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The Best Standing Desk Mats for 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Standing Desk Mats

Now that sit-stand desks have become more popular, it’s only certain that lots of people have also encountered aches and pains from standing for long periods of time. This is where standing mats come in. Though standing desk use isn’t limited to work environments, workers and household members who have trouble maintaining even a short amount of time standing up can opt for a standing mat to cushion their feet.

A standing desk mat is one of the many ways people have adapted to newer trends in ergonomics, paving the way for a healthier working lifestyle. While some remain skeptical, the science and research behind these products have been pretty solid. Using standing desk mats can help reduce fatigue in the lower limbs as well as the feet and can help users enjoy standing for hours, thereby reducing the risk of further injury. Let’s take a look at some of the best standing desk mats in the market.

In a Hurry? This is the Best Standing Desk Mat

This non-flat mat is perfect for just about anyone who wants the best care for their feet, lower back, and knees while standing. Designed with the user in mind, the Ergodriven Topo Mat carries a topography that is built for keeping the feet in motion throughout the day. With its durable plastic material and ergonomic layout, you’re getting maximum comfort as well as pressure release in even the tightest muscles of your feet. The Ergodriven Topo Mat has bumps and indentations can roll out even the tiniest pressure points in the foot, all without distracting you from work.

If you want to stay comfortable and productive during a busy work day, the Topo active mat would be a great addition to your home or office workspace. The Topo comes with a back and front ramp for stretching out the calves and the toes, as well as raised side rails and strong front corners for stretching out every nook and cranny of your tired muscles. The neutral, flat area is also good for just relaxing the feet, although some may find the surface a little too thin to provide ample comfort at length. The Topo is also built in a precise and well thought out manner so you won’t have to think about the hassle of putting it back under your desk and pulling it out, because you can do so with just a swift movement of your foot.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for the Best Standing Desk Mats

Ergo Driven Topo Comfort Mat

Hailed as one of the best standing mats by plenty of reviewers and experts, the Topo Mat by Ergodriven has…

Imprint CumulusPro Strata

If you’d rather have a wide, flat surface area to stand on than a more active contoured mat, then your best bet…

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Are you someone who needs a simple, no-fuss desk mat that is there to help you relieve leg and foot pain? This…

CubeFit TerraMat Ergonomic Desk Mat

We have another active mat for our next best standing desk mats pick: the CubeFit Terramat. One of the…

Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Desk Mat

Tired of the usual rectangular mats you see everywhere? This Butterfly Non-flat Standing Mat can help…

NewLife by GelPro

Another one of our picks for one of the best standing desk mats is GelPro’s NewLife model, an anti-fatigue mat…

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Another notable flat mat is this ComfiLife offering. Marketed as a multipurpose mat that’s perfect for kitchen use to laundry use to office use…

SkySolutions Sky Mats Anti-fatigue

If the regular less-than-an-inch mats are a little too thin even for you, the SkySolutions Sky Mats makes sure there is nothing less than premium…

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat

One of the more unique brands in our lineup, the Kangaroo Original differentiates itself from the rest. It’s made with a…

AmazonBasics Premium Comfort Mat

There’s nothing better than an affordable mat for standing that also does its job. The 20 in. x 36 in. mat from AmazonBasics comes with…

iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat

If you’re looking for a standing desk mat that you can take anywhere with you, literally, then the ImovR EcoLast Portable Mat is something…

What is a Standing Desk Mat?

Standing desk mats are mainly used as accessories that help relieve pain and fatigue caused by standing for a prolonged time when using standing desks. It is usually made out of rubber and can also be used not just for office workers, but for employees whose jobs require them to stand the whole day, such as factory workers and warehouse workers. Technically, standing desk mats can be used outside of a typical office setting or workstation setup, such as those who spend copious amounts of time working in a garage or in the kitchen.

This item usually comes with a cushioned surface that is made to keep the feet comfortable. This surface also allows for more movement within the lower limbs in order to keep the legs and feet mobile, encouraging foot muscle contraction and expansion. 

These little movements keep the blood in the legs flowing and significantly reduces the risk of muscle and joint soreness and fatigue. If your job requires you to stand without breaks for multiple periods of time, then a standing desk mat is definitely something to look into.

