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True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK Review

In the Philippines, looking for a sit-stand desk can be quite a challenge. More-often-than-not, what you end up finding are converters that you have to use with an existing desk. Other times, you end up with a sit-stand desk that is too small or too frail for your needs.

Good thing there is the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK, which is a true sit-stand desk that has the dimensions and structure that you need. It comes with a sturdy design that is both simple but durable. It also has the mechanism that helps you adjust it from a sitting desk to a standing desk and back with no added effort.

Difference Between a Sit-Stand Desk and a Desk Converter

Some people tend to gravitate towards a converter instead of a true sit-stand desk when they decide to work healthier. This is because converters are easier on the budget and can be used with any existing desk that you have. What people do not realize is that a sit-stand desk is infinitely better than a converter and here are the reasons why this is so:

It has enough space underneath it for special fitness equipment – Yes, if you want to combine your new healthy working desk with fitness, then a sit-stand desk is perfect for you. This is because these desks have enough space underneath it for an under desk bike, under desk elliptical, and even a treadmill. Even when it is in the lowered position for sitting, it can easily accommodate any of this fitness equipment.

It has more surface area than a conventional desk with a converter – One of the things that sit-stand desks like the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK has is lots of surface space. These are designed to have a flat, wide space that can easily accommodate your laptop or desktop computer, double monitors, and other IO peripherals that you may need.

It is more stable than a converter – The stability of a desk converter is often dependent on the desk it is standing on. If the desk you are using is wobbly, chances are, your height-adjustable converter will also be wobbly. With a true sit-stand desk, you get a more stable desk since these are constructed to stand as stable as it can on most surfaces that these are put on.

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General Product Information

ManufacturerTrue Vision
ModelPro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK
Product Dimensions55.1 inches x 23.6 inches x 29.1 inches to 47.2 inches
Weight Capacity40 kg.

True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK Features

If you are on the fence as to whether or not you should get yourself one of these sit-stand desks from True Vision, here are some of the features of the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK that can help you make an educated decision about such a purchase:

It’s very durable

This desk is made out of materials that are sturdy and can last for a long time. The frame is made out of steel and aluminum with a reinforced crossbar design that ensures the desk can carry a lot of weight on it without buckling. Aside from the frame, the top is also made out of durable heavy-duty particleboard that is treated to make it moisture resistant.

Easy to adjust

Some sit-stand desks, and most desk converters for that matter, have to be adjusted manually every time you have to shift from sitting to standing and back. This desk comes with an easy-to-use controller that lets you adjust the height of your desk with a simple press of a button.

Can be used by anyone

It doesn’t matter how tall or how small you are. This desk can be used by you. This is because of the adjustment range that this desk has. It can be set to as low as 29.1 inches to as high as 47.2 inches. It can also be set to any height in between, by the simple press of the easy height adjustment button.

With leveling feet

One of the great features that this desk has is its leveling feet which allow it to stand stably on almost any surface, even somewhat uneven ones.

Ample table top size

This desk has a pretty sizable table top that can easily accommodate two monitors and other items comfortably. Measuring 55.1 inches x 23.6 inches, this is one pretty spacious desk.

Where to Buy the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK

If you’re thinking of buying the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK, simply head on over to Lazada where these desks can be purchased. If you don’t like the black color of this desk, the brand also has a white version that you can buy.

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The Review

93% Sit-stand desk with ample desk space and sturdy construction

If you want to start working healthier, the True Vision Pro Standing Desk TVS04-22DB-BK is a good desk to get. Not only is it an easy to adjust sit-stand desk but it is also stable, sturdy, and has a lot of space for you to use.