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PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand Review

Whether you’re a full-time student, a seasoned professional, or a fresh graduate, you’ll be sure to find a use for the ever-versatile PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand, a 2-in-1 accessory to hold your smartphone or tablet in place wherever you go.

Give your workspace a boost with this convenient accessory that allows you to place your tablet or cellphone right beside your monitor screen. Unwinding after a long day? Use this gadget for a Youtube binge or your nightly Kindle read. Eager to learn more? Let’s head right into the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand‘s specs to see if it’s the right product for you!

About the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand

ModelAdjustable Tablet Stand
Dimensions8.3 x 6 x 3 inches
Weight3.39 lbs.

Accommodate all your gadgets with this device that holds your tablet or cellphone in place as you go about your workday, turning your smartphone, iPad, or tablet into a fully-functional computer in just a few seconds. Read all about this product’s benefits and features here.

Benefits of the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand

As digital natives, we always need to have our phones ready. The PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand sees to it that our handy devices are just an arm’s length away. Let’s take a quick glance at what other benefits are in store with this product. Check them out!

2-in-1 Gadget Stand

Want a stand that works for two devices? Look no further than the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand! This 2-in-1 accessory holds your tablet in place while you’re FaceTiming or hosting your team’s weekly Zoom conference, thanks to its 11-inch-wide capacity. The metal clips adjust the grip according to the size of the tablet or smartphone, allowing it to secure even something as compact as a 4-inch-tall device.

One more thing that gives this gadget holder an advantage is its thoughtful design. You’ll notice there is a space in between the metal clips that is carved out specifically as a charging hole, so you won’t worry about positioning your device at an awkward angle while it’s connected to a cable. Additionally, there’s a non-slip bottom to make the stand even more sturdy.

Fit for Work and Play

While it’s certainly an ideal desk accessory, the tablet-slash-cellphone stand serves its purpose well beyond one’s working hours. Done with the day’s deliverables? Go ahead and unwind with your favorite Netflix series by propping up the stand right on your bedside table. The accessory is super useful for quick FaceTime sessions with your loved ones, too.

Superb Adjustment

A problem with cheap cellphone stands is they start to become wobbly over time or become skewed from the weight of the devices they hold. The PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand‘s inner mechanism is secure enough to hold gadgets in place without eventually losing its grip. On top of that, it can be easily adjusted in height and tilt: the mount itself can be moved 150 degrees while the clips have a 360-degree rotation range.

Pros and Cons of the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand

✔ Non-slip bottom for added stability
✔ Universal fit (suitable for smartphones and tablets 4 inches to 11 inches in length)
✔ Superior adjustability
✘ It’s a heavy tablet stand
✘ Not long lasting

What People Are Saying About It

We’ve laid out all the things there are to love about the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand: it’s universal, adjustable, and sleek. But what do other reviews think of it? PC Mag named it one of the top 7 tablet stands in the market. Here’s what they have to say:

“This simple tablet stand from PWR+ can hold devices from 4 to 11 inches in size. It has a 150-degree adjustable mount and 360-degree rotation clip.”

– PC Mag Reviewer

Where to Buy the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand

Want to purchase this product for your home or office? The PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand is available now. Head over to Amazon to check the best prices.

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PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand

Looking for a stand that can keep up with your tablet’s versatility? The PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand is the way to go!

With its flexible and adjustable design, this stand can hold your tablet in just about any position you can imagine – from portrait to landscape, from low to high, and everything in between.

With its durable construction, you can trust that your tablet will be securely held, no matter how much you move it around. So whether you’re streaming your favorite show, following a recipe in the kitchen, or just need a better way to work on the go, the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand has got you covered.

The Review

93% 2-in-1 stand with superior grip

Students, professionals, and rookies in the business are sure to love this simple gadget holder. Turn your tablet and smartphone into a fully functional computer with the PWR+ Adjustable Tablet Stand, ideal for conferences, presentations, Zoom webinars, or even just browsing the web! The product itself is a little heavy, but that doesn't make it any less sturdy or portable.

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