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Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation Review

Office work can be very monotonous. You come into work, sit at your workstation, see the same view you look at each day, go through the motions, and by the end of the day, you feel exhausted and ready to sleep at home. It would be nice to have a change of scenery to make you feel refreshed while working. However, that isn’t entirely possible with a traditional office desk. Sure, you can turn your head towards the window when it gets too much, but you still end up stuck in the same chair, at the same table. 

One desk that can freshen up your sights and encourage more movement to your day is the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation. With its roller casters, you can easily take your workstation wherever you desire. Interested to know more about this standing desk? Let’s go and dive into it! 

Why You Need a Standing Desk

A study from the University of Cincinnati found that there are multiple issues with offices and home workstations, particularly in the office furniture that people use. The results of the study showed that 41% of participants had chairs that were too low, while there were 32% whose chairs had arm rests but were not used. Aside from those issues, it was also found that workers were using the wrong chair height or had their monitors at an improper height. From the results, it’s clear that it’s important that workers need to have a clear picture of ergonomics in the office to prevent the risk of chronic pain and serious injury. 

Experts suggest to adapt a sit-stand method of working, where the person switches from sitting and standing while working. This is because it isn’t ideal for the body to stay in the same position for too long. By alternating between sitting and standing, serious injury and diseases can be prevented. Traditional office desks aren’t really cut out for the sit-stand method of work, which is why professionals have shown favor towards standing desks. Also called as sit-stand desks, these desks are height-adjustable, offering users optimum working conditions. 

About the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation

ModelMobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation
Dimensions30cm x 80cm (main tabletop and angled table)
85cm – 120cm (overall desk height)
17cm x 59cm (upper shelf)
30cm x 59cm (bottom shelf)
67cm x 60cm (base)
7cm (casters)
73cm – 108cm (height range)

A good standing desk is one that you can easily adjust, is durable, and can accommodate your work necessities. The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation brings a new touch to standing desks as not only does it have the aforementioned aspects, but it’s also movable and equipped with storage shelves. Available in three colors, this standing desk is suitable for any spot you situate it in.

Benefits of the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation

Constructed with a steel frame, the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation is sturdy and durable. It’s suitable for use not just at the office but also at home and other workstations. Here are more of its features: 

Easy to Move Around

Maybe you’ve grown tired of your usual office view and want a change even just for a couple of hours. That isn’t really possible to do with other desks, given that they’re heavy and require a lot of strength to pull around. The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation promises that it won’t give you that problem. 

You can switch up your scenery with this desk easily thanks to its unilateral roller casters. The casters come with a lock so you can work without it rolling off. Move it by the window, move it to a quieter space, you can even move it to the pantry; you’ll always have your work necessities wherever you situate this mobile standing desk. 

Built-In Storage

Most standing desks are only comprised of an adjustable frame and tabletop surface. The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation stands out from the rest of its competitors as it comes with an additional aspect: storage shelves. You can place your work essentials such as a monitor or laptop on the main tabletop, place your keyboard and mouse on the angled table, and still have storage space for a CPU or other work peripherals. If you don’t have many office essentials, you can use the shelves as a decorative space instead, personalizing this desk to your taste. 

Convenient Adjustability

Like most standing desks, the Mobile Rolling Workstation is also height-adjustable. It doesn’t have a one-touch panel for adjustability that electric standing desks have, nor does it have a hand-crank that most manual desks have. Instead, this standing desk is fitted with knobs to turn and lift or lower the desk to your desired height. It has a base height of 73cm and can be raised up to 108cm. The second-tier tabletop can also be tilted to a maximum of 45 degrees for your comfort. 

Pros and Cons of the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation

✔ Mobile standing desk
✔ Roller casters with lock
✔ With storage shelves
✔ Second tier can be adjusted to 45-degrees
✘ Not that stable
✘ Difficult adjustability

What People Are Saying About It

Feel refreshed with a change of scenery by using the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation. This movable standing desk can help you create a great ergonomic work setup and can assist you in alternating between sitting and standing while working. It’s also versatile thanks to its two-tier workstation, one of which tilts up to 45 degrees, and its built-in storage selves. This standing desk can be a fantastic addition to any workplace. 

“The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation is easy to put together, can be moved around with ease, and also allows for additional storage of items underneath.”

Reviewer – The Strategist

Where to Buy the Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation

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Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation

The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation is a fun and practical solution for those who like to work on-the-go or switch between different workstations throughout the day. With its four smooth-rolling wheels, you can easily move this workstation from room to room, keeping your work and productivity flowing seamlessly.

This desk’s adjustable height feature allows you to customize its height to your preferred standing or sitting position, making it an ergonomic and comfortable workspace solution. Its ample workspace provides enough room to accommodate all your essential work tools, including laptops, monitors, and more.

The Review

94% Work Anywhere

The Mobile Rolling Stand-Up Computer Desk Workstation allows any user to get the job done anywhere they prefer. Space also isn't an issue as this mobile standing desk comes with an ample two-tier tabletop and storage for all the office necessities a user must have.