Components of a Standing Desk Mat

What exactly are the features you should look for in a standing desk mat? Let’s take a look at 3 different components of an anti-fatigue mat.

Length, Width, and Height

Each height-adjustable desk anti-fatigue mat comes with different specifications that are built for different types of users and their individual needs. Before purchasing one, ask yourself what your specific needs for a mat are. If you’re looking for a mat that allows more movement and foot space, or if you have a wider stance, try to look for a larger-sized mat so you are more comfortable and don’t have to skimp on space. 

Thicker mats also give you more comfort and have more cushioning power for your feet all the way to your hips. A standing mat that is easily made to be shoved under the desk with your feet is also something to look into, as this makes switching between sitting and standing a lot easier.

Stain-resistant and Slip-resistant Material

A great standing desk mat will give you material that is durable, easy to clean, and slip-resistant. If you are someone who is prone to spilling the occasional drink, be it coffee or water, look for a mat with stain-resistant material on the top layer such as high-quality foam mats because they aren’t a hassle to clean. 

Even if you aren’t prone to such accidents, it’s also best to look for durable material so you are getting the quality you deserve in a mat. Another thing to watch out for is non-slip material, so you avoid any workplace accidents and injuries. A good standing mat should stay put no matter the floor surface.

Active vs. Flat

The perfect standing mat will vary depending on the user, and there are usually two main types to choose from: active/terrain mats or non-flat mats and flat mats. The non-flat mat has a contoured surface that aids stretching while standing, and it usually comes with massage points specifically made to let you knead your feet.

On the other hand, a flat mat has a flat surface, and is also useful for eliminating fatigue in sore areas of the feet. This can be used by anyone, from an office worker to a home cook who spends hours standing in the kitchen.

Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat

There are benefits provided by height-adjustable desk anti-fatigue mats compared to standing on a carpet or a cold, hard floor. Listed below are six of them:

Improved Circulation

Did you know that your calf muscles act as sort of your second heart when walking and moving? It helps in pumping your blood to your legs back up to your actual heart. Standing on a hard floor or any hard surfaces gives a certain compression that causes your leg muscles to tighten that restricts blood flow.  

Once these muscles stiffen and tighten from excessive standing, their ability to pump is reduced, making your heart work harder. That’s why prolonged standing is associated with heart problems.

Lessens the Aches

Too much standing can also make your knees suffer. As much as these large and complex joints are helpful in moving around, bearing a lot of weight for a long period can cause the muscles and ligaments to strain, keeping them from functioning. Usually, the best standing desk mat will help relieve pain and aches throughout the day in multiple areas: the feet, lower back, knees, and legs.

Energy & Compression

It’s not called an anti-fatigue mat for nothing. The lowered strain on your muscles and joints will help you conserve energy and won’t make you feel worn out. Hard and ultra-soft surfaces are both not ideal. Ultra-soft surfaces are too unstable and can possibly end up sinking your feet to the floor. A good quality anti-fatigue mat will provide the stable support you need and reduce fatigue itself. 

Lessens Risk of Obesity

Obesity is caused by eating too much and moving too little. Sitting down for hours on end means that you aren’t getting as much physical activity as you need to burn down the calories you’ve accumulated in your body. Since this accessory is usually paired with standing desks, the research behind standing desks also applies here. 

Owning standing desk mats doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll stand forever in place. When you stand for hours on end, you’ll easily get tired and uncomfortable too. That’s why it is important to partner standing desks with a flat anti-fatigue standing mat to go with it.

Do Anti Fatigue Mats Really Work?

Anti-fatigue mats have been part of different work environments for a long time, and with good reason. Their benefits on the overall muscle and joint health of workers have been well-documented. To explain in a quick manner, standing in place, especially on a concrete or hard surface, will naturally create strain on your muscles. 

This is why anti-fatigue mats can be found commonly in service-industry jobs or in restaurants. They help workers keep standing for long periods of time without getting tired, acting as a cushion between their feet and the floor. While a hard surface will cause aches in joints and veins, the foam helps relieve pressure and helps keep the blood flowing smoothly. This is why many offices have also adapted the use of these mats.

