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The Best Standing Desks for 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Standing Desks

Studies show that ergonomics has taken a drastic shift within the past year. With many office-based companies making the decision to start working from home, employees have taken it upon themselves to create a workable environment in their households. Because everyone was unprepared for the pandemic, many did not have a set workspace in their houses and have resorted to creating makeshift office spaces in different corners of their living room.

Professionals recommend getting up and moving your body at least every 30 minutes — the body does not like staying in one position for too long, be it sitting or standing. Your back, shoulders, and arms are just some of the areas that need proper care because they are the ones prone to discomfort and soreness after a long work day. Many experts recommend switching from sitting down and standing up multiple times throughout the day, or simply incorporating physical activity such as walking or desk exercises. As long as your body isn’t in holding a position for too long, then you’re generally good to go.

With technology and ergonomics improving everyday, it’s no wonder a novel appliance such as a standing desk is the new standard for office and home working. A standing desk is also called a sit-stand desk, and it’s an invention that allows you to work either sitting down or standing up and lets you switch between sitting and standing multiple times in a day. This is not to be confused with a desk riser or converter, which is a desktop accessory, while the standing desk is used on its own.

In a Hurry? This is the Best Standing Desk

This award-winning, eco-conscious table is one of the best and highest-rated standing desks in the industry. With Fully’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is one everyone should want to have. The Jarvis guilt-free incorporates beautiful bamboo desktop materials, and most of all, won’t wear over time. If you’re looking for form and functionality in a single package, this Jarvis desk is the most suitable option and is one of the best standing desks to purchase.

This height-adjustable Jarvis desk also has a few customization options, coming in two shapes and seven sizes so each consumer’s needs are met with ease. Its high rating comes as no surprise because the Jarvis is packed with intuitive features. Indeed, there’s a lot to love about this desk from its sturdy electric motor to its industry-leading 348-lbs. or 158 kg. weight capacity that is almost unheard of for such a sleek, lightweight design. It has a height range that goes from 24.5” at the lowest and a maximum height of 50 inches. The tabletop is measured at around 72 x 30 x 0.8 inches. The Jarvis also comes with a sleek adjustment panel that is easy to use.

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Eureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming Standing Desk

Ergonomics doesn’t start and end within working hours — it should also extend to our everyday lives, and that includes a much-awaited…

Seville Classics Airlift Pro Electric

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Thermaltake Tt Gaming Computer Desk

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DeVaise Crank Desk

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What is a Standing Desk?

These desks serve as an adjustable workstation and come with either a laptop or monitor mount or a flat top workspace. They aren’t to be confused with desktop converters, which are more like additional accessories you can pair with your table. You can have these desks custom-built or ready-made online. These desks usually come with a lot of built-in features and functions, such as an adjustable desk height, adjustable width, built-in sockets, 1-touch electronic height adjustment, and so many more functions that make your working hours more convenient, intuitive, and efficient than ever. 

If you’re looking to maximize the ergonomic value of your home office or workstation, then these desks are definitely for you. If you don’t know where to start, let’s first take a look at each component of these desks and why they’re such a beloved staple in offices.

Why You Need a Standing Desk

With workspaces taken into the hands of the employees, ergonomics has never been more important. A study done by the University of Cincinnati has identified multiple issues with home offices, from the wrong chair height and monitor height to improperly adjusted armrests. In the study, 41% of participants reported having chairs that were too low. 32% of workers had arm rests, but did not use them. Looking at these results, it’s clear that education is more important than ever in order to prevent any recurring pain and serious injury and encourage pain-free working environments.

Recent research has shown favor towards standing desks, often called sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks, that allow for optimum working conditions by letting the user switch from sitting and standing while working. Because the body doesn’t do well with staying in the same position for too long, having the option to sit and stand every 30 minutes to an hour can prevent serious injury.

Components of a Standing Desk

What exactly makes standing desks the useful office furniture that they are? Let’s take a look at the four main components of standing desks:

Adjustable Table Frame

Probably the most integral part of all standing desks is the table frame. This is the part that lets you adjust the height, giving you the option to sit down or stand up with just a press of a button. A frame that’s easily adjustable makes it easier to switch between positions while working.


