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Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

Workers these days are seeing the benefit of alternating between sitting down and standing up while working. This is due to the findings that sitting for long hours can cause a multitude of ailments to occur over time. This is why many offices worldwide have begun using sit/stand desks.

Unfortunately, not everyone can easily shift from a sitting desk to one that allows for standing while working. There are some businesses that invested a lot of money in their current work setup and are hesitant to let go of their office desks in order to shift to height-adjustable ones. Good thing that there are other options for a low price that can be used, like the Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter. We review its features here and answer all your burning questions about this product. Keep reading until the end to see if it’s a positive review!

Benefits of Using Standing Desk Converters While Working

There are many great reasons why standing desk converters are a great tool for you to utilize. Here are some of the advantages of using such items in your home office or at work:

You don’t have to buy an entire sit/stand desk

Yes, these standing desk converters don’t require you to get rid of any of your existing workstations. This is because these converters are placed right on top of any existing table or desk that you use for work. This means you won’t have to spend too much on new equipment to shift to a healthier way of working. Desktop converters may not have the strength of a full desk, but they’re a sturdy piece of office equipment capable of holding heavy laptops and even monitor screens. You’re also getting valuable benefits for almost half the price of a full height-adjustable desk.

Helps for an easy transition to a healthier workplace

A common problem in offices is having each worker shift to computer equipment with an ergonomic design, from the desk down to the keyboard. When you opt for standing desk converters, you don’t have to wait to have everyone shift to this new way of working. Since converters cost much less than entire sit/stand desks, you don’t have to change workstations in phases. You can convert all existing desks into sit/stand ones immediately by simply placing the converts on each desktop surface. This will help everyone transition to a new workplace norm in one go.

Increase productivity due to better work conditions

With the shift to sit-to-stand workstations using these desk converters, you will find that people will be more productive. Better work performance is often linked to comfortable working conditions and reduced bodily pain. Alternating between sitting and standing is also proven to help blood circulation, boost one’s mood, and keep the muscles active, thus eliminating the risk of numbness and pain in affected areas. 

Now that we’ve established the benefits of a good desk converter, let’s move on to the full product review.

About the Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter

Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter
ModelPower Pro Standing Desk Converter
Dimensions24 inches x 48 inches x 5 inches
Maximum Weight Limit80 lbs.
Power Rating55 Watts
Amperage2 Amps

The Versa Desk Power Pro is a standing desk converter you’re sure to remember. While it may look like other products of its kind, this one makes sure to prioritize ease of operation, stability, ergonomic design, and large space. True to its brand name, the VersaDesk is truly one of the most versatile of its kind. Is it worth the price?

The Versa Desk Power Pro requires minor assembly so you can start using it as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Because the product is motorized, adjusting the height is easy. The electric push button makes the process simple, eliminating any complications that comes with desk risers from lesser brands. There’s no question about the surface space either because there’s plenty of that. The product even comes with grommet holes for a monitor stand if needed.

Then there’s the keyboard tray that can house a keyboard and a mouse. Many standing desk converters neglect the keyboard tray, but it’s important that this can also be adjustable in height in order for the person working to maintain proper ergonomic posture and eliminate back pain. With an 80-lb. weight capacity, one can comfortably place a laptop or monitor without worrying about stability, even at the highest desk height. It also comes with five colors, including black and cherry.

Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter Features

Check out other functions and features on Amazon

The Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter is one item that people at home and in offices everywhere can greatly benefit from. Aside from the abovementioned advantages, people who use this desk converter find themselves losing weight, experiencing better moods while working, and reducing incidences of back as well as neck pain, hence the desk converter’s positive reviews. All of these can be attributed to the converter’s many features and these include the following:

One-Touch Power Adjustment

Some desk converters require manual height adjustment. This is not something you have to worry about when it comes to the VersaDesk Power Pro. A press of the button raises and lowers your converter to the position you desire. No need to exert extra effort to get your monitor or laptop to the height you need it to be in since this desktop riser operates on electric power and one-touch height-adjustment.

