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Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser Review

Laptops are powerful compact devices that are very handy to have. However, just because they’re called laptops doesn’t mean that you have to situate them on your lap and hunch your shoulders as you use them. The same thing happens when laptops are on a surface; since there isn’t enough lift, a lot tend to draw their shoulders up and crane their necks to see their screens better. Most people end up with poor posture, backaches, neck strain, and shoulder pain due to the way they sit and use laptops. 

This is why it’s highly important to have a laptop stand as they can help reduce the negative side effects of laptop use. Laptop stands such as the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser can make your workspace more ergonomic and improve your posture and overall health. Let’s take a deeper look at it!

Laptop risers come with numerous benefits that can improve your quality of life. For one, it’s better for your health as it elevates your device at eye level, improving your posture and reducing your tendency to slouch and hunch over. This also lessens the compression that your spine experiences when you slouch. Due to an improved posture, it can also help reduce backaches, neck strain, and the like.  A laptop riser can also help boost your productivity when working. As you feel less body aches, you’ll become more comfortable and you’ll be able to work on more things.

They’re also very convenient to use and budget-friendly as well compared to standing desks. You can use your existing desk and situate the laptop riser on it, lifting your device. Risers can also be flattened and stored easily in your bag or in any space. A riser usually doesn’t need to be assembled as well. Laptop risers pretty much offer you the perks of a standing desk but at a more affordable price.

About the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser

ModelWooden Laptop Stand and Riser
MaterialSapelle African Wood
Dimensions6.5cm x 3cm

Setting your laptop at an angle where you can easily view your screen without bending your neck or craning it is the most ideal way to use it. This is where laptop stands come in, becoming nearly a vital accessory for any laptop user out there. The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser can certainly do that for you and more. 

Benefits of the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser

The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser’s simple, no-frills look allows it to fit in any workspace. Not only does it level up the overall look of your desk, but it can also improve your health. Let’s take a look at its highlights:


Products that are made of wood usually stand out, especially when it comes to aesthetics, and the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser are no exception. It’s pretty simple yet the natural wood used exudes an air of class and beauty. Since it’s not made out of cheap plastic, this laptop stand is constructed out of Sapele African wood is very eco-friendly, and can last you a long time. It’s thick, strong, and robust, able to handle any laptop you rest on it. 

Compact and Ergonomic

The most important feature of this wooden laptop holder is its ability to improve the ergonomics of your laptop and workspace. By situating your laptop on the Sierra Laptop Stand, your device is elevated at a comfortable eye level and angle. It aids you in maintaining a good posture while working, reducing the tension in your shoulders, upper back, and neck.

Moreover, you can easily pack the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand in any of your bags or inside a drawer as it’s super compact. The design doubles as puzzle-like pieces, fitting the two sections together for easy storage. It also comes with its own bag so that you don’t misplace or lose any pieces in your bag, in your drawer, on your table, and more. 


The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser is a product that’s made by the hands of skilled, local workers. The workers display their excellent craftsmanship with every laptop stand that they make. Since it’s hand-made, you know you’ll be getting a product that’s premium and boasts of quality. Supporting locally-made products such as the Sierra Laptop Riser also allows the workers to sustain their jobs and livelihood.

Pros and Cons of the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser

✔ Made with eco-friendly and locally sourced materials
✔ Angles your screen at a more ergonomic position
✔ Compact and lightweight
✔ Beautiful wooden design enhances workspace
✔ Pieces easily fit together for safekeeping
✘ Lacks height adjustability
✘ No anti-skid grips

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser is a product where ergonomics and sustainability meet each other. The hardwood design is a beautiful addition to any desk, elevating not just your laptop but also the general aesthetic of your workspace. With this laptop riser, you save both the earth and your own health. Definitely consider it in your choices.

“The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser – or rather two brackets – is lightweight yet robust. They allow true flexibility in supporting a range of laptop sizes, and it felt sturdy and strong when accommodating our computer effortlessly.”

Reviewer – The Independent

Where to Buy the Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser

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Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand

The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand is a stylish and functional accessory that provides a relaxing and ergonomic viewing experience for your laptop. Its sturdy construction and elegant design make it a great addition to any workspace, whether at home or in the office.

Made from high-quality wood, this laptop stand is both durable and sustainable, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly solution for your workspace needs. Its elevated design raises your laptop to a comfortable height, reducing neck and eye strain while you work or watch videos.

The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand is also a great choice for anyone looking to declutter their workspace. Its minimalistic design and small footprint allow it to fit seamlessly into any workspace, while its cable management system helps keep your cords organized and tidy.

The Review

91% Eco-Friendly and Aesthetic

The Sierra Wooden Laptop Stand and Riser is a beautiful product that's made with locally sourced wood material. It's compact and very portable, easily slipping into any bag or drawer. It's also lightweight yet very sturdy.