Standing desks usually come with a tabletop that is spacious and durable enough to hold a monitor, your keyboard, and any other accessories needed.  Some have a flat top while others have a built-in mount for monitors. Other desks come in the L-shaped variety. L-shaped desks are built specifically for those who need to use more monitors or house other equipment, and their L-shaped design makes them a bigger and more sturdy option.

Desk Control & Accessories

Many standing desks come with a few extra features and accessories. An example is a built-in wire management system so all the wires from your accessories and computer are fully organized and won’t get in the way of your work. With this feature, you can make sure your mouse, keyboard, or even charging cables don’t get tangled up, giving you one less thing to think about in the middle of a busy conference or a hectic workday. If the cable tray isn’t an option, some desks opt for a cutout that’s around 3 to 5 inches in dimension. Another pick, the Varidesk Pro, has 5 inches of space at the back specifically for wire management.

Some standing desks also have the option to mount other ergonomic accessories like a foot hammock or a foot rest, a keyboard tray (perfect if you’re an avid typer, or your work requires you to be), or a pen drawer at an additional price.

Leveling Feet

A full standing desk with leveling feet means it’s a lot sturdier than most typical standing desks. No matter where you place it, this feature ensures that its legs and feet are parallel to the ground so your desk stays firmly in place. Since standing desks have adjustable height and are constantly moving up and down, it’s important that the feet are placed firmly on the floor so everything on top of the table stays put.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

There’s a reason so many people concerned with proper posture, ergonomics, and workspace efficiency are getting an electric standing desk. Here are some of its benefits for our health:

Perfect for any fan of physical activity and exercise

With the recent outbreak, much of our physical activity has been halted. Before, commuting to work or taking a short walk during lunch to the nearest restaurant served as ample activity for our bodies, keeping our muscles and joints refreshed. Now, it’s a lot harder to incorporate movement into our day when we’re just at home with limited outside movement. 

That’s why standing desks have been recommended by so many professionals — they give you physical activity even when you’re stuck in front of your computer. Simply adjust the height in order to transition from sitting to standing. Doctors recommend varying your position from sitting for an hour then getting up for 30 minutes so as not to stay in one position for too long.

One hour of standing burns more calories than sitting

In a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, participants were able to burn 88 calories per hour while standing compared to 80 calories per hour sitting. With this number, standing at your desk for three hours burns an extra 24 calories. 

If you’re looking for a quick way to burn some calories off without leaving work or having to perform a full-blown workout routine, then simply standing up a few times in your work day will give you enough energy and uplift your spirits. However, if you’re someone who wants to push themselves and really commit to creating a routine of physical activity while working, then adding a few desk exercises will give you a world of difference.

Is a Standing Desk Worth It?

If you want to invest in your body’s health and wellbeing, then yes, sit-stand desks are absolutely worth it. With research-backed evidence of their benefits, anyone who prioritizes feeling good and maintaining fitness while working would do well to make this investment. Standing desks come at a wide price range, from the more expensive custom-made models to those you can order online. Whatever your choice may be, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth by fostering a healthier lifestyle for yourself and reducing the risk of serious injury in the long run. We believe that the cost of a standing desk is a small price to pay for securing a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

Standing desks are also not to be confused with a standing desk converter, which is an accessory that is mounted on top of an existing table. If your electric standing desk is a bit lacking in height, or if you simply want another accessory, you can look at buying a standing desk converter so you’re able to meet ergonomic requirements with ease. Standing desk converters also come with a variety of models and styles, shapes, and colors, so the best standing desk converter really depends on you and your individual needs. A quick search for the best standing desk converter already comes up with multiple results as they’ve rapidly risen in popularity. 

How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

Sanding desks are definitely all the rage nowadays. Many professionals recommend standing only for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, nothing more. Many reports show workers whose jobs depend on being up and about the whole day are more likely to have leg pain, foot injuries, and nerve damage in the leg area. So be careful! Standing up while working is great, but like most things, it’s best done in moderation.