With a Large Top Tier

The top tier of this converter, a 30-inch wide base, is where you will place your monitor or laptop. The huge surface area allows you to use any size laptop or monitor you want on it. Furthermore, those who use monitor mounts will be happy to find that the Versadesk Power Pro comes with 2-inch grommet holes. The grommet holes are a great mounting option that will keep your monitor arm and screen secure. However, if you prefer not to use a mount, the grommet holes have a plug for extra security.

Back to the desktop base. Even if you have the full setup going on, you’ll still find there is enough space on its base for a few other things on the table, such as a notepad, a pen, and even a cup of coffee. You won’t have to get up from your desk much while working.

With Spacious Keyboard Tray

Also worth noting is that this Versadesk Power Pro standing desk converter comes with a keyboard tray that can carry anything from a compact keyboard to a full-sized one. With so much space on this keyboard tray, you can easily place your mouse alongside your keyboard with room to spare. 

A keyboard might not be too important if you’re using a laptop, let alone a keyboard tray. In this case, you can use your laptop keyboard and place other necessary items on the keyboard tray, such as a phone, notebook, pens, or even some snacks.

If you’re using a monitor, the keyboard tray becomes a necessity. Thankfully, it’s wide enough to hold a full-sized keyboard if needed. There’s also enough space in the VersaDesk tray for both a mouse and a keyboard.

Up to 20” Elevation

The Versadesk Power Pro standing desk converter can be used by practically anyone since it can be elevated up to 20 inches, so your height isn’t a problem. Adjust the base according to your height needs to get the most out of the Versadesk. Operation and adjustment of the height is simple, requiring only an electric push button. The stability of design is also pretty commendable, as it’s not only scratch-resistant but also packed with features and a strong weight capacity.

Durable Components and Construction

Aside from the durable and innovative design of the VersaDesk Power Pro, the materials used to construct this device include a high-grade steel frame and high-density fiberboard surface. This is something plenty of reviews have praised.

To show that the brand stands behind the product’s durability, they offer a lifetime warranty to those who purchase this standing desk converter. The lifetime warranty applies to the steel frame, while a 3-year warranty is provided for all motorized parts. Despite the lack of cable routing in this product, the operation is still as smooth as ever.

Pros and Cons of the VersaDesk Power Pro

✔ One-touch adjustment
✔ Heavy-duty material
✔ Smooth adjustability
✘ Expensive
✘ It should be placed on a very flat surface to enjoy the stability

What People Are Saying About It

The Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter is a favorite among many, and the reasons are apparent. One of them is the capability of the product to be a replacement for a full height-adjustable desk, as many reviews have stated before. At a reasonable price, you’re getting a host of ergonomic features that let you stay productive. It can hold heavyweight computer equipment including a sizable monitor on a wide and strong surface. 

The VersaDesk Power Pro product design is sleek and modern, making it a great piece of furniture to liven up a workspace. Bottom line, this is a standout in the market among other brands, despite its flaws (lack of cable routing, for one). Let’s see if other reviews agree with our opinion on the VersaDesk Power Pro.

“If you’re looking for a standing desk converter and don’t want the struggle of having to manually raise and lower up to 80 lbs of computer equipment, the VersaDesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter is a great choice with its solid build construction, smooth/quiet operation, and decent stability.”


Where to Buy the Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter

If you’re wondering where you can buy such a desk converter for your workstation, wonder no more. The VersaDesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter can be found on Amazon where you can get the best price and shipping options. 

It comes in a few color options, namely black, white, gray, maple, and cherry. It also comes in a variety of widths that include 36 inches, 40 inches, and the widest, which is 48 inches. It also comes with felt pads underneath its base to ensure that the desk it is placed on won’t get scratched or scored by this converter. 

Go to Amazon for more information and add this product to your cart! You may also check out customer reviews, shipping deals, and product specifications. Additional details regarding the warranty can likewise be found on the product page. The Deluxe version of this product comes with a USB control switch and USB port. Return shipping fees apply.

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The Review

87% Budget-friendly option

If you want to buy a sit-stand desk but don't have the budget for it, a converter is your best option. Shift to a healthier way of working by using the Versa Desk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter. This device allows you to convert your existing work desk into a sit-stand desk without the need to get rid of your current work table.

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