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NEXSTAND K2 Compact Foldable Laptop Stand Review

Laptops are heaven-sent devices that you can take anywhere with you without having to lug around anything else. While they’re amazing to use, laptops also can be quite problematic for people, especially when used on a flat surface for long durations. Users tend to hunch their shoulders over their laptops just to view what they’re working on and staying in this position can cause issues to numerous parts of the body. 

Laptop stands play a crucial part in allowing workers to use their laptops in the most comfortable way possible. One popular laptop stand among consumers is the NEXSTAND K2 due to its flexibility and price. Interested in knowing how this laptop stand can help you out in your day-to-day? Read on! 

Laptop stands are very handy to have and can radically change the way you work. It’s common amongst workers to develop poor posture and “tech neck” when using devices as they tend to tilt their head forward and look down, placing a huge weight and strain on their spine. To avoid tech neck and all other health issues that come with it, it’s advised to elevate devices, especially monitors and laptops, to a suitable position that aligns your eyes with your screen. 

With a laptop stand, you don’t have to strain or crane your neck just to view what’s on your screen. Most stands come with adjustment and tilt options, allowing you to find the alignment that’s suitable for you. When you find the position that works best for you, you’ll notice that you’ll feel less aches and you’ll be more comfortable while working. You’ll also be doing yourself a favor by saving your health from the more severe risks of tech neck.

This leads us to another benefit of laptop risers which is to boost one’s productivity. The more comfortable you are, the more work you can do as you won’t be in pain. You also won’t feel exhausted after your work day, giving you more time to do other activities. You can also maximize your time at the office or home since you won’t be taking excessive breaks due to body pain.

Moreover, stands have a more budget-friendly price tag compared to full-standing desks. A riser offers a lot of the perks of a standing desk but at a cheaper price. You can also use your existing desk and you only need to place the riser on top of it. Stands are also more portable as they can be flattened and slipped into a bag to bring it to and from the office or anywhere you’d like to work, offering you the utmost convenience.

About the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand

ModelK2 Compact Foldable Laptop Stand
MaterialIndustrial-grade reinforced nylon and premium metal fittings
Dimensions4cm x 35.4cm (folded)
26.5-27.8cm x 26.5-30cm x 16cm-25.9cm
Maximum Load Capacity20lbs.

Make slouching over your laptop screen a thing of the past by adding the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand to your workspace. This ergonomic tool allows you to do your job comfortably as it positions your device at a proper level. It can also significantly reduce back pain, neck pain, eye strain, and other health issues when you use your improperly positioned laptop. Let’s take a deeper look into what this laptop stand can bring to the table.

Benefits of the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand

You might think that a laptop stand doesn’t have many features aside from its primary use, but that’s not true at all. The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand has several benefits to its name. Here are a few features of the K2:

Light and Reasonably Compact

Several laptop stands in the market have a weight to them that it can be a hassle to bring them around. The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand separates itself from others with its incredibly light body weight. It only weighs around 8 ounces and what’s more, the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand folds nicely for storage and easy transport. It comes with a carry bag that you can conveniently slip into your bag. It’s so light that you won’t even notice you’re carrying it.

Sturdy Design Made With Industrial-Grade Reinforced Nylon

The NEXSTAND K2 is a durable stand built to accommodate any size laptop, from really thin laptops to heavy ones. It’s constructed with industrial-grade reinforced nylon and high-quality metal fittings, giving it a solid build quality. It has pivot grips that are made of hard rubber, almost plastic-like material, and they come with little plastic spacer clips on the front edge as well.

The plastic clips also have an almost universal fit, meaning they can accommodate even really thin laptops. At the bottom, the K2 is armed with skid-free bases, ensuring a good grip on the surface you set it on, and preventing any kind of slippage. Additionally, the K2 can hold up to 20 pounds, 2 to 6 times the average weight of a laptop. You can even try setting gym weights on it and you’ll find that the K2 is more than capable of carrying them.

Correct Your Posture and Raise Your Laptop Screen

When using laptops, it’s always best to position the screen to your eye level for maximum comfort and improved ergonomics. The K2 stand offers 7 adjustment options, ranging from 6 to 12 inches of lift. The unique joint design of the K2 allows you to raise screen height to your preferred level with ease. Simply hold the joints and move them up or down to find the elevation that suits you. With this height adjustment feature that lets you situate your device at eye level, you can reduce aches and pains due to slouching.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

Did you know that situating your device flat on a surface opens it up to overheating risks? Elevating your device with the use of the K2 can prevent it from overheating. With minimal contact on your laptop, the K2 ensures sufficient airflow and heat reduction. Not only that but lifting your device on the K2 also protects it from getting damaged due to accidental spills and dirt on any surface.

Widens Workspace

If you have a monitor setup, a laptop, an external keyboard, a mouse, and other office essentials, you might find that your workstation may not be enough to accommodate all of them. Placing your device on the K2 allows you to have more room on your work surface. Moreover, it tidies up your table, making it look cleaner and more organized. 

Pros and Cons of the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand

✔ Accommodates laptops with a front edge less than 2.0cm and keyboard width greater than 27.5cm
✔ Height adjustable laptop stand offering up to 7 levels of lift
✔ Fully collapsible
✔ Has hard rubber clips at the front to secure laptops
✔ Constructed with hard plastic and premium metal fittings
✔High quality nylon carrying case included in the package
✘ The design is not as sleek as other stands

What People Are Saying About It

Constantly working long hours with your shoulders hunched over your laptop leads to the development of bad posture and other health issues. Fortunately, stands such as the NEXSTAND K2 exist. The K2 is slim and light yet it can accommodate almost all laptop sizes out there. 

It’s easily collapsible and comes with a carrying case made of stretchy, soft material. The stand fits pretty nicely in any laptop bag, your workstation drawer, and the like, allowing you to use it on the go and in different spaces. Best of all, it could be the most durable stand that’s super affordable and won’t put a huge dent in your bank account.

“The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand really shines when it comes to versatility as it offers eight different height settings. With all of the different settings, you can really dial it in and get the stand positioned exactly the way you’d like. In addition to the awesome versatility, the NEXSTAND K2 also offers another great benefit — price.”

Reviewer – Pack Hacker

Where to Buy the NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand

Level up your workspace with this game-changer! The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand can be your companion in attaining a healthy posture and better overall well-being. Hop on over to Lazada for the best deals and prices!

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The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand

The NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand is a portable, lightweight, and adjustable stand designed to elevate your laptop to a comfortable viewing height. It is easy to set up and can support laptops up to 17 inches in size.

The stand’s ergonomic design helps to improve your posture, reduce neck and back strain, and increase airflow around your laptop to prevent overheating. Its compact size and foldable design make it a great travel companion, and it comes with a convenient carrying case.

The NEXSTAND K2 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a simple, affordable, and effective laptop stand.

The Review

96% Excellent Quality at and Affordable Price

The NEXSTAND K2 can be used by almost everyone, including those who want to alleviate aches and pains after using their laptop all day. The stand has a unique joint construction that allows it to be flexible, able to fold up, and heighten when necessary. Best of all, it has an affordable price tag, making it a bang-for-your-buck buy.