk’s minimalist design and sturdy construction make it a practical choice for any workspace, without sacrificing style. Its ample workspace provides enough room to accommodate all your essential work tools, including laptops, monitors, and more.

The Review

94% Offers Customizable Options

The Manual Lift Standing Desk comes with a thick table top and a sturdy steel frame that allows it to withstand the weight of your office equipment situated on it. Aside from its attractive price, it also stands out in the market for allowing customers to mix and match the color of the desk frame and tabletop.