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Varidesk Cube Corner Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Review

With the sit-stand work dynamic becoming more and more common across the country, products like standing desk converters have become must-haves for any home or office workstation. If the benefits of standing while working seemed out of reach before, now, there’s no shortage of desks and tabletop accessories that enhance the experience of each working individual.

Why opt for a standing desk converter instead of a standing desk? While both products offer plenty of benefits including improved posture, lessened back pain, and boosted energy levels, there are some perks to buying a desk converter that you can’t get with a standing desk. 

For one, standing desk converters are more portable and usually come in compact packages compared to standing desks. Standing desk converters can be carried from tabletop to tabletop with ease. A desk converter is usually also a more economic option than getting a new standing desk.

The Varidesk Cube Corner 36 Standing Desk Converter is definitely a converter to look out for. With its patented spring lift, wide surface area, and multiple height options, this model can withstand long use without bogging down over time. It’s a durable option with enough functionality to go around, making it an excellent choice for users who want to maximize space and keep their working area as ergonomic as possible.

Is A Varidesk Worth It?

If you’re not familiar with ergonomic office products, Varidesk may not be a name that rings a bell to you. In the industry, Varidesk is one of the major producers of high-quality products that are designed to elevate anyone’s working experience. Aside from corner desks and desktop converters, Varidesk also offers a host of products in their line up. The brand has a monitor armheight adjustment standing desks, conference tables, and more. 

One thing that Varidesk products have in common is their wide work surface. The wide desktop work surface allows any user to have a lot of room to place not just their office necessities but other items as well, such as a notebook, mobile phone, or even a steaming mug of coffee.

About the Varidesk Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desk Converters

Varidesk Cube Corner Height Adjustable Portable Standing Desk Converter
Varidesk Cube Corner Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter
Manufacturer Varidesk
Model Cube Corner 36 Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter
Colors Black

36 inches x 33.5 inches x 4.5 to 17.5 inches
36 inches x 23.5 inches (monitor platform)
36 inches x 9.5 inches (keyboard tray)
24 inches (monitor platform and keyboard tray distance)

Weight Capacity 35 lbs.

Sitting at your work desk for long periods can be terrible for your health. A great way to take a break from sitting is to work while standing. This is what standing desks are for. However, if you’re attached to your existing desk and can’t bear to part with it but would still like to try the sit-stand method of working, a product that you should look into is a desk converter. 

These desk risers are placed on top of your desk and are equipped with a smooth height adjustment mechanism to ensure your comfort in switching between sitting and standing. 

One such item is the Varidesk Height Adjustable Cube Corner 36 desk. A perfect fit for corner desks, the Cube Corner 36 comes with a weighted base, user-friendly height adjustment mechanism, wide work surface, broad keyboard tray, and more. Interested in knowing how the Varidesk Cube can help you at work? Check out its benefits below.

Varidesk Cube Corner 36 Height Adjustable Converter Features

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When it comes to standing desk converters, there’s a lot about the Cube Corner 36 Height Adjustable Converter that stands out from the rest. Let’s take a look at its different features to see how it measures up.

L-Shaped Design

As the name suggests, the Cube Corner 36 standing desk converter is meant to be placed in office corner setups. Those who have an L-shaped desk would be happiest with this product, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t use it. In fact, the Cube Corner 36 is made for anyone and everyone, making it all the more accessible. For us, that means it’s a product that is worth every penny.

Two-Tiered Work Surface

One look at the Cube Corner 36 would tell you everything you need to know about its wide work surface area. The Cube Corner 36 also has a weight capacity of 35 lbs. The work surface design of the Cube Corner 36 is as smart as it is simple, yet all the more functional for it. With two different surfaces, the Cube Corner 36 is able to comfortably house up to two displays on the monitor platform at the top. 

There’s a separate keyboard platform at the bottom to house the keyboard and mouse and you’ll still have some room left. The keyboard tray on the Cube Corner 36 desk has a rectangular shape with a small curved front edge. The wide and deep surface of the keyboard tray can fit oversized keyboards as well. Moreover, the back middle of the keyboard tray also extends a couple of inches, giving it more depth. If you’re not a keyboard user, you can also place your laptop on the keyboard tray instead. 

Once you’ve set up your essentials, you can even place notebooks, speakers, documents, or other gadgets on the bottom tier of the Cube Corner 36 desk. Now you won’t have to worry about having to leave your desk in order to retrieve important items, because the wide work surface area of the Cube Corner 36 has more space to house them all.

Easy Height Adjustment and Stability

Height adjustment won’t be an issue with the Cube Corner 36. With the Varidesk Corner Desk, you’re getting 11 height adjustment options to choose from, with a max height of 14 inches. Not only that, the rowing-lift mechanism of the Cube Corner 36 makes switching from one height to your preferred height worry-free. The spring-loaded lift of the Cube Corner 36 desk ensures the height adjustment movement is smooth and steady. 

The Cube Corner 36 desk also has a heavy metal weighted base frame, allowing it to remain sturdy and stable on any desk you place it on. The weight base frame measures at 24 inches, making it fit perfectly in any cubicle corner desk. No wobbling, no worries. With the Cube Corner 36, everything on top of your desk is secure.

Pre-Assembled and Portable

Compared to standing desks, standing desk converters are a lot easier to assemble. In fact, some even come pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time setting up a complicated product. Such is the case with the Cube Corner desk, which is fully assembled and ready to be used straight out of the box so you can start your journey to a more ergonomic work life right away.

Pros and Cons of the Varidesk Cube Corner

✔ Specially-made for cube corner setups but can be placed on any kind of desk
✔ Has a wide work surface
✔ Steel weighted base for stability
✔ Comes fully assembled out of the box
✘ Optional monitor arm for ergonomic viewing angle
✘ Noticeable monitor shake when adjusting height

What People Are Saying About It

Desk converters have become a heaven-sent product for anyone who doesn’t want to replace their beloved existing desk. The Cube Corner 36 is exactly that — it can sit on the top of any desk and you’ll be able to quickly switch between sitting and standing while working. With a wide work surface, the Cube Corner 36 can accommodate a lot of your office essentials. From dual monitors to your laptop, important folders, phone, office supplies, and even your phone. 

Aside from the wide work surface, the Cube Corner 36 desk also has a broad keyboard tray. Moreover, it has an easy to use height adjustment mechanism and a steel weighted base frame to ensure its sturdiness on your desk. 

While it has a few pinch points, such as the optional monitor arm to change the viewing angles of your monitor, the Cube Corner is still a pretty good investment to have. If you have a corner station and want to do the sit-stand method on any business day, the Cube Corner might be a great option for you. 

"The Cube Corner 36 cuts down on the Varidesk's traditionally bulky footprint with a triangular work surface designed to fit in compact office spaces and corner desks."
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Where to Buy the Varidesk Cube Corner Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

If you’re thinking of buying the Varidesk Cube Corner 36 Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter for your home or office, check out Amazon for the best deals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best standing desk converter?

There are a lot of great standing desk risers in the market but of course, only several out there are the best of the best. Varidesk, Ergotron, and Stand Steady are just some of the brands that make the best desk converters. To know which standing desk riser will fit you the best, check out our guide to the best standing desk converters

The Review

91% Perfect for L-shaped desks

There are many ways to describe the Varidesk Cube Corner, but ordinary is not one of them. If you're keen on having a heavy-duty product with a wide surface area to work on, this converter is your best bet.

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