How to Use a Standing Desk Mat

Place the center of your anti-fatigue mat in the area where you intend to stand the longest, for example, at the kitchen area near the sink. If your workspace is an enclosed one, make sure to keep your anti-fatigue mat at the center of everything. 

Even though you can prevent aches and pains from standing with your anti-fatigue mat that is made of polyurethane foam plus an ergonomic workstation, you only can stand for a period of time. To prevent discomfort, flex and stretch your muscles once in a while.

What to Look for in a Standing Desk Mat

You would want your body to feel the best that it can during stressful working hours. I mean, who wouldn’t? Studies show that ergonomic products help increase your productivity. And you would want the best standing desk mats available on the market! Here are some key features to lookout for from a wide variety of standing mats: 


The thickness and size of the standing mat determine the space for your movement and how much cushion there will be to support you. A large-sized standing mat means your movements won’t be small and restricted, giving you room to move around a little. It is ideal for workers with a wider stance or a larger build. Thicker mats have more cushion in them than thinner mats, and thicker anti-fatigue mats will be more comfortable for your feet and can help in preventing fatigue. 


The best standing desk mats are usually made of 100% polyurethane and have non-toxic material so they don’t pose a health risk to the home and office. The foam should be soft and cushioning, but at the same time not too conforming to the feet so they’re still able to give enough pressure to relieve the kinks and knots in our muscles. 

Anti-fatigue mats that have 3D active features are usually made of harder material, while a flat standing desk mat is built to be softer. Either way, the best standing desk mat has to be made out of high-quality and sustainable materials.

Another thing to look out for are water and stain-resistant mats that work perfectly for your office and home setting. Spilled coffee won’t be a problem for high-quality mats because they’re easy to clean. It is better to avoid mats made with vinyl covers as they sometimes hide defects. 

It is highly recommended to find a mat with a non-slip material, for safety purposes. Some mats are made in the USA while others have material sources from China. And while many have their preferences, we believe it still all comes down to the material and process used.

Active or Flat?

As mentioned before, your standing desk mats come in two different types: the active and the flat. The surface of an active mat is contoured, while the flat mat isn’t. A non-flat standing mat isn’t only used in offices. It is often used to reduce fatigue in homes, garages, workshops, and more. 

The active mat has sidewalls, calf stretchers, and sometimes a balance board that allows you to stretch your calves, heels, and toes easily. It usually comes with a massage ball that rests at the center. This is used to stretch your feet and add the convenience of sliding the mat out of the way. When using either an active or flat mat, you should go without shoes or simply just wearing socks. Using the mat with bare feet, especially contoured mats, can give you more relief as the pressure goes directly to your bare feet without anything in between.

Beveled Edges

A beveled edge means that the edges aren’t perpendicular with the structure. It prevents the mat from curling and deforming over time. Beveled edges are most important on flat mats since the active ones already have different-sized edges. This feature lessens the chances of it becoming a tripping hazard. 

Are Standing Desk Mats Worth It?

You might think getting a standing desk mat is a bit much. Why would it be necessary if you already have, say, an ergonomic chair and a standing desk? The real question is not whether you need them, but whether or not they are worth getting. And the answer is yes. If you have the resources to spend on a standing mat, the benefits you’ll get are far greater than simply standing on a hardwood surface or a carpet, with or without shoes. 

Why You Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat

It’s important for us to shift the way we think about ergonomics. When building out our workspace, there’s no such thing as a bad investment because we are investing in ourselves. Getting a standing desk mat, along with other beneficial office equipment, means reducing the risk of long-term injury that our prolonged sitting positions may enhance. When you buy a standing desk mat, you’re making the decision to keep yourself healthy and avoid stress on sensitive body parts and muscles. 

Besides, who wouldn’t want to be more relaxed and comfortable at work? Studies have shown multiple times that an employee’s physical and mental health is a big contributor to productivity. So if you’re feeling a little down at work or you aren’t performing to your fullest potential, switching out that table for a standing desk and buying an anti-fatigue mat might help you.

