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Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

With more and more people opting for standing desks at work instead of regular sitting work desks, problems that come with sitting for long hours have disappeared. In its place, however, are issues that come with standing for too long. Standing frequently or for prolonged periods may be better than sitting for the same amount of time but it is not without problems.

Some of the issues that come with prolonged and frequent standing include soft tissue injuries, blood pooling in your lower extremities, and bulging varicose veins. You might also experience pain in your feet and even rest pain, which is a throbbing pain that occurs after standing for extended periods of time. If you want to avoid this, you should have something comfortable underfoot when you stand for a longer period of time at work. One good example of this is the Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Really Work?

An anti-fatigue mat is a product that provides the user with a cushioned surface to stand on. These mats are usually engineered to absorb some of the shock that comes from stepping on the floor. The softness of these mats encourages slight foot movements, which in turn helps promote better blood circulation. This helps prevent the possibility of blood pooling in your legs and feet since you won’t actually be standing still while on the mat.

The reason why these mats work to prevent fatigue in the legs and feet is due to the cushioning system that these have. Anti-fatigue mats require the user to shift their weight and to move slightly every few minutes. This is to help them keep their balance while standing on the mat.

In order for you to choose the right kind of anti-fatigue mat that will help you avoid the problems that come with long periods on your feet, here are some things to remember:

  • Look for a mat that won’t easily crack or deteriorate even when constantly cleaned with standard cleaning agents.
  • Find an anti-fatigue mat that offers enough traction for you to not slip while standing on it. You also have to make sure that it doesn’t have too much grip or it will become a tripping hazard.
  • Always opt for a mat that has beveled edges. This will also help prevent these from becoming a tripping hazard.
  • Ensure that there is enough cushioning when you step on the mat. The mat has to be soft enough to provide comfort but not too soft that it becomes a challenge for you to keep your balance while on it.

General Product Information

ModelErgonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat
Product Dimensions50 cm x 76 cm x 1.9 cm
Product MaterialPolyurethane foam

Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat Features

As mentioned earlier, there are a few distinct features that make an anti-fatigue mat ideal for your regular use. The Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat has all of these features and more that make them worth considering for your sit/stand desk needs and for anywhere you might find yourself standing for long hours, like the kitchen. These features include:

Anti-skid and Anti-slip Design

The design of this anti-fatigue mat ensures that you can safely use it without fear of it slipping and sliding underneath you. You can stand securely on this mat without having to worry about it moving needlessly as you move around on it.

Beveled Edges

As mentioned earlier, a beveled edge is a must when choosing the right anti-fatigue mat for your standing needs. This mat has beveled edges that not only prevent tripping but it also has textured bottoms along these edges to ensure that the mat stays put.

Sturdy Softness

One of the key features of this mat is its softness. It cushions your feet comfortably but isn’t too soft. Its firmness helps you keep your balance while the softness helps give your feet the cushioning it needs.

Easy to Clean

Since you will be standing a lot on this mat, chances are, these will soon get dirty from use. Good thing it is very easy to clean. All you need to do is to wipe the dirty areas with a rag that is dampened with a little detergent and wipe it down with a clean, dry rag after. You can also opt to air dry your anti-fatigue mat after wiping. One thing you shouldn’t do however is to wipe it down with alcohol since this will dry out and deteriorate the surface of your mat.

Where to Buy the Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat

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The Review

88% Reduces foot and leg pain from standing at work

Don't endure the pain that sometimes comes with standing while working at your standing desk. Prevent varicose veins, rest pain, and foot pain by standing on the Stance Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat while you work.