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Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray Review

Typing on a flat desk can put a strain not only on your wrists but your upper body as well. Sometimes, the height of a desk can be a challenge, with the keyboard and mouse situated too tall for a proper ergonomic fit. Using a keyboard tray allows you to position your console at a height that works best for you. 

Unless you’re specifically buying a computer table, most desks used in the office don’t come with their own keyboard trays. Fortunately, mountable keyboard trays are available in the market. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Stand Steady Easy Clamp-On Keyboard Tray and how this accessory can become a comfortable solution for you.

Are Keyboard Trays Useful?

Keyboard trays are very useful to have in the office! Whether you use a traditional office table or a standing desk, a keyboard tray can correct issues caused by placing your console directly on your work surface. Also called an articulating keyboard tray (ATK), an ergonomic keyboard tray can reduce the strain caused on your wrists due to typing on a high desktop. A tray can let your muscles be more relaxed, allowing you to type away with ease.

A tray also allows your wrists to be properly aligned as it positions the keyboard at a negative tilt of 15 degrees when seated and up to 30 degrees when standing. When typing at a negative tilt, your wrists are in a neutral position, reducing the occurrence of wrist flexion, which is the consequent squeezing of the carpal bones that surround the nerves and blood vessels that pass through them. This positioning also lessens workplace injuries due to the awkward use of the keyboard and mouse. 

A tray can also serve as a comfortable place to rest your wrists when you start to feel fatigued while typing. Moreover, a tray can also help free up space on your desktop, allowing you to have a workspace that’s roomier and free of clutter. These are just some of the benefits of having a keyboard tray on your desk. 

About the Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Manufacturer Stand Steady


Easy Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Product DimensionsAvailable in 20 x 11.75 inches and 27 x 12 inches
4 lbs. (Weight capacity)

Are your work peripherals crowding your desktop? Reclaim your space and save your wrists at the same time with this Easy Clamp On Ergonomic Keyboard Tray. This keyboard tray can turn any table into an ergonomic workstation in an instant.  If you use a standing desk or have a surface that’s pretty narrow, this smart solution can hold your accessories and organize your desktop, allowing you to work in a better manner. Let’s take a dive into the best features of this tray! 

Benefits of the Stand Steady Clamp On Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Simple and ergonomically designed, this keyboard tray can be an excellent addition to any workspace. Check out its highlights: 

Easy to Assemble

This keyboard tray can be set up in just 5 minutes! You don’t need to drill holes on your existing table as this keyboard tray features a clamp mechanism to attach to your work surface. To use your keyboard tray right away, you can simply clamp this on desks that are 1.5-inch thick or less. Thanks to its clamp mechanism, your desktop will be free from any damage and it will still be good as new.

Fits Most Desks

Whether you’re using a standing desk or a regular office table, you can use this keyboard tray to turn your work area into an ergonomic one. This Clamp-On Keyboard Tray fits most desks that are wider than 33 inches and have a thickness of 1.5 inches or less. It hangs around 6 inches below your tabletop, providing you with the right height and angle for working in comfort. Additionally, this keyboard arm has a weight capacity of 4 lbs., capable of carrying not just your keyboard but your mouse as well. 

Also, once you’re done for the day, you can easily hide away this keyboard tray thanks to its gliding feature. Simply pull the keyboard tray out when you need extra space and start using it instantly.

Designed for Comfort

Most of us don’t realize that we are putting extensive strain on our wrists whenever we use our typing consoles on a flat surface. This ergonomic keyboard tray can decrease the pressure on the wrists, reducing the risk of issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Easy Clamp-On Keyboard Tray also has a beveled edge, letting you rest your wrists comfortably whenever you need to.

Wide Surface

Having a wide surface area means that you can work more comfortably as there is more room for you to move around. This ergonomic keyboard tray has a 27.5 x 12-inch surface, allowing you to fit your typing console, mouse, and other knick-knacks. This clears up your desktop as well, giving you extra space for paperwork, a cup of coffee, or even an extra monitor.

Pros and Cons of the Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

✔ Easy to attach
✔ Has a weight capacity of 4 lbs.
✔ Fits on desks with a maximum thickness of 1.5 inches
✘ Has no cable management feature
✘ The glide can be uneven at first use

What People Are Saying About It

Most people have resigned themselves to using their keyboards flat on their desktops. This improper typing position can result in wrist strains and other more serious injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Whether you use a standing desk or a regular table, using the Easy Clamp On Keyboard Tray can help keep these injuries at bay, allowing you to work in utmost comfort. Not only that, but this keyboard tray can also help declutter your desktop, letting you reclaim valuable surface area. Consider getting this tray and make your workstation an ergonomic one; your wrists will thank you for it. 

“This ergonomic keyboard tray suits narrow desks, as well as any standing desk. You can tune the height of the Clamp On Keyboard Tray to adjust to your most comfortable typing position. It can be an excellent addition to your workspace.”

Reviewer – WFH Adviser

Where to Buy the Steady Clamp Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Want to add this ergonomic tray to your work area? Simply hop on over to Amazon to get the best deals and prices.

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Steady Clamp Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

The Steady Clamp Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is an excellent accessory that provides users with a comfortable and adjustable typing experience. Its sturdy and easy-to-install design allows for the flexible positioning of keyboards, making it an excellent choice for professionals who require an optimized workspace.

Made from high-quality materials, the Steady Clamp Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is durable and reliable. Its intuitive design and easy-to-use adjustment features make it simple to adjust the height, tilt, and position of keyboards, providing users with a comfortable and customized typing experience.

The keyboard tray’s cable management feature helps to keep cords and wires organized, and its compatibility with different keyboard sizes and weights makes it a versatile option for users who need to switch between multiple devices or adjust their setup for different tasks.

The Review

95% Makes Working More Comfortable

Office workers sit in front of their computers for most of the day, typing away on their keyboards to finish tasks. At the end of the day, some may feel that their wrists are strained, and if this pain isn't addressed, it could lead to more serious complications. The Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray is a great addition to any workspace as it provides ergonomics to any user, reducing the risk of wrist injuries in the workplace. While it's constructed with plastic, this keyboard tray is still quite durable and can be very useful to have in the office. It also gives you an extra surface to store your peripherals, allowing you to reclaim your desktop and work with ease.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.