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OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat Review

Supportive underfoot rugs such as anti-fatigue standing desk mats can be an absolute game-changer, especially if you need to stand for work. Standing mats can come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, as well as their surface. Most workers are familiar with flat mats, but non-flat mats should also be something to consider. Also called active standing mats, these mats have a calculated terrain or have topographical features that users can interact with.

Active mats come with specific topographical features such as angled slopes, ridges, massage mounds, foot bars, and others. The terrain can aid in relieving pressure off your soles, as well as encourage you to move more as you stand. One non-flat mat we’ll be taking a look at today is the OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat. Let’s dive into its features to know how this mat can support you throughout your workday.

What To Look For in a Standing Desk Mat

If you’re new to standing desk mats, it might feel daunting for you to know what key features the ideal mat should have. Fret not, we’re here to help you out. There may be a wide variety of standing mats in the market, but they have certain characteristics that can help you narrow down and pick which mat suits you the best.

Thickness and Size

First, the thickness and size of the standing mat can determine the space allotted for your movement and how the cushion can provide support for your feet. A large standing mat allows workers to move more, making it ideal for those who have a wide stance or a large build There are smaller mats available too however, some may find them restricting or limited when it comes to movement.

When it comes to cushioning, thick mats are much preferred than thinner mats as your feet will be more comfortable on them, thus aiding in preventing fatigue.

Material and Foam

The majority of desk mats are usually made of 100% polyurethane (PU) material and are non-toxic, allowing them to be safe for use at home or the office. The foam should be soft, comfortable, yet firm so that they’re not too conforming to the feet and can still provide enough pressure to relieve kinks and knots in the muscles.

It’s vital that a standing desk mat is made with high-quality materials and have properties such as water and stain resistance. These allow mats to withstand wear and tear, especially if you’ll be using them daily.

Anti-Slip Properties

Additionally, it’s highly recommended to find a mat that is non-slip, for safety purposes. When a mat has an anti-slip property, you’ll be certain that you can stand on it without worrying about accidentally knocking yourself over or stumbling off it. A lot of mats also have beveled edges to prevent them from curling and deforming over time. The edges also lessen the chances of a mat becoming a tripping hazard.

Active Mat vs. Flat Mat

Last but not least, standing mats come in two types: active or flat. An active mat usually has additional terrain such as massage balls, massage points, sidewalls, calf stretchers, and the like. On the other hand, as its name implies, a flat mat has a non-terrain surface. Both can give you comfort, support, and reduce your fatigue.

Whether you choose an active or a flat mat, it’s highly suggested that you use your mat with bare feet, especially mats with terrain, as they can give you more relief by directly reducing the pressure without anything in between.

About the OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat




Active Comfort Standing Mat

Product Dimensions67cm x 56.8cm
4in (Thickness)
Product MaterialPU

Standing for too long isn’t great for anyone, and OEM has the right product that offers comfort and cushioning. The OEM Comfort Standing Mat is an anti-skid texture mat that can accommodate movement of all sorts. Available in the color black, this simple-looking mat can fit in any workstation you desire to use it in. Read on to know how this mat can benefit you at home or in the office!

OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat Features

It’s crucial to support your legs and back, especially if you’ll be standing while working. The hard floor can cause your leg muscles to tighten as it restricts blood flow towards that region. Using a standing mat such as the OEM Active Comfort Mat can lessen your aches and more. Here are its highlights:

Encourages Movement

Unlike flat anti-fatigue mats, the OEM Comfort Mat is ergonomically-shaped and designed with a terrain that encourages its users to move around throughout use. At the back, the mat has a ribbed ledge that lets you stretch your legs and switch the angle of your stance, spreading out the pressure on your feet. It has two integrated raised semi-circled on each side, helping ease tension in your aches. Upfront, the OEM mat has a ramped edge to stimulate ankle and calf stretching. Aside from the various terrain, the mat also provides adequate space for active foot movement.

Prevents Leg Fatigue

Standing on the OEM Comfort Mat can ease your fatigue thanks to its polyurethane foam material. It has adequate cushioning, making it comfortable for your soles to stand on. At the same time, the mat is also firm enough that it won’t lose structure even when used daily. The PU materials allow the mat to relieve pressure not only from your foot and legs but the lumbar area as well. It has a non-skid surface that can accommodate all sorts of movement, reducing and preventing accidents.

Sturdy and Easy To Care For

Wear and tear are the least of your worries with the OEM Active Comfort Mat. The high-quality PU material ensures prolonged use of the mat, making it ideal to stand on daily at home, in the office, classroom, kitchen, and more. Additionally, if ever it catches dirt or if you accidentally spill liquid on the OEM Comfort Mat, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. It’s that convenient to clean.

Pros and Cons of the OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat

✔ Helps stretch out calves and massage feet
✔ Anti-skid surface to prevent accidents
✔ Helps boost energy and productivity
✘ Pricey
✘ Not to be used with shoes

What People Are Saying About It

Reduce stress on your feet, legs, and back with the use of the OEM Active Comfort Mat. Equipped with various terrains such as a front and back ramp, massage mounds, and ribbed ledges, you’ll find yourself subconsciously moving your feet around the mat throughout the day. It’s constructed with premium PU material, allowing it to be sturdy yet soft at the same time, capable of supporting and distributing the pressure on your soles. The non-skid surface also prevents you from slipping or sliding off the mat during use, preventing accidents.

“However you stand, the OEM Active Comfort Mat relieves pressure on your heels, legs, back, and shoulders. It’s also resistant to spills and punctures, and you can move it around with one foot instead of having to bend over to reposition it.”

Where to Buy the OEM Active Comfort Standing Mat

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The Review

95% Numerous Active Terrain

If your feet are feeling tired, the OEM Active Comfort Mat can help reduce your aches with its ramps and massage points. It's also spacious enough, encouraging you to move your legs around as you wish. Moreover, the mat is made with durable materials and has a skid-resistant texture for maximum safety.