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Review: Urvigor Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat

Unlike regular mats, standing mats are more of a necessity than you may realize. In this review, the functionality and features of the Urvigor Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat will be explored to help readers decide whether this particular product is suited for their lifestyle.

Why You Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Before we get to the review, let’s discuss the function and necessity of a standing mat. The answer is plain and simple. We spend a lot of time on our feet, more than we realize. From queuing up for coffee to washing dishes, our feet support us through everything, even through the most mundane, menial tasks.

Additionally, desk workers have grown concerned over the years, as research continues to reveal the deteriorating effects of extended sitting time on human health. Those bound by their desks from 9 to 6 are now looking for ergonomic furniture and accessories to balance between sitting and standing, so naturally, an anti-fatigue mat would lessen the burden on pressure points to get you standing for longer.

Let’s not forget that there are those that spend more time on their feet than the average worker. Factory workers, cashiers and plenty of others can also benefit from a standing mat. Even homemakers can benefit from a standing mat in the kitchen and other areas of the house.

The perks of a standing mat extend beyond comfort, but it also begs the question of whether a certain product can deliver such a promise.

Testing the Quality of a Standing Mat

There’s more to testing the overall quality of an anti-fatigue mat than by simply standing on it. A number of factors play into the user’s experience with a mat, summarized in the following four categories:

Comfort: Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable, but you need to test it several ways. How does it feel with and without shoes? Test it in multiple locations with different standing tasks, such as your desk, kitchen sink and stove. The varying tasks with shoes and without will determine how well the mat supports your body.

Durability: Only time will tell if a product can withstand wear and tear, but a sturdy one should last you years. However, dust and dirt may affect the durability over time.

One test that other reviewers have conducted involves using a box cutter on the mats. They wanted to see how the mats fared with potentially sharp objects dropping on the mats, though this test really only seems necessary on industrial mats intended for the manufacturing industry.

Traction: All standing mats claim to be anti-slip. First thing you need to test is the slipperiness of the mat without water. Try to slide it every which way while standing on it. Next, spray the surface with water and stand on it, see if your feet can still keep on the mat. Finally, spray water on the bottom of the mat to check its grip on the floor.

Cleanliness: Lastly, how easy is it to clean the anti-fatigue mat? With the mat most likely being placed at a desk or in the kitchen, you might test for spills such as hot coffee, soda, sauce, and common cooking ingredients like oil and flour. Try a variety of liquids and other ingredients to spill to see how easy it use to clean the mat.

General Product Information

ModelAnti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat
Dimensions18 x 22 x 0.75 in (45.72 x 55.88 x 1.91 cm)
Material100% Polyurethane foam
Durable integral pebbled skin
Shipping Dimensions22.44 x 18.5 x 1.18 in (57 x 47 x 3 cm)
Shipping Weight2.5 lb (1134 g)

Intended for ease of use all around your home, the Urvigor Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat consists of a handle, giving users the ability to easily carry the lightweight mat to different work spaces.

As an ergonomic mat, it reduces compression on the spine to improve overall posture.

Other main selling points include its non-slip surface, chemical resistance and non-allergenic materials. It’s also lightweight, easy to clean, and thick enough that it won’t decompress over time.

Urvigor Standing Comfort Mat Features

Now that we’ve gotten the standard product information out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the features.

Ergonomic Support

Just as sitting for too long causes strain on the body, so does standing. Without the proper support on your feet, you’ll only be adding to the same stress as you get from sitting. This includes aches, pains, fatigue and weariness. Ergonomically engineered to take that undue stress off your feet all the way up to your back, the thick yet soft cushioning of the standing mat offers relief on your pressure points for optimal comfort.

The firmness from the polyurethane foam keeps a steady footing, thereby promoting better posture and muscle conditioning. By extension, long-term use of the mat improves physical and mental health, and well-being overall.


For any product, ergonomic or not, safety comes first. In terms of materials, the standing mat is free from toxins and phthalates, or plasticizers that may be connected to kidney and lung damage. Thus, the product is safe for use for kids and pets.

As for the design, the beveled edges and textured surface prevent safety hazards, such as slipping and tripping. Plus, the grooved underside keeps the anti-fatigue mat in place so you’re not slipping across the floor as you stand.

Portable Design

The handle deems this ergonomic mat a standout the category. Unique and functional, the handle makes it easier to transport it to various locations. You can also leave the mat hanging on a hook for easy storage, which is useful when you need to sweep or vacuum the floor.

With the size being 18 x 22 inches, the mat is neither too big or too small, and doesn’t intrude on any given workstation.

Easy Cleaning

What good is a standing mat if it isn’t easy to clean? This product boasts of a stain-resistant surface that can be sprayed with any household cleaner. Wipe with a damp cloth, and the standing mat is instantly clean. To get rid of dirt or dust, simply sweep it off the mat.

Where to Buy the Urvigor Standing Mat

Interested in this anti-fatigue mat? Purchase the Urvigor Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat on Lazada for a discount today. You may pay in installments through designated payment centers for up to 36 months.

Lazada makes it easy for budget shoppers to pay for their items. While they can enjoy the ease of electronic transactions, they also have the option to pay cash at banks or other payment centers, as well as cash on delivery, depending on the seller.

Already own the product? Tell us about your experience with the product in the discussion box below.

The Review

85% A comfy choice for those on a budget

The Anti Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat delivers on all markers, offering the ergonomic support, functionality and versatility in workstation application. The only major downside is the lack of mounds which would enable micro movements in the feet, keeping the user's body active while seemingly remaining static.