To get the most out of your standing desk mat, you need to think about quality. There are a lot of anti-fatigue mats out there that can do more harm than good because of poor, thin materials that don’t protect your feet and legs from soreness. Instead, look for tried and tested features such as a high-quality foam or massage points. Most of these products also come with a 7 or 10-year warranty, if not a lifetime refund guarantee.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a sitting to standing work dynamic, here are the best standing desk mats you can invest in. 

Top 11 Best Standing Desk Mats

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
01 Ergo Driven Topo Comfort MatErgodriven Topo Comfort Mat• Comes with calf & toe stretchers
• Unique topography that encourages movement
• Mat can be slid in and out of desk easily
Check Prices on Amazon
02 Imprint CumulusPro CommercialImprint CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata• High-density polyurethane material
• Reduces foot pain and soreness
• Comfortable non-slip material
Check Prices on Amazon
03 Royal Anti-Fatigue MatRoyal Anti-fatigue Comfort Mat• Commercial-grade material
• 3/4-inch thick cushion
• Available in different colors and sizes
Check Prices on Amazon
04 CubeFit TerraMatCubeFit TerraMat Ergonomic Standing-Desk Mat• Comes with active features and flat surface
• Slides in and out of desk easily
• Made with shock-absorbent material
Check Prices on Amazon
05 Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Desk MatButterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat• Unique butterfly shape
• Different active features to encourage movement
• 36x23 inch surface area
Check Prices on Amazon
06 NewLife GelPro Anti-Fatigue MatNewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat• Stain-resistant surface
• Quality materials at an affordable price
• Can be used in the kitchen or office
Check Prices on Amazon
07 ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue MatComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat • Thick, high-density material
• Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surface
• Strong non-slip base
Check Prices on Amazon
08 SkySolutions Sky MatsSkySolutions Sky Mats Anti-Fatigue• 4-inch thick cushion to help relieve pain
• Different sizes are available for each user
• Cleaning is made easy with its surface
Check Prices on Amazon
09 Kangaroo Original Standing MatKangaroo Original Standing Mat• Unique colors to choose from
• Made with durable materials for high foot traffic
• Has a textured leather finish
Check Prices on Amazon
10 AmazonBasics Premium Comfort MatAmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat for Home and Office• Affordable and effective mat
• Has a unique weave pattern
• Non-slip and stain-resistant finish
Check Prices on Amazon
11 iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing MatImovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat• Can be carried anywhere
• Small yet has enough surface area
• Can withstand wear and tear
Check Prices on Amazon

Let’s Go Over Each Standing Desk Mat

Hailed as one of the best standing mats by plenty of reviewers and experts, the Topo Mat by Ergodriven has been one of the industry’s leading mats for a few years now. With just one glance at this mat, you can already see it’s different from the rest — it looks like a miniature foam skate park with its little hills and indentations. 

This unique topography is the Topo mat’s best selling point, as it helps the user maintain micro-movements throughout the standing period, helping the foot release tension while it’s still standing. Let’s take a closer look at the Topo standing desk mat’s features and functions.

For its design, the Topo Mat only comes in 2 colors: obsidian black and mulberry purple. It stands at 29 in. x 26.25 in. x 2.7 in., which gives you ample space to move around without your toes or your heel hanging out. It’s also made of durable and comfortable polyurethane material so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear from your feet or shoes. However, it’s highly recommended to use the Topo mat barefoot so as to get direct contact with its indentations and get better pressure on the feet. 

The key difference between the Topo mat and its competitors is that it’s made specifically for active movement in the feet while your body stays still, something a flat mat or a kitchen mat cannot provide.

If you’re worried about the small inconvenience of having to stow away the mat and pull it back out every time you stand up, the Topo mat makes that a no-brainer. The material and design are constructed so as to make it easy for the user to push or pull the mat from under the desk with just one foot. 

The drawback to this is a mat that’s more slippery than normal, which is why Ergodriven recommends being careful when taking this mat out or putting it back in. The Topo mat comes with a useful seven-year warranty and a 100% full refund guarantee should the product not give full satisfaction, so you’d be remiss not to at least give this one a try.

