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Jungletec Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs have grown in popularity in the office setting because of their versatility. Both for gaming and office use, they’re extremely comfortable and suitable for long hours sitting. If you’re in need of an ergonomic chair, you’ve come to the right place. Read more about ergonomic office chairs in our complete guide.

Here, we’re going to look closely at the Jungletec Gaming Chair.

General Product Information

MaterialFoot Material: Steel foot
Chair Material: Synthetic Leather
Dimensions135 x 60 x60cm

The Jungletec Gaming Chair is praised by both gamers and home office workers alike, thanks to its comfortable, soft, yet ergonomic build. It’s equipped with Pneumatic Height Adjustment technology that allows you to fix the height of your chair, making sure your feet stay grounded and ergonomically positioned.

Coming in the widely desired colors of Blue, Red, and White, there’s surely a kind to fit into any workplace.

Jungletec Gaming Chair Features

Let’s take a closer look into the Jungletec Gaming Chair.

Pneumatic Height Adjustment

The Jungletec Gaming Chair makes use of Pneumatic Height Adjustment technology. This feature allows you to change the height of your seat, according to your preference. It is recommended, however, that your chair is just the right height to keep your upper body positioned on the desk, with your arms resting comfortably. Your feet should be flat on the floor at all times for optimal support.

There lies the beauty of the Jungletec Gaming Chair, enabling you to optimize and fix the height according to ergonomic standards.

Sophisticated Design and Color Options

When it comes to setting up a work station, one big factor to consider is the design. We want something that will blend well with the room and other equipment in our work station. Unlike other chairs that are bulky and loud in terms of design, the Jungletec Gaming chair is finished in sleek black leather and highlighted with either red, blue, or white. Made to fit into any work area, you can select the highlight color of your preference.

Swivel Design

Movement is a crucial part of ergonomics, and the Jungletec Gaming Chair allows you to do just that with its swivel chair build. With a stable central leg, you can rotate the chair a complete 360 degrees, eliminating the need for you to forcibly pull, push, or turn your chair while working.


The Jungletec Gaming Chair comes with two cushions — one for your head and the other for your lower back. Made with the same color scheme and design as the rest of the chair, you don’t have to make any other additions to ensure comfort and harmony in design.

Where to Buy the Jungletec Gaming Chair

Jungletec Gaming Chair

The Jungletec Gaming Chair is rated a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on Lazada. If you want to make the addition of an ergonomic chair to your work station, this is your ideal choice. Check the best prices on Lazada today.

Lazada is the Philippines’ top shopping network, selling everything between office furniture to groceries. It’s a reliable platform that accepts various forms of payment, making products accessible for every kind of budget.

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The Review

95% An easy addition to any workplace

If you're making the switch to an ergonomic office chair, you can't go wrong with the Jungletec Gaming Chair. Made with sleek black leather and offered in sophisticated color choices, it's an easy and ergonomic addition to any work station.