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Did you know that you’re putting your health at risk through the conventional way of working at your desk? Because the socially accepted work position is having your laptop flat on your desk, it’s difficult to understand how it could be non-ergonomic. But the truth is, this position can actually contribute to straining your wrists, back, and neck.

Ideally, your monitor should be positioned at eye level, so as to prevent you from leaning forward or tilting your neck down to view it. Raising your monitor higher can help you keep your neck and back in an optimal posture to prevent sprains and injuries in the long run. That’s why you need a desk riser. If you want to know more about desk risers, read our complete guide here.

Here, we’re going to review the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand.

About the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand

ModelLaptop Riser Stand
Dimensions12 x 9.2 x 5 inches
Weight2 lbs.

Truthfully, there are several desk risers in the market. Although they’re great additions to a workstation for the sake of ergonomics, some people just don’t want to have a bulky riser in their work area. If you want a seamless and sleek addition to your desk, then the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand is the way to go.

Designed in a simple Aluminum Alloy build offered in both silver and black, you’re adding a sophisticated and classy look to your desk, while gaining all the ergonomic benefits it offers — that, plus the convenience of sturdiness, portability, and compatibility with a lot if not all, models of laptops.

Benefits of the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand

The Moko Laptop Riser Stand might seem simple and straightforward at first glance, but it holds a lot of necessary features that provide you with a more stable and active workstation. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Wide Compatibility

The problem with purchasing a laptop stand is the difficulty of finding one that’s compatible with your laptop model. Especially if you have a unique device that’s offered in various shapes and sizes, you can’t risk buying just any laptop stand in the market, at the risk of it not being able to accommodate your device.

What’s great about the Moko Laptop Riser is its wide compatibility. It’s specifically designed to fit any laptop up to 15.6″. Whether you have a notebook, PC, Macbook, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, and more, the Moko Laptop Riser can accommodate your needs. And if you’re working with an extra keyboard, you can conveniently position it under the riser.

Stable and Protective

If you think that the Aluminum Alloy construction of the MoKo Laptop Riser is only for aesthetic sake, you thought wrong. This build makes it more stable and durable compared to other materials. It’s made with 5mm of premium alloy and smoothened edges, to provide you with a sturdy and safe stand for your workplace needs.

The stand is also equipped with silicon pads on the top and bottom to provide a non-skid protective feature, keeping your device in place and reducing the risk of falls and slips.

Detachable and Portable

The MoKo Laptop Riser comes detached, but don’t let that be a downer just yet. It can be assembled without any additional tools in seconds, with just one step in the installation process. Because of its detachability, you can fit the stand in your bag or carry it conveniently to any destination. Bring it home, to your office, at a picnic, or wherever else you might desire.

Heat Dissipation

Especially after prolonged use, laptops have a tendency to heat up, hence the need for you to reboot or install the fans underneath in order to keep the device functioning optimally. The MoKo Laptop Riser, aside from providing you with more ergonomic positioning for your desk, also has heat dissipation technology to keep your devices cool.

The aluminum material itself has an endothermic function that naturally reduces your device’s temperature. The forward-tilting design and open style offer more space for airflow as well.

Pros and Cons of the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand

✔ Compatible with most laptops
✔ Made with Aluminum Alloy
✔ Can be detach
✔ Can keep devices cool
✘ Edges can be rough and sharp

What People Are Saying About It

The MoKo riser stand can be a great help for those who wish to see their workspaces neat and clean. It can carry most laptops, with a maximum of 15.6 inches, and can even fit an external keyboard underneath the riser. It’s durable, thanks to its aluminum alloy construction, ensuring that it’ll stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a great laptop riser, this one may definitely be it.

“A laptop stand is one of the quickest ways to compensate for the ergonomic deficits of most laptops. It helps correct your upper body posture, reduce the likelihood of neck and back pain, plus enhances the performance of your laptop. “

Reviewer – Ergonomic Trends

Where to Buy the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand

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MoKo Laptop Riser Stand

The MoKo Laptop Riser Stand is a sleek and stylish addition to any workspace that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Its durable aluminum construction ensures stability and longevity while its minimalist design effortlessly blends into any decor. This stand is not only height adjustable, but also angle adjustable, allowing for customizable ergonomics and reducing the risk of neck and back strain.

Its compact size and portability make it a convenient travel companion that can be easily slipped into any laptop bag.

In short, the MoKo Laptop Riser Stand is a little lift that packs a big punch, providing both comfort and sophistication to any laptop user.

The Review

98% Sleek Ergonomic Riser

The MoKo Laptop Riser Stand may seem simple at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you'll notice seamless additions that actually make for a more ergonomic setup. With heat dissipation technology, a sturdy build, and wide range of compatibility, you're getting all the great benefits of having a riser in one sleek and classy piece of equipment.