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Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat Review

Standing for extended stretches of time can be very tiring. It can also bring about a number of health issues. These include chronic pain in the legs and chronic back aches. Studies have also shown that prolonged standing can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammation of the veins.

Some people ask if the use of a sit-stand desk will increase the risk of having these ailments and the answer is no. It can, however, bring about problems such as muscle and joint pain, painful feet, and back pain. This is where the use of anti-fatigue mats comes in. When you want to remain in the pink of health while working on your sit-stand desk, having this mat underfoot is a good idea.

An anti-fatigue mat, like the Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat, is designed to do what its name suggests – reduce the feeling of fatigue that a person feels from standing. This is because this mat is made of a material that absorbs the shock produced by walking and standing. It also provides the user with a cushioning effect, which is helpful in reducing foot fatigue. Let’s get into the grizzly details in our full and honest product review. Find out which sites offer the best prices, shipping deals, and more here.

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Really Work?

A standing mat is a product that can serve multiple purposes. They can often double as kitchen mats, relieving stress from long hours of standing doing household chores. The benefits of a good product range far and wide, and when used properly, they provide protection for the knees, leg muscles, and back muscles. Among the many perks of having a designated standing mat include:

Enhanced Comfortability

Height-adjustable desks have shot up in popularity over the years, and many have made the switch from sitting all day in front of their desk to sitting then standing. But that doesn’t come without its own drawbacks. Despite standing up every now and then being ultimately good for your body as opposed to sitting all day, your legs are still going to feel fatigued. A mat will help relieve pressure in key areas such as the feet, legs, and back.

Encourages Movement

Some mats come with 3D active terrain that encourage our feet to make micro-movements, keeping the blood flowing throughout every part of the body. This also boosts our energy and allows us to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Some active mats include massagers and calf exercisers to stretch out tight areas of the lower body.

Versatile Use

Finally, a mat (although these are usually the flat ones) serve many purposes outside of our work spaces. We can use them in the garage when we’re tinkering away or making day-long repairs, in the kitchen when we’re doing dishes, or in the laundry.

When Should You Use a Standing Desk Mat

If you’re unsure whether or not you need this mat, there are some things that can help you determine if you should get one. For starters, you need to ask yourself if you stand for more than an hour at a time. You should also determine if you suffer from back, knee, or foot pain. If the answer to these is yes, then you should definitely consider getting a standing mat.

These mats are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. If you have a coffee shop or restaurant, this can be used by your personnel to help relieve them of foot fatigue while at work. 

These can also be used in your own kitchen at home and in areas where long periods of standing are expected, usually during cooking or doing the laundry. And, as mentioned earlier, if you have a sit-stand desk, this is the perfect addition to your workstation to help increase its health benefits.

How Thick Should an Anti-fatigue Mat Be?

Most product reviews will show you that the size and thickness of a mat is effective no matter what, but in fact, what is effective will vary from person to person. Individuals have different feet sizes, body weight, and so on, and these factors will affect how thick the ideal mat should be to provide enough comfort and pressure relief. Generally speaking, a quarter of an inch to 1 inch should be enough. The surface should likewise be wide enough to allow one’s feet to move freely.

How Do I Choose an Anti-fatigue Mat?

There’s more to choosing the right addition to one’s home, kitchen, or office than meets the eye. We’re here to review them. A few factors to consider when trying to choose the ideal mat are:

  • Versatility. Why settle for a mat that can only be used in one place? Most products nowadays can be used in the kitchen, garage, laundry, alongside office use.
  • Surface size. Our feet should have the utmost comfort when resting on the mat, so it’s ideal to check sizes before making the purchase to avoid any buyer’s remorse. If you’re not buying online, it’s also a great idea to test out the product in person.
  • Thickness. As we mentioned above, the ideal thickness is around a quarter of an inch to a full inch. The Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat has a foam that is ¾ of an inch thick. Learn more about it in the full product review below.
  • Color and style options. Don’t underestimate colors when it comes to a mat. Just because it’s a floor accessory that we step on doesn’t mean it has no aesthetic value. Test out different colors if available to see which one suits the room best.

