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One problem people have when they use their laptops, whether at home or elsewhere, is the tendency of these devices running around a flat surface. Another problem that comes with this particular device is the difficulty people have for using the keyboard in its flat position. This is where a laptop riser comes in.

A laptop riser like the Mobihub Laptop Riser is a dual-purpose tool. It not only allows you to elevate your laptop slightly, but it also gives the base an angled position, making its keyboard easier to use. This accessory allows you to also secure your laptop without fearing that it will slip, slide, or move around your desk while you use it.

Why Use a Laptop Stand or Riser?

Using a riser like this product is a smart move. This is because such an accessory can actually benefit you in more ways than one. Here are some of the benefits you can get from using this riser/laptop stand:

Easily Use the Keyboard

As mentioned earlier, the angle of the riser’s base allows you to easily use your laptop keyboard as you would any standard PC keyboard. If you will notice, standard keyboards that are used with desktop PCs come with a slightly sloped design. 

If you are used to such a keyboard design, using the flat keyboard of a laptop may prove to be a bit of a challenge. The use of this riser will help address that challenge by giving your keyboard the slope you are used to.

Keeps Your Device From Slipping Around

If you’re using a desk with a glossy surface with your laptop, chances are, your device will be slipping and sliding around this surface while you type. If you don’t want this happening, a riser that has non-slip silicon pads underneath and a sturdy base will help you avoid such a problem.

Allows You to Angle Your Monitor Easily to Avoid Neck Strain

Since a riser/stand elevates your laptop, it also allows you to angle it in such a way that you avoid neck strain. When your laptop is flat on a desk, you are often forced to hunch down to look at the monitor properly. With a riser/stand, your laptop is at an elevated position that lets you sit with proper posture to help prevent neck and back pain.

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About the Mobihub Laptop Riser

Mobihub Laptop Riser
ModelLaptop Stand and Riser
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Dimensions22.5 cm x 21 cm x 8.5cm

A laptop is handy to have, but also, working on one can lead to back pain, neck pain, and headaches. This is due to the fact that most people working on laptops don’t have the device raised to a height that won’t put a strain on the eyes or wrists. 

Getting a laptop stand can significantly reduce aches and pains, and that is what the Mobihub Laptop Riser aims to do. Check out how this can make working on tasks and deadlines more comfortable for you.

Mobihub Laptop Riser Features

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A laptop riser may seem like a product that only has very few features, right? For this product, however, you will find that it not only has quite a number of features, but it is also a product that has more than one use. To show you what we mean, here are some of the notable features of the Mobihub Laptop Riser:


Made out of an aluminum alloy, this product is very sturdy and can last a long time. Since it is made out of aluminum, you won’t have to worry about rust or tarnish on this riser/stand.


Did you know that you can actually use this product for more than just elevating and holding your laptop at an angle? You can actually use this to hold a tablet when you want to watch a movie or use the tablet for a presentation. 

Simply turn the riser over and stand it on its side, and you have a tablet stand. The feet that used to elevate your laptop can now be used to hold your tablet in place. This same position can also be used for laptop storage to help save on desk space.


There is no need to worry about the riser/stand slipping and sliding around on any surface since it has non-slip silicon pads attached to the underside and feet of the product. This same non-slip silicon is also on the surface of the area where you place your laptop. This is to ensure that your laptop doesn’t slip as well while being held by the curved brackets in the front.

Can Carry Larger Laptops

This product can accommodate laptops up to 17-inches in size. This means that even gaming laptops can be used on this stand/riser.

Pros and Cons of the Mobihub Laptop Riser

✔ Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
✔ Can be used for laptops or tablets
✔ Has non-slip silicon pads
✔ Can accommodate laptops up to 17-inches in size
✘ Non-adjustable
✘ Cannot be folded for portability

What People Are Saying About It

With its one-piece design, the Mobihub Laptop Riser is ideal to have on a work desk. Simply place your laptop on it and you can immediately start typing away as the laptop stand is already fixed at an ideal eye-level height. It can make your desk look good, too.

“A laptop stand makes workstations more ergonomic and helps people stay pain-free, leading to fewer missed workdays and more productivity during work times.”

Business Insider

Where to Buy the Mobihub Laptop Riser

Do you want to get a Mobihub Laptop Riser for your personal use? You can find this product for sale on Lazada. Aside from gray, this stand/riser also comes in silver. Check the best prices on Lazada today.

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The Review

80% Versatile laptop riser

The Mobihub Laptop Riser is one versatile product you won't want to live without if you have either a laptop and a tablet. You can use this as a holder for your tablet when you want to watch movies while eating and as a laptop stand when you need to use your laptop without fear of it slipping on a slippery surface.