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Rain Design mStand Review

Having a laptop is convenient, especially if you work at home or if you need to go places and still be able to work. However, one of the cons of using a laptop is that most users usually hunch over their devices to see their screens easier. When you hunch over for long periods of time, your shoulders can ache, you can get a neck strain, you may get a headache, your muscles can go stiff, and more. Not only do you risk body pain but also, constantly hunching over can give you poor posture. 

When using a laptop, it’s highly recommended to have a laptop stand as it can raise your device to an optimal level, reducing body aches and making your workspace more ergonomic. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Rain Design mStand, hailed as one of the best risers around. Let’s go!

About the Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand


Rain Design



Product Dimensions8.82 x 5.98 x 9.92 inches
6 inches (Height)

A laptop stand like the mStand can help you work more comfortably as it raises your device to a level that’s easy on your neck and eyes. Elevating your device on this laptop stand can help you sit up straighter, reducing the chances of back pain and other body aches. The mStand has a simple yet sleek look that allows it to fit in any workspace. Moreover, the mStand laptop stand is available in a number of colors, namely black, space gray, gold, and silver. With these choices, you definitely won’t have to worry about this looking out of place in your workspace. 

Benefits of the Rain Design mStand

Reviews all over the globe have praised the Rain Design mStand laptop stand for its great purpose and functionality. Without further ado, here are the highlights of the mStand!

Solid, Durable Construction

Stability is a requirement when it comes to accessories that are designed to elevate or carry devices. The last thing anyone wants is to worry about their devices falling off and getting damaged. It’s a good thing that the mStand is constructed entirely with aluminum. The single-piece aluminum stand provides a stable and sturdy base for any laptop. Due to the premium aluminum material used, you can put any weight on it and it won’t bend or shake. 

The metal also acts as a heat sink, allowing air to circulate your device and prevent it from overheating. The top has a lip in front and rubber padding around the corners to prevent your computer from slipping off the surface. Additionally, there are rubber pads underneath that secure your laptop firmly in place on your desk. 

Designed for Comfort

Laptops are highly convenient but can be a little uncomfortable to work with, especially if you’re constantly bending over just to see your screen. The mStand can make working more comfortable for you as it elevates your laptop at eye level, preventing you from hunching over. 

It raises your device 3 inches up front and 6 inches at the back. This riser also has a tilting design that allows you to bring the screen closer to you if needed. While it isn’t adjustable, its single aluminum construction makes up for it in the way that the device is already positioned in a manner optimal for any user.

Pairs Well with an External Keyboard and Other Accessories

This riser from Rain Design offers space underneath for an external keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals that you may need for work. If you’re someone who uses a keyboard with your MacBook, this one is absolutely ideal for you. 

Additionally, since your device is elevated, it also gives you a wider surface to accommodate all your belongings, making your work area feel less cramped and cluttered. You can place your external hard drive, documents, office supplies, and even a cup of coffee and your tabletop will still be clean and tidy.

Integrated Cable Management

At the back of the riser is a hole that you can use to route your cables through, allowing your desktop to look organized. You can run your charging wires, ethernet, HDMI, and all other cables through it without any problems.

Pros and Cons of the Rain Design mStand

✔ Solid aluminum construction
✔ Built-in cable management
✔ Excellent airflow
✔ Has rubber pads for security
✘ No height adjustment
✘ Requires a separate keyboard

What People Are Saying About It

Sitting hunched over your device for hours isn’t the best for our bodies. The Rain Design mStand is the perfect solution as not only does it reduce body aches, but it also encourages you to have a better posture. With highly-rated reviews across the board, the mStand can help improve your posture and make working much more comfortable.

Whether you use a MacBook Pro or a heavy-duty gaming laptop, you won’t have any worries placing them on this robust anodized aluminum stand as it can accommodate any device of any weight. Do remember that the depth of your device should be a little less than 11 inches for it to fit perfectly.

Underneath, the stand is equipped with rubber feet, ensuring that it sits firmly in place on your desk. The mStand can transform your device into a stylish and stable workstation. It may have a higher price tag than other cheaper stands but its features and construction alone are worth considering. However, if you want an adjustable laptop stand, you may want to look somewhere else.

“For anyone who needs to elevate their laptop, cool it down, and improve their posture, the Rain Design mStand is a great solution. It’s one solid piece that’s simple, minimal, and attractive, so it looks good with any MacBook and fits into the modern office.”

Reviewer – iMore

Where to Buy the Rain Design mStand

Has our Rain Design mStand review convinced you to get your own? To purchase this premium-quality stand, head on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.
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Rain Design mStand

The Rain Design mStand is a beautifully designed and functional laptop stand that provides users with a comfortable and ergonomic working experience. Its sleek and minimalist design complements any workspace, while its solid aluminum construction ensures durability and stability.

The mStand’s elevation and tilt help to improve posture and reduce neck and eye strain associated with prolonged laptop use. Its cable management feature helps to keep cords and wires organized.

Crafted with precision, the mStand’s design provides optimal cooling for laptops, allowing for improved performance and longevity. Its compatibility with different laptop sizes and weights makes it a versatile option for users who need to switch between multiple devices or adjust their setup for different tasks.

The Review

96% Solid and Sturdy

Elevate your laptop at the best height for you with the Rain Design mStand. This single-piece laptop stand not only lifts your device at an optimal height, but it also helps in giving you a wider work surface, clearing your desk of clutter, and reducing health issues that come with hunching over your laptop for hours. It doesn't have any adjustable properties which may not be to the liking of some people. However, it's still highly functional to have on your workstation.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.