About the Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat

Sky Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat
ManufacturerSky Mat
ModelCommercial Grade Quality Anti-Fatigue Mats
Dimensions20 inches x 39 inches x 3/4-inch
MaterialSky Core Proprietary Foam

Ready to take your ergonomic setup to the next level? This standing desk mat is an accessory you shouldn’t underestimate. Adding optimal pressure relief to sore joints, the Sky Mat quickly establishes itself as an essential part of any household and office space. It offers a wide surface area, multiple color and style choices, versatile functions, and premium safety measures to prevent any accidents. Let’s have a closer look at some of its perks to see if this mat is the right one for you.

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Sky Mat Features

Check out other functions and features on Amazon

Not all anti-fatigue mats are built the same. Some are made with carpeting materials while others are constructed out of rubber. Still a few more are made out of vinyl and others are built using wood components. The Sky Solutions Anti-fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat is made using the company’s proprietary foam called Sky Core, and we review all of its wonderful perks right here!

This mat comes with a long list of features, all of which contribute to its superior anti-fatigue effect and durability. Read on as we review them! 


The comfortability of this mat is unparalleled and this is because of the Sky Core foam that is inside the mat’s construction, so you can say all the positive reviews were right. This Sky Solutions Sky Mat anti-fatigue foam combines both softness and support to give you the right amount of firmness and comfort to help you stand for longer without suffering from fatigue or pain in knees and other joints. Similar to kitchen sink mats, this standing mat is one of the products that can provide ample pressure relief from sore feet, knees, and back thanks to its high-quality foam and design.

Safety Design

Some mats come in a design that can cause people passing by to trip on them. The Sky Mat anti-fatigue kitchen mat, however, is designed with a bevel edge, anti-curl technology, and a non-slip underside that makes it trip and slip proof even on hardwood floors. This also makes it a versatile mat, as it can be used as a kitchen sink mat, laundry mat, placed in front of a desk, and more, so whenever your feet feel tired from standing too long doing chores at home, you’ll know where to stand.

Some floor mats, when first used, emit toxic gasses during the first few days of use. You don’t have to worry about this with the Comfort Floor Mat from Sky Mat. Since it is made using high quality materials and is considered eco-friendly, off-gassing won’t happen.


Just because you step on it, it doesn’t mean that it should look dull and drab. The reviews are right, this kitchen mat combines functionality with fashion, with its many colors, patterns, and designs for you to choose from. Unlike other kitchen mats and home products, this quality mat from Sky Solutions is as stylish as it is functional. 

The design of this standing kitchen mat makes it visually compatible for the office, kitchen counter, laundry room, living room, you name it. Whether you’re cooking a long meal or laboring away in front of your standing desk, this Sky Solutions Anti-fatigue Mat has your back.

Aside from multiple color options, the Sky Mat Anti-fatigue Floor Mat can be found in a variety of sizes. Choose from small, medium, or large size options. There are 20 inches x 32 inches options, 20 inches x 39 inches options, and 24 inches x 70 inches.

Easy to Clean

You won’t have to worry about dirt slowly building up on the surface of your anti-fatigue kitchen mat since you can easily clean it off in a snap. Simply wipe it off with a damp piece of cloth and you’re done. Since the Sky Mat has a smooth surface, it is also a mat that doesn’t attract pet hair or collect lint.

Pros and Cons of the Sky Solutions Sky Mat

✔ 4-inch thick cushion provides more support and pain relief
✔ Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
✔ Effortless cleaning
✔ Commercial-grade material built for high foot traffic
✔ Comes with lifetime warranty
✘ Color and pattern can fade over time
✘ Warranty takes long to process

What People Are Saying About It

Don’t underestimate the power of a good flat mat. Sky Solutions might have the right one for your home and office. Let’s see if other sites agree with our verdict.

“The Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat does everything it promises and more. If you prefer a mat on the softer side, the Sky Mat is certainly your best bet.”

The Spruce Eats

Where to Buy the Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat by Sky Mat

If you are looking for the Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat, you can easily find it in different colors and sizes on Amazon. Head on over to the Amazon website for the best prices, shipping deals, delivery options, and more. You may also read customer reviews of the product.

Reduce the fatigue that you feel when standing for long periods of time — check the best prices today.

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The Review

91% Pain-free standing for hours

Standing for too long can cause strains on your legs and feet, which is why you need a good anti-fatigue standing mat. The Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mat is made to provide you with more support and comfort, enough to sustain long hours of standing. With its many color options and outstanding features, it's definitely a worthy addition to your workspace.

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