Are standing desks really healthier?

Standing desks are a great way to incorporate movement into one’s daily office routine. They help the worker avoid many issues that come with sitting too long, such as stiffness in the legs, feet, neck, and other joints. Desks with adjustable height are shown to aid calorie burning because they let the user stand for longer periods of time instead of just sitting down.

What is the Best Standing Desk Height?

The perfect height should be the height wherein you can comfortably rest your forearms with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. The best height will vary from person to person, so make sure you’re getting the height and range that’s fit for you.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Surprisingly enough, many people still have no idea that they are sitting or standing the wrong way, thereby damaging their spine or their back in the long run. To avoid this heightened risk of injury, start by being mindful of the way you carry yourself. Here are a few tips on how to properly use standing desks:

Keep your neck neutral.

You can adjust your monitor height or use a standing desk computer to ensure that your monitor is perfectly aligned with your eyes, not looking 5 inches up or down and straining your neck.

Keep your posture straight and your spine neutral.

Having a neutral spine means the muscles surrounding it are supporting your body equally, so no slouching or putting your weight on one leg. To make sure you’re in the right standing posture, keep your shoulders relaxed and your chin tall. Your feet should also be parallel on the ground without locking your knees. Make sure your wrists are relaxed, not inclined up or down. Your fingers should be floating over the keyboard and mouse, and likewise not inclined up or down.

If you’re sitting, make sure you’re also using an ergonomic chair or a backrest.

The same tips for standing apply here: keep your spine neutral, your neck and shoulders relaxed, and your elbows relaxed at a 90-degree angle over your keyboard and mouse. If you need an ergonomic chair, check out our complete guide here

Top 11 Best Standing Desks

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
01 Fully Jarvis Standing DeskFully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk• Eco-friendly and sustainable material
• Easy adjustability with pneumatic pump lift
• 348 lbs. weight capacity
Check Prices on Amazon
02 Uplift V2 Standing DeskUplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk• Smooth and quiet motor
• Fast transit speeds
• Sturdy build with no wobble
Check Prices on Amazon
03 VariDesk Prodesk 60VariDesk Prodesk 60 Electric• Solid cable management feature
• Made with high-quality materials
• Quick assembly
Check Prices on Amazon
04 Ikea BekantIKEA Bekant• Quick assembly time with minimal tools needed
• Price is perfect for those on a budget
• Comes with a 10-year warranty
Check Prices on Amazon
05 ApexDesk Elite Series Standing DeskApexDesk Elite Series 60" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk• Ergonomic cut-out design
• Option to encode 4 height presets
• Desktop has wide surface area
Check Prices on Amazon
06 FlexiSpot Electric Adjustable DeskFlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk• Reminds you when you're sitting or standing too long
• Easy adjustability with smooth vertical lift
• Built-in keyboard tray
Check Prices on Amazon
07 RightAngle Elegante Electric Standing DeskRightAngle Elegante Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk• 325 lbs. weight capacity
• Maximum height of 51 inches
• Includes a power strip & cable management
Check Prices on Amazon
08 Eureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming DeskEureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming Standing Desk• Unique, edgy gaming design
• Large weight capacity with strong base
• Desktop has contour for maximum ergonomic capacity
Check Prices on Amazon
09 Seville Classics Airlift ProSeville Classics Airlift Pro Electric Adjustable Standing Desk• Quiet electric motors
• Build is sturdy even without a crossbar
• Height adjustment made easy with 4 memory settings
Check Prices on Amazon
10 Thermaltake Tt Gaming RGB DeskThermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Computer Desk• 8 dynamic lighting effects
• 16.8 million RGB colors around frame
• Full-surface removable cloth mouse pad
• Surface area wide enough for two-monitor setup
Check Prices on Amazon
11 DeVaise Adjustable Height DeskDeVaise Crank Desk• Utilizes a hand crank for adjustment
• Manually-operated
• Made with sturdy and robust materials
Check Prices on Amazon

Let’s Go Over Each Standing Desk

This Jarvis desk is yet another addition to Fully’s lineup of eco-friendly designed full standing desks (the brand also has a popular L-shaped design). For its base model, you’re already getting a host of functions at a reasonable base price of less than $600, which is why we’ve given it the highest rating. From there, you can opt to get different accessories and cool functions at an additional price, making this model a customizable piece of furniture that can sustain your different needs. 

The base model comes with a handy natural bamboo desktop that measures 30 inches x 24 inches, a desk frame with a height range of 29 inches to 48.3 inches, an up-and-down switch for easy adjustment, and a single grommet for cable management. For the price, this Jarvis standing desk gives you durability and sturdiness as well as a beautiful, eco-friendly desktop design. It also comes with a 72 inches x 30 inches configuration if you’re looking for a wider work surface. This desk is able to carry a weight of 348 lbs. or 158 kg at no cost to its sturdiness.

According to their website, each table is manufactured with sustainability and ethical sourcing in mind, from the harvesting process to the construction. This sustainability translates into a long-term investment as well. Their tabletop is pressed together by formaldehyde-free glue which means it won’t warp with time. The bamboo finish is also treated with a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating that keeps it looking newly bought.

Pros and Cons of the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

✔ Sustainable and eco-friendly design
✔ Durable bamboo tabletop
✔ Affordable price
✔ Easily adjustable height
✔ Excellent weight capacity
✘ Few design options
✘ Average height range

Uplift has been notorious when it comes to manufacturing sturdy and reliable office equipment, and this is no exception. This Uplift desk is another top-notcher in the commercial standing desk industry because of its multifunctionality and sleek interface. Considered one of the best standing desks in recent years for its price point, this Uplift desk’s popularity can also be owed to its unique features. This is why we’ve also given this Uplift desk a high rating.

The Uplift desk comes highly recommended because of its versatile build. If you’re looking for a variety in your desktop, you can choose between a rubberwood, bamboo, or powder-coat finish. If you need an exact solid hardwood desktop, this model has that, too. Let’s take a look at each notable component of the Uplift-V2 Commercial in order to help you decide if this is the desk for you.

The desk’s thinner base makes it a more modern, space-saving option for those looking for a good match in their home offices. Both the Uplift V2 and V2 commercial are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also housing a large desktop size. The Uplift V2 & V2 commercial house a motor drive that is significantly improved compared to its other competitors, making it a sturdy option with fast adjustment speeds and a low noise level. The Uplift desk’s height reaches 50 inches at maximum, without the worker having to buy a leg extension or a standing desk converter. It’s also pretty sturdy and has no front-to-back wobble.

The Uplift V2 and Uplift V2 commercial vary in specs, with the Uplift V2-commercial housing a stability crossbar at the bottom and thicker metal legs. The V2 commercial also has a maximum height range of only 48.7 inches, while the Uplift V2 can go up to 50.9 inches tall.

Another unique feature of both the Uplift V2 and Uplift V2 Commercial are the holes by the side. In this model’s tabletop, you’ll find 48 different holes for attaching any accessory of your choice, be it a foot hammock for resting your feet during a long work day, or for putting in a CPU holder and even a power strip. If you’re someone who uses a lot of appliances and accessories and want to keep them organized, this feature may earn your admiration. 

This model is often compared to the Autonomous Smartdesk 2. While a certainly competent adjustable height table, the Autonomous Smartdesk 2 has a lower weight capacity and a lower maximum height. Comparing the Smartdesk 2 and the Uplift V2 Commercial, you’re also getting a longer warranty with the former.


Pros and Cons of the Uplift V2 Commercial

✔ Fast transit speeds
✔ Quiet movement
✔ Sturdy; has no wobble
✔ High quality build for its price point
✘ Crossbar at the bottom a potential hazard for legs

If you’re not shy to spend a little more on a high-quality standing desk for your office, then the VariDesk Prodesk 60 is a viable option. It comes almost no front to back wobble, and its build quality is enough to justify its base price and earn it a high rating on our list.

At first glance, this product looks like your average standing desk. It has a desktop size of 60 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 1.25 inches thick, giving it a lot of room for two monitors plus a few other accessories. This spacious desk surface ensures you’re able to have everything you need for working right in front of you. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble, taking only an average of 7 minutes and a few provided tools.

This desk also looks premium, and if you’re a fan of a sleeker and more modern build, you’ll be very happy with the Prodesk 60’s finish. Its desktop is made of laminate wood that’s available in five variations: white, black, butcher Block, reclaimed wood, and darkwood, making it a perfect mix of cozy and professional. It comes with a slate and silver finish for its legs.

If you also have trouble organizing your monitor cables and making sure they aren’t all over the place, this Varidesk model has 5 inches of a cutout at the back that’s made to let these cables dangle without messing up the workspace. This cable management feature is perfect for those who want to keep their desk as organized as possible. 

A drawback of this desk’s design is that it needs a specific monitor arm that is compatible with the cable management box’s design and placement. Apart from that, this model is an incredibly functional piece of office furniture that can give you what you’re looking for.


Pros and Cons of the Varidesk Prodesk 60

✔ Premium design
✔ Easy to assemble
✔ High-quality materials
✔ Cable management cutout is 5 inches
✘ Some monitor arms are incompatible
✘ Lacks a keyboard tray

Don’t want any of the frills and fusses of modern standing-height desks? IKEA offers a competent solution with its Bekant model, a simple yet effective sit-stand desk that’s perfect for those who just want a more utilitarian approach to their office workspace. The design on the tabletop is minimal, and it comes in a veneer or lacquer finish that isn’t as flashy as other 3D-laminated models. You can also choose between a wide range of designs: black, white, grey, or birch veneer table top variants and pair it with either a white or black base. This model definitely has a lot to offer, earning it a high rating for this guide.

This budget standing desk also comes with a height adjustment maximum of 48 inches, making it a good option for those whose heights fall under 6 feet. Also perfect for anyone who is prone to spilling the occasional drink while at work, the IKEA Bekant table top is stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up any kind of mess. 

As far as assembly goes, this product doesn’t need an expert to put it together. The process is straightforward and simple and could be done by pretty much anyone. However, this table comes with a drawback: it can only support a weight capacity of 154 lbs., a measurement that is significantly lower than most modern desks. And should any defects or issues pop up, this desk comes with a 10-year warranty so you’re getting quality customer service for a long period of time.


Pros and Cons of the IKEA Bekant

✔ 10-year warranty
✔ Easy to assemble
✔ Affordable price
✘ Weak lifting capacity
✘ Average height range

Have you ever had the problem of reaching for something on your desk, but your arms just cannot extend that far? Sometimes the issue with our office desks isn’t height or width, but accessibility. There’s nothing that breaks a productivity streak more than struggling to get a hold of an item that’s just a few inches out of reach. Luckily, ApexDesk has manufactured a sit-stand desk that has thought ahead in every possible way. The ApexDesk Elite Series 60” model earns its rating as the best-contoured desk in the market. 

First up is this height adjustable desk’s ergonomic design: it has a cut-out at the front where your body stands so that everything from this spacious desk is easily within reach. Cleverly designed with the user in mind, this desk takes it up a notch in terms of convenience. Once you go for a contoured standing desk, you’re never going back. Especially if you’re someone who likes to place a lot of important items and belongings on the desktop surface, this nifty little design feature makes sure everything is within arm’s length.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that this model is quite aesthetically pleasing, coming in with a glossy black base frame and wooden desktop with a smooth matte finish. This design allows this desk to be placed in any room and still look good. To top it off, you’ll be getting a programmable controller that lets you encode 4 customizable height settings—most competitors have only 3.

This desk is also perfect for those who did not inherit the handyman gene, because it only takes a few minutes to assemble, no tools are needed. Once you have everything in place, you’ll be able to take advantage of its 29-48 inch height range with a lift speed of 1.3 inches per second. It also comes with a noise-dampening feature, so you aren’t disturbing anyone while adjusting your table height. Perfect for a crowded work room or an in-house setup. It’s worth noting that this model comes with a 2-year warranty for the motor and a 5-year warranty for its frame.


Pros and Cons of the ApexDesk Elite Series

✔