The Topo also comes with a seven-year warranty from the manufacturer as well as a lifetime full-refund satisfaction guarantee. However, with the Topo’s long list of features and positive reviews, it’s safe to say you won’t be needing a refund when you use this mat. The Topo ensures maximum safety, comfort, and pain relief for its users so you won’t have to worry about losing focus at work.

Pros and Cons of the Ergodriven Topo Mat

✔ Topography designed to encourage subconscious movement
✔ Durable polyurethane construction
✔ Easy to pull from under desk and move back
✔ Seven year warranty
✘ Pricier than most mats
✘ Flat surface is thin
✘ A little slippery

If you’d rather have a wide, flat surface area to stand on than a more active contoured mat, then your best bet would be to go with the Imprint CumulusPro. This is one of the best standing mats as reviewed by major websites, and with good reason. Let’s say you’ve been sitting for too long and just want a soft cushion to rest your feet on. The Imprint CumulusPro can reduce foot pain, soreness, and muscle discomfort with its comfortable and non-slip material. Let’s take a closer look at this mat and its features.

As mentioned above, the flat standing mat is designed to give the user maximum comfort. It’s said to be 97% thicker than other mats in the market due to its unique Cushion-core Technology for reducing fatigue. When standing on this mat, you’ll forget completely about any aches and pains in your lower limbs and instead focus on doing the best you can at work. If you want to do some standing desk exercises, why not? The mat is made with beveled edges, so you won’t worry about any slipping.

Taking a closer look at this mat’s construction, you can see it’s a high-density polyurethane material. This keeps it secured to the ground and isn’t easily movable, plus, it won’t lose its support over time. It’s also ensured to be environmentally safe, non-toxic, and phthalate acid-free (the material that’s used to make plastics even more durable and flexible), so it doesn’t impose any safety hazard to the user. If you have pets or children, this mat is safe for them, too. The National Floor Safety Institute has tested and certified this product, so you’re getting the safety you deserve.

That said, those looking for more colorful designs or a larger size won’t find that in this mat. The Cumulus Pro only comes in two muted colors, slate grey and black, which are only available in the 24 in. x 34 in. variant. It also has not just a 10-year warranty, but comes with a lifetime guarantee for full satisfaction. It also is a flat mat so it doesn’t have any of the 3D features that the Topo has, but it’s still great for relieving pressure nonetheless.


Pros and Cons of the Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata Mat

✔ Beveled edges for enhanced safety
✔ Tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
✔ Premium comfort with a 97% thicker cushion
✔ Comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
✘ Comes in only 1 size
✘ Non-active surface

Are you someone who needs a simple, no-fuss mat that is there to help you relieve leg and foot pain? This product boasts of a minimal design that some may find a bit plain, but the important thing here is how well it does its job. Based on its design and user reviews, this is a desk mat that exceeds expectations. 

True to its name, this mat can make you feel like royalty when you use it. It’s made with polyurethane and has a ¾ inch thick surface, perfect for standing barefoot to alleviate any soreness and discomfort throughout the work day.

If you’re someone who likes to move their feet around or does the occasional desk exercise, then this mat has got you covered. It features a commercial-grade material that is resistant to any form of tear and puncturing — as long as you’re barefoot (this mat is not suitable for shoes with pointy edges such as stiletto heels), so you’re free to do those calf raises as often as you need. The edges are also beveled and tapered for maximum stability, so you don’t accidentally slip in the middle of answering emails or finishing off that to-do list.

No matter how old you are, it’s pretty normal to experience joint and muscle pains when your body isn’t stretched out or moving enough. Luckily, the Royal Mat relieves up to 40% of the fatigue, pressure, and soreness in your feet from sitting or standing too long. When used properly and fully, this mat also provides relief to one’s knees and lower back pain. Not only that, but it’s also portable and can be used when you’re in the kitchen cooking for the gang or fixing up some wires in the garage. This mat has a lifetime warranty and 30-100 day money back guarantee.


Pros and Cons of the Royal Comfort Mat

✔ Very affordable
✔ Available in different colors and sizes
✔ Thick cushion with beveled edges
✔ Relieves foot, knee, and back pain
✔ Non-slip and works well with any floor surface
✘ Simple design
✘ No active features

We have another active mat for our next best standing desk mats pick: the CubeFit Terramat. One of the more popular and well-loved selections, this mat offers unique 3D features that are perfect for stretching out your feet. Don’t want a flat mat? This is a perfect substitute as it lets you move your feet around a little more, keeping the blood flowing and your muscles in motion even with the tiniest movements. The mat is geared to let the user subconsciously move without thinking so they’re able to go about their workday without staying stagnant.

Let’s take a closer look at this mat’s 3D features. At first glance, there’s a full balance bar that’s geared for working your core and calves, two massage mounds for the soles of your feet, a “power wedge” for stretching out your calves, another track for stretching out your hip flexors, and a part with acupuncture pressure peaks to stimulate your feet. 

If all of that just sounded like one day at the gym, it’s because this mat was designed by a personal trainer. Perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who’s concerned about not getting enough activity at your desk. As for these features’ effectiveness, each one is pretty durable and gives ample relief. However, some users note that the massage mounds are too conforming. The price is also a lot higher than our pick for best standing mat, the Ergodriven Topo.

If you hate the minor inconvenience of having to carefully tuck in the mat back under your desk when you transition to sitting, this mat is easily able to slide in and out your desk with just one swift movement of your foot. However, this also makes it a little more prone to slipping than other mats, so even with this feature, it’s best to be careful with moving this mat. It’s worth noting that this mat has a lifetime warranty to boot.


Pros and Cons of the CubeFit TerraMat

✔ Comes with 3D active features as well as a flat surface
✔ Slides easily from under your desk and back in
✔ 100% lifetime warranty
✔ Shock-absorbent material
✘ Pricey compared to its competitors (both flat and active)
✘ A little too big for those with a smaller frame
✘ Massage mounds are too soft

Tired of the usual rectangular mats you see everywhere? This Butterfly Non-flat Standing Mat can help you with that. It comes in a beautiful butterfly shape that also includes 3D features to encourage movement and relieve pain. Combining form and function in one affordable package, this mat can give you ample activity, movement, and pain relief on a budget. While it doesn’t have as many frills and features as the Topo or CubeFit, this one comes at a much more affordable price.

The foam is made of environmentally-friendly material, though it’s not 100% polyurethane. Its topography is calculated so that healthy movement is encouraged without much thought from the user — moving your foot along these plains and valleys is more intuitive and natural, helping each muscle relieve tension. 

The mat is also wide in surface with 36×23 inch dimensions. It’s also way thicker than other mats with its ⅞” – 1 ⅖” thickness that offers maximum support at the longest durations. The edge is designed with a bevel and no-curl system in order to prevent slipping and tripping while engaging with the mat’s various 3D features. 

While many mats tend to discard steadiness in favor of active features, this one doesn’t skimp on either. You’re able to move safely and securely while keeping the blood flowing through your feet. Like other mats, this one is also easy to slide from under and back on your desk, but we still recommend being careful with placing this mat in order to avoid any injuries or accidents.


Pros and Cons of the Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Mat

✔ Encourages movement
✔ Wide and thick surface
✔ Massage points activate blood flow
✔ A lot cheaper than most active mats
✘ Not 100% polyurethane
✘ Might be more prone to damage in long-term use

Another one of our picks for one of the best standing desk mats is GelPro’s NewLife model, an anti-fatigue mat built specifically to endure long periods of standing, whether that’s in the kitchen or in the office. One of the best anti-fatigue mats, this mat’s thick, supportive ergo-foam core is built for those who need to stand for long periods and can help relieve muscle pain in the most sore parts of our feet. This manufacturer prides itself on being made in the USA with globally sourced material.

Coming in at ¾” inches of cushion, you won’t feel a thing even when you’ve been working long preparing a meal, answering emails, or even gaming. While this flat standing mat doesn’t have any varied terrain built for stretching out your feet, you can always opt to do simple foot exercises right on this flat surface. You’ll be able to move freely without worry, too, because this mat has a non-skid bottom surface that increases friction and prevents any injuries or accidents. Its beveled and non-curl surface also enhances safety and prevents any tripping.

The reason this mat is so versatile is its stain-resistant surface. No matter where you are, you can work comfortably knowing that any stain or spill on this mat’s surface is a breeze to clean.

Lastly, this mat comes in some of the most stylish colors and patterns seen in any mat. You can pick from plain, floral, and geometric patterns that come in different colors such as almond, sweet berry, tweed hydrangea, grey goose–the choice depends on you. If you’re a fan of sprucing up your workspace, living room, or kitchen with a splash of color that isn’t too attention-grabbing at the same time, then these designs are perfect.


Pros and Cons of the NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mat

✔ Affordable
✔ Can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the desk
✔ Comes in multiple styles and patterns
✔ Easy-to-clean stain-resistant surface
✔ Non-skid bottom surface
✘ No active surface

Another notable flat mat is this ComfiLife offering. Marketed as a multipurpose mat that’s perfect for kitchen use to laundry use to office use, this is one of the flat mats that you can’t go wrong with. From durable material to appealing design, the mat has it all, and at a reasonable price point. It doesn’t skimp on safety and security either, as this mat’s designed to be used for hours without any slipping.

The mat comes in two different sizes: medium (20 x 32 inches) and large (20 x 39 inches). While this seems smaller than its counterparts, it makes up in terms of cushioning material and design. With a ¾-inch thick surface and high-density foam, you’re not only getting relief for your feet but for your lower back and knees, too. Made to withstand hours of standing, this mat is perfect if you tend to get lost in your work and forget to sit down, or can’t really afford to.

Like other models, this mat employs a stain-resistant top layer that is super easy to clean. No more worrying about coffee spills or food stains, as this mat only takes a few wipes with a damp cloth to clean. Just remember to keep this mat at room temperature because its memory foam makes it more sensitive to heat. Comes with a full lifetime warranty.


Pros and Cons of the ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

✔ Stain-resistant skin
✔ Thick cushioning foam and high-density material to provide more comfort
✔ Material prevents slipping
✔ Economical price
✔ Full lifetime warranty
✘ No varied terrain to encourage movement
✘ Heat sensitive

If the regular less-than-an-inch mats are a little too thin even for you, the SkySolutions Sky Mats makes sure there is nothing less than premium comfort and cushioning for your feet. It comes in with a 4-inch thick foam that’s guaranteed to give you four times the comfort of regular mats, active or not. Whatever your work is throughout the day, you’re guaranteed pain relief and reduced soreness in every aching joint.

The Sky Mat is named so for a reason — stepping on this foam feels like walking on a cloud in the sky, helping lighten your work day. The subtle construction of this mat also encourages better balance and posture, helping to relieve pressure in the spine and lower back while increasing blood flow. The blood flow also helps to keep your mind alert so you’re able to focus on work.

These mats employ a non-slip bottom and are the same kind used in commercial businesses such as restaurants because they absorb shock in places with high foot traffic. The no-curl edges also help this mat from being an unwarranted tripping hazard at home, so it’s safe around children. 

Lastly, the surface is made of material that is easy to clean, so you won’t spend precious time having to scrub out a stubborn stain. Should these features not reflect your own experience with the mat, you still have a lifetime warranty. But be careful, as a few reviewers have noted that this warranty can take a little too long to process.


Pros and Cons of the SkySolutions SkyMat

✔ 4-inch thick cushion provides more support and pain relief
✔ Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
✔ Effortless cleaning
✔ Commercial-grade material built for high foot traffic
✔ Comes with lifetime warranty
✘ Color and pattern can fade over time
✘ Warranty takes long to process

One of the more unique brands in our lineup, the Kangaroo Original differentiates itself from the rest. It’s made with a beautifully textured leather finish that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Sand, charcoal, hunter green, and wood are just some of the designs you can choose from depending on your style and preference. You’ll never have to worry about a drab workspace, kitchen, or garage again with this mat. 

The mats aren’t only visually appealing, they’re also durable. They’re made with strong materials that are perfect for areas with high foot traffic. However, these mats are not slip-resistant, neither are they anti-curl, so they will pose a tripping hazard when not taken care of. Kangaroo advises that water that gets on the mat or under the mat should be wiped off immediately so the material doesn’t degrade.


Pros and Cons of the Kangaroo Mat

✔ Multiple designs
✔ Affordable price
✘ Not slip-resistant
✘ No anticurl design

There’s nothing better than an affordable mat for standing that also does its job. The 20 in. x 36 in. AmazonBasics Mat comes with virtually everything you need in a flat mat: a cushioning foam that conforms to the foot’s shape, stain-resistant surface, a base that isn’t slippery and edges that won’t curl, as well as a warranty should the mat not perform as well as it should.

While the mat doesn’t offer much in terms of color variety and design (you only have the choice of either dark brown or black, which are a bit underwhelming compared to our other picks), it makes up for it in the unique weave pattern. The high-quality design is perfect when you need to stand for long periods of time on your bare feet or in socks.


Pros and Cons of the AmazonBasics Standing Comfort Mat

✔ One of the most affordable mats
✔ Comes with a stain-resistant material
✔ Can be used in the office and at home
✔ Cushioning layer encourages micro-movements
✘ Only 2 color choices
✘ No active terrain

If you’re looking for a standing desk mat that you can take anywhere with you, literally, then the ImovR EcoLast Portable Mat is something that you should look into. Unlike most standing mats in the market, the ImovR Portable has an integrated handle, allowing you to carry it wherever and use it whenever.

Made with a solid polyurethane material that’s 3/4 inches thick, the EcoLast Portable is superbly durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and can withstand wear and tear. Its edges are beveled, letting it lay flat on any surface without you worrying about it curling or tripping over it. This mat is sizable enough for any person to stand on yet still small enough to be easily transported.

The ImovR EcoLast Portable is a mat that can provide you with comfort even outside the office. Thanks to its portability, you can utilize it in an array of settings, from traveling to gardening to doing chores, or even standing on in-stadium games or concerts. This multipurpose mat can certainly support your aching feet and back in every possible way.


Pros and Cons of the iMovR EcoLast Portable Mat

✔ Comes with a built-in handle
✔ Highly durable
✔ Made with polyurethane material
✘ Taller people with wider feet may find it difficult to use
✘ No active terrain

Best Standing Mats Comparison

Standing Desk MatBrandDesignPerformanceUsabilityFeaturesTotal RatingCheck Price on Amazon
01 Ergo Driven Topo Comfort MatErgodriven Topo Comfort Mat9595959595Check Prices on Amazon
02 Imprint CumulusPro CommercialImprint Cumulus Pro Commercial Couture Strata100951009698Check Prices on Amazon
03 Royal Anti-Fatigue MatRoyal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat99961009598Check Prices on Amazon
04 CubeFit TerraMatCubeFit TerraMat Ergonomic Standing-Desk Mat9595959394.5Check Prices on Amazon
05 Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Desk MatButterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat9189909090Check Prices on Amazon
06 NewLife GelPro Anti-Fatigue MatNewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor Mat 9490949092Check Prices on Amazon
07 ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue MatComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat 9390909090.75Check Prices on Amazon
08 SkySolutions Sky MatsSkySolutions Sky Mats Anti-fatigue9494949494Check Prices on Amazon
09 Kangaroo Original Standing MatKangaroo Original Standing Mat9494949494Check Prices on Amazon
10 AmazonBasics Premium Comfort MatAmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat for Home and Office9494939494Check Prices on Amazon
11 iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing MatImovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat9493949494Check Prices on Amazon

Final Note

If you still have your doubts about standing desk mats, we hope this guide has helped you decide. No matter where you are or what your job entails, standing desk mats are perfect for helping you relieve foot pain, back pain, and any other muscle tension that you may earn over time when standing too long. 

To find the best mat for standing in front of your desk, you’d want to look at the needs of your own self: are you using a standing desk, and if so, do your feet need more cushioning? Do you need a mat that stretches out your foot within the day, or do you want one that serves as more of a pillow for your feet? Do you need to use the mat for standing in front of your kitchen countertop? The choice is up to you. 

Whatever your needs may be, using a standing mat has more benefits than it does any risk. It’s about time workers prioritize and invest in their well-being, not just to be more productive, but because taking care of our bodies always comes first.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.