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Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK Review

While most people are used to the standard keyboard that they see everywhere, what they don’t realize is that these keyboards are actually hazardous to their health. The standard design of your everyday keyboard brings about the unnatural positioning of your hands, which puts a lot of strain not only on your wrist but also on your fingers. To avoid getting RSI (repetitive strain injury) and CPS (carpal tunnel syndrome), you should consider getting an ergonomic keyboard like the Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK.

The main difference between your regular keyboard and an ergonomic one is the positioning of the keys. The standard keyboard has a layout where all the keys are lined up side by side in a straight line while the ergonomic one has a split keyboard design. This design lets you position each hand at a natural angle.

Tips on Using an Ergonomic Keyboard

Since most people are used to the standard positioning of regular keyboards, getting used to these split-design keyboards may be a little bit of a challenge. To help you out, here are some helpful tips you can use when adjusting to ergonomic keyboard use:

Position your wrist in a neutral locusMost people find themselves still positioning their hands and wrists much the same way they do with a standard keyboard. Don’t. To get used to the positioning of the keys on an ergonomic keyboard, angle your wrists and elbows at a neutral position. This way, you can get the full advantage of the keyboard’s design.

Don’t type with rigid fingersTo ensure that you don’t place too much strain on your fingers while typing, having your fingers in a flexible and curved position is a must. Those who are fast at typing usually have this position down pat. Newbies tend to have straight and tensed fingers when hitting the keys. Try to relax, curve those fingers, and be less of a pounder when you type, that way, you don’t put a lot of strain on your wrist and your fingers.

Move your arms when reaching for the keysSome people tend to just stretch their fingers to reach for some of the keys they need when typing. Don’t do this. When you need to reach a key that is far from your current position, don’t reach for it with your fingers. Instead, move your arm in doing so. This way, you don’t strain your fingers, wrist, and hand.

Try these desk exercises to help you prevent repetitive stress injuries.

General Product Information

ModelSKB-ERG3BK Ergonomic Keyboard
Product Dimensions20.3 cm x 35 cm x 4.3 cm
Loading Capacity800 grams

Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK Features

This ergonomic keyboard from Japanese brand Sanwa comes with a number of great features that you are sure to love. The Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK is one of the few truly ergonomic keyboards around with features that include the following:

Split Keyboard Design

Some keyboards claim to be ergonomic but don’t have the split design that allows you to easily place your wrists in a neutral and non-straining position. This split keyboard design splits between the T and the Y on the QWERTY line, between the G and the H on the next line of letters, and so on.

USB Plug

This keyboard also has the standard USB plug that most computers use these days, making it easy for you to plug into any of your current devices.

Compact Size

The curved, split design makes the keyboard smaller than most full-sized standard keyboards. Also, since it doesn’t have a number pad, it is smaller than other regular keyboards in the market.

With Wrist Rest

Not all keyboards come with a wrist rest but this ergonomic keyboard does. This allows you to place your wrists in an elevated position off the desk while the bottom of your palms rests comfortably on the wrist rest structure.

Long Cable

The keyboard also comes with an almost 2-meter long cable, making it great for use with devices attached to large monitors that you have to sit farther away from.

Where to Buy the Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK

If you want to buy an ergonomic keyboard like the Sanwa Ergonomic Keyboard SKB-ERG3BK, you can get one on Lazada. This comes in standard black and with keys that have Japanese characters as well as English letters on it.

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The Review

91% Wrist relief while typing and playing

This keyboard is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about your wrist hurting or your fingers feeling strained the longer you use it. 

Sheena Bergado

Sheena first met Tricia on a back pain support forum. After becoming online friends they launched in 2019. Due to suffering from upper back and shoulder pain, Sheena vows to find the best ergonomic office equipment in the Philippines to help fellow desk workers.