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Rain Design iLevel 2 Laptop Stand Review

Laptops are highly convenient to have, especially if you’re someone who’s working from a home office, but maybe you’re familiar with the scenario of hunching over your screen while you use your device. You’re probably familiar with the aches and pains that come with doing so. Your shoulders might ache, your neck feels strained, your back muscles feel sore and stiff, and so much more. Basically, looking down for hours on end on your laptop can lead to an ergonomic disaster.

The best way to curb the pains of using a laptop is to acquire a riser. Laptop risers can lift your device at an optimal level, reducing the need to slouch and effectively taking the pressure off our upper body muscles. Today’s subject is the iLevel 2 Laptop Stand by the brand Rain Design. Let’s get into it and find out how it can make working more comfortable!

Is It Worth Getting a Laptop Stand?

More often than not, a laptop stand is considered an optional accessory. However, it really should be a necessity as using one comes with a host of health benefits. Moreover, not only is it a good thing for your body, but it’s also good for the health of your device as well. Generally, risers have numerous height and angle adjustment options to them, allowing you to position them at the level you’re comfortable at. This feature alone reduces neck strain and backaches as you don’t have to slouch anymore just to be able to read your screen.

Stands also help prevent your device from overheating. We usually place our devices flat on the table, unaware that we’re blocking more air from circulating around, leading to overheating. Risers offer better ventilation, preventing devices from accumulating heat, allowing them to run smoothly without any problems. 

Using a riser can also protect your device from spills and mess. Propping it up on a stand keeps it elevated from the surface of your desk and if you somehow accidentally spill your coffee, your device will be safe and away from harm. 

Risers are lightweight, portable, can help reduce health problems, keep your device cool, protect it from accidents, and make your entire workspace more clean, neat, and organized. It’s absolutely worth it to get one.

Are Laptop Stands Good For Wrists?

Most, if not all, stands offer users the ability to modify the height and angle, allowing them to use it at their preferred level. Thanks to this feature, you can easily find a comfortable position for your wrists. By elevating your wrists and keeping them in a neutral position, you can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

About the Rain Design Laptop Stand


Rain Design


iLevel 2 Laptop Stand

Product Dimensions8.8 x 10.1 x 5.4-7.9 inches

Investing in a riser such as the iLevel 2 can bring positive changes to the way you work. This desk accessory allows you to elevate your device in a convenient way. It even has a sleek and stylish look to it that lets it pair well with a MacBook Pro or any laptop. Let’s dive into its highlights!

iLevel 2 Laptop Stand Features

Numerous customers have given the iLevel 2 a 5-star rating and named it as their top pick because of its stellar features. Without further ado, here are benefits as to why you should consider getting this riser.

Reduces Discomfort

Most of the time, we don’t notice that we hunch over our devices all day long. When we slouch over, we double the weight of our head, and in turn put more pressure on our neck and shoulders, ultimately leading to a lot of pain and aches. This condition is commonly known as a tech neck. Moreover, there’s also a chance that you could develop eye aches, migraines, muscle strains, and the like when you’re hunched over your computer for a long time. 

Experts highly recommend raising your laptop screen at eye level while your keyboard should be at elbow level. Using a riser such as the iLevel 2 reduces the occurrence of tech neck as your computer will be elevated to an optimal eye and elbow height. The more you use the iLevel 2, the less you’ll feel any physical discomfort.

Height Adjustable

Unlike other stands in the market, the iLevel 2 stand’s height adjustment feature is quite unique. This riser is equipped with a sliding mechanism that lets you adjust it at different heights. It can raise your device to a maximum of 7.9 inches. To adjust, simply drag the slider on the iLevel and the height of your laptop screen will change.

Made With Premium Materials

The iLevel 2 is made of anodized aluminum, making it sturdy and robust. Its aluminum body was designed to match with a MacBook Pro but it’s also compatible with most notebooks in the market. The overall build and look of the iLevel 2 add a touch of sophistication to any workstation. Additionally, the aluminum also conducts heat away from the device, ensuring it stays cool throughout use.

Works With External Keyboard and Other Accessories

Most people who have a riser use an external keyboard and mouse for a more comfortable working position. If you’re one of those people who pairs their MacBook Pro with a wireless keyboard and mouse, you need not fret about running out of the surface area on your desk as the iLevel 2 has special storage located in the back. You can stash your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals there when not in use, making your workstation clean and free from clutter.

Pros and Cons of the iLevel 2 Laptop Stand

✔ Has a sliding mechanism for height adjustment
✔ Cools down devices
✔ Has a space to store a keyboard
✔ Has an attractive price
✘ May not be portable for some due to its shape

What People Are Saying About It

It’s not a wonder that most people chose the iLevel 2 as their top pick among numerous laptop risers in the market. The iLevel 2 helps you feel more comfortable and productive when working as your body is more aligned at an optimal point. This riser has an adjustable sliding mechanism that can raise your device up to a maximum of 7.9 inches, reducing the tendency to slouch and risk the development of body pains. 

While its sleek, aluminum design was made to pair with a MacBook Pro, this laptop stand is compatible with most laptops in the market. It’s also offered at a very attractive price. Every dollar you spend on this will be totally worth it.

“As soon as I started the iLevel 2, I immediately noticed positive changes in my physical, mental, and emotional health.”



Where To Buy The iLevel 2 Laptop Stand

If you’re waiting for a sign to get a riser such as the iLevel 2, then this is it. Head on over to Amazon now to get the best deals and prices! 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which laptop stand is best?

There’s no single answer to this question as the best riser for your device is the one that works best for you. However, if you aren’t able to purchase the iLevel 2, you can check out reviews of various converters and risers to find what suits you.

Are laptop stands bad for laptop?

Not at all! In fact, in this article, we’ve included several benefits of using a riser. Check them out!

The Review

95% Stylish and Functional

Using a laptop stand like the iLevel 2 can help elevate your device at eye level, giving you the utmost comfort as you work. You'll find that you'll experience fewer backaches and pains with the iLevel 2, improving your overall health and well-being in the long run.

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