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VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator Review

Open-plan office designs have become quite the trend in companies in recent years. As start-ups have popped up here and there, so have open office plans. Some companies have seen how the open-plan concept fostered more engagement between employees and employers, better team synergy, and improved exchange in ideas. Due to that, more and more companies these days have redesigned their spaces into an open-layout plan.

While there’s no denying that an open-plan office concept has a lot of pros, like anything else in the world, it comes with its cons too. An open office layout can increase noise in the workplace and therefore increase interruptions that can interfere with work. There’s a lack of privacy too since co-workers share a huge table, leaving no personal space for each employee. Additionally, an open-plan office can also cause stress to employees as the absence of physical barriers can make employees feel that they’re being observed constantly by their supervisors. 

If you work in an office that has an open-layout plan and you experience some of the cons of having this office concept, you might start to think that there’s nothing else you can do about your office’s interior design. You may not be able to exactly flip the layout of your office, but here’s a product that can solve the workspace difficulties that you face. 

The VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator can help you retain some privacy, reduce interruptions, give yourself ample personal workspace, and more. Check it out!

Benefits of Using a Desk Dividers in the Office

An open-plan office concept may be ideal for some. But for others, in can increase their stress and reduce their productivity at work. This is where desk dividers come in. Companies don’t have to remodel their entire workspace just to fit in individual office cubicles. There’s a number of benefits to having desk dividers. Here are some of them.

Minimizes Distractions

Open offices allows employees to just reach over to their co-worker, poke them in the shoulder to ask a question, sit close to each other, talk all day long, and the like. Having shared tables can be quite distracting, especially when there’s a deadline on hand. A desk separator can reduce distractions and interruptions, improving an employee’s productivity.

Provides Privacy

The lack of privacy is one of the major downsides to open concept offices. Installing a desk separator can recreate a sense of privacy for employees. Partitions allow employees to feel more comfortable in their space. It also allows everyone to collaborate but still retain privacy when needed. 

Defines Workspaces

Aside from privacy, partition panels can also give employees their specifically defined workspace. With their dedicated workspace created by the divider, employees can feel more motivated and focused with their tasks. This allows employees to have add a bit of personal effects to their space too.

About the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator

VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator
ModelAcrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator
Product Dimensions40 x 40cm / 15.75 x 15.75 inches
ColorsClear, White, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black

Sharing a huge table as a workspace with your co-workers can be fun, but it can also hamper productivity and increase stress levels. One way to reduce those downsides is to install a desk separator. Remarkably durable and made with high-quality materials, the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel can help you in maximizing your workspace even in an open office setting. 

VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator Features

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Having the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator can give you a boost in productivity at work and cut down on the interruptions that come with sharing a workstation. Here are some more of its highlights: 

Can Be Installed on Any Desk

With the VAKIND Acrylic Desk Separator, you don’t have to exchange your office tables for large individual cubicles. Installing this partition is easy and you don’t need any tools to do it. This desk separator is easy to install with the use of fixing clips. You can situate it on any desk and instantly create a border between yourself and your workmates. 

Made of High-Quality Material

Desk partitions need to be stable and durable as they will act as the barrier separating workmates from each other while still maintaining relationships and collaborations. The VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator is made of high-quality and durable PS glazed acrylic material that’s smooth to touch. It also comes in a variety of colors that can suit any workspace.

Creates a Sense of Privacy

As mentioned earlier, privacy is one of the main concerns in having an open-layout office concept. Having a desk divider such as the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator can give any individual their own dedicated space so that they can focus on their work and minimize any distraction. Additionally, having a partition panel can also reduce the noise in the office, creating an acoustic balance in the workspace, elevating the productivity of any worker.

Pros and Cons of the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator

✔ Multipurpose
✔ Gives a sense of privacy
✔ Durable and sturdy
✔ Easy to use and install
✔ Reduces noise
✘ Only available in one size

What People Are Saying About It

The VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator doesn’t only provide workers with their own “mini cubicles”, but they can also be used to display items and personal effects, allowing employees to have individuality in their shared workstation. It’s a simple yet highly functional and durable ergonomic accessory in the office. Best of all, it’s available in several colors that can suit any office branding and most importantly, it’s affordable. 

“The VAKIND Desk Divider can help to provide each employee with a sense of ownership and responsibility over their work area. It can also encourage organization and tidiness, as well as helping individuals to feel valued.”

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Where to Buy the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator

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The Review

90% Great for defining workspace

Having the VAKIND Acrylic Partition Panel Desk Separator allows any office worker to have their own distinct workspace despite being in an open, shared workstation. It also offers a sense of privacy and security, reduces noise, and limits distractions. With an affordable price tag, any open-layout office can turn into a private workspace without having to remodel its entire interior.