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SS Mini Exercise Bike Review

Don’t have the time to hit the gym because you’re too busy at work? Well, why don’t you work and exercise at the same time? This might sound odd, but it’s actually becoming quite a trend. Many office workers are now investing in a desk bike in order to hit two birds with one stone — keeping on track with their fitness goals and creating a more productive and active work station.

If you want to know more about the trend involving desk bikes, you can check out our complete guide. But for this review, we’re going to focus on the SS Mini Exercise Bike. Is it the ideal choice for an active office?

General Product Information

ModelMini Exercise Bike
Dimensions7.87 in x 16.14 in x 13.78 in

At first glance, you can immediately notice how gorgeous the SS Mini Exercise Bike is. In fact, you might already be picturing it positioned under your desk. Made of ABS and PP materials, it’s a sophisticated, classy, and not to mention durable addition to any work station.

The SS Mini Exercise bike is quite simple but boasts of a wide range of features. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

SS Mini Exercise Bike Features

What makes the SS Mini Exercise Bike a great addition to your active work space? Let’s take a look at its features.


We can go on and on about what makes the SS Mini Exercise Bike special, but we think that its beauty is really in its simplicity. After all, we all want something that’s easy to use and free from the complicated buttons and functions, right? The SS Bike is incredibly simple and practical, eliminating the need to even study the user’s manual to be able to maximize its use.

Multifunctional LCD Monitor Display

When it comes to desk bikes, we don’t want anything that’s too basic. Of course, we still want to see some advanced features in place — which is exactly what the SS Mini Exercise Bike offers. Equipped with an LCD Monitor Display, you can read important data such as time, distance, count, total count, and calories.

With this readily available and easy-to-view information, you can keep track of your progress and monitor your fitness journey — all while accomplishing your daily work deliverables.

Wide Range of Health Benefits

The SS Mini Exercise Bike was specifically made to provide you with all the health benefits you can get from exercising. Even while sitting on your desk and working, you can work your cardiopulmonary function and improve the coordination of your limb muscles and body. Using a desk bike can also promote cardiovascular health, blood circulation, and central nervous system functions. Not to mention that it helps you lose weight too!

Light foot pedal

The SS Mini Exercise Bike, although effectively targeting critical areas of your body, was made with a light foot pedal to avoid putting too much stress on your legs and feet. This also contributes to its versatility, allowing you to use the device to work out your arms as well.

Where to Buy the SS Mini Exercise Bike

If you’re interested in starting your fitness journey while working in an office, you can check the best prices for the SS Mini Exercise Bike on Lazada today.

The Review

91% Simple but highly functional

The SS Mini Exercise Bike might look like a pretty simple piece of equipment. But it's a basic tool you need in your work station — that is, if you're interested in exercising while working. With the multiple benefits that desk bikes have to offer and the SS Mini's functions and features, this is an addition you'll want to make in your office.