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VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Pro Plus 36 Review

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A desk riser is probably the simplest and budget-friendly way to battle the deteriorating effects of a traditional sit-down workstation. In pursuit of helping our readers find their best option, we will analyze the design, performance, usability, and features of the VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Pro Plus 36.

Desk risers are often used interchangeably with standing desk converters, or desk converters for short. To use a desk riser, place it on a solid, steady surface, then set your laptop or monitor display on the worktop, and adjust it accordingly when switching between sitting and standing.

Though they also transform into a standing workstation, sit-stand or standing desks differ from standing desk converters. As the name implies, a sit-stand desk is a complete furniture piece, while a desk riser requires an existing surface for proper usage.

About the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

ModelPro Plus 36
DimensionsUpper Tier – 36 x 12.25 in
Base – 30 x 24 in
Weight62.7 lbs.

VARIDESK was the first of its kind, creating the original concept of the sit-stand electric standing desk. Because the company set the industry standard, you can leave it to them to sort your posture and health issues inflicted by the traditional workstation.

Using superior and sustainable materials and processes, they launched the Pro Plus series to introduce flexibility, productivity, and energy into the workspace. For the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36, the full standing desk design includes a wide upper tier spacious enough for a dual monitor setup, and a lower deck for a standard keyboard and mouse. Using a posture curve and row-lifting mechanism, the desk converter swiftly adjusts to 11 standing height settings.

Benefits of the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

We’ve reviewed the specs of the Vari electric standing desk, so what makes this desk riser a cut above the rest?

Ideal Dual Monitor Setup

Most sit-stand electric standing desks accommodate at least one monitor, but desk risers are a different story. The typical desk riser can hold a big laptop or a single monitor, yet this one has the capacity to hold 2 monitors mounted with monitor arms. And if there’s any concern for the amount of weight on the top tier, the keyboard tray helps to balance the space and weight.

With a separate tier for your keyboard and mouse, you have ample desk space on the top tier for a dual monitor or monitor and laptop setup. There’s even space for a tablet or notebook.

Ergonomic Movement

The VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 contains a dual handle system complete with a spring-assisted rowing-lift raising mechanism. Although that may not mean many consumers, the mechanism is vital for promoting better posture and ergonomics overall. When lifting to standing position or lowering the desk riser, you end up using your bottom half to make the adjustments. This is possible thanks to the up-and-back movement that comes from the lower body, minimizing the impact on your back.

Additionally, the separate keyboard tray allows users to maintain the 90-degree bend in their elbows for lessened shoulder and wrist strains.

User Friendly

Despite the product appearing more complex in construction in contrast with single-tier desk risers, VARIDESK products come completely assembled and ready to use once taken out of the box, thus taking the guesswork out of the setup. So all that needs to be done is put the desk converter on the designated surface and arrange the computer station as you see fit.

For transitioning between settings, the desk riser uses a spring-loaded boost mechanism, as well as dual handles to lift as easily and smoothly as possible.

Pros and Cons of the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

✔ Sturdy
✔ Can hold two monitors
✔ Easy to use
✘ Can be pricey
✘ May not be tall enough for other users

What People Are Saying About It

Overall, the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 is among the great standing desk options for those who prefer a standing desk but have limited working space. It’s also sturdy, made with high-quality materials, adjustable, and user-friendly. You’ll get your money’s worth with this one.  Let’s take a look at other Varidesk standing desk converter reviews.

“If you want a standing desk, but can’t — or won’t — find room for one in your home or office, then the VariDesk Pro Plus is a strong option we’re happy to recommend. It’s sturdy and well made, it’s generously sized, and it gets the job done.”

Reviewer – Android Authority

Where to Buy the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

Varidesk Desk Converter 3

Interested in this particular wooden standing desk converter? Shipped and sold by VARIDESK, purchase the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 on Amazon today, free shipping included. You may choose between 3 colors: black, white, or dark wood.

VARIDESK also offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty.

Compared to the prices of other desk risers, this product seems rather steep. To receive a discount on this desk converter, sign up for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card, and once approved, you’ll get a $50 discount. Plus, the Visa card has no annual fees, so there’s nothing to lose from signing up.

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VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

Are you tired of sitting at your desk all day, but also tired of standing for too long? The VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Pro Plus 36 is the perfect solution for you!

One of the best standing desk converters, it allows you to easily switch between sitting and standing positions, without the need for a separate desk. Its sturdy construction and simple, smooth operation make it a joy to use, while the spacious surface area provides ample room for all your work essentials.

But what sets the VARIDESK apart is its innovative design – it’s the perfect blend of style and function! With its sleek lines and modern aesthetic, it’s sure to make your workspace look like a million bucks.

The Review

94% An excellent choice if you're willing to splurge

This product offers everything you would expect from a standing desk converter and more. With a design that takes varying heights and healthier body movements into account, the Pro Plus 36 is everything you need to keep you comfortable as you work on your feet.

The only downfall is the price, which isn't far off from the cost of a sit-stand desk. But the advantage over this desk converter over a standing desk is the ability to keep your existing desk rather than replacing it with a completely new piece of ergonomic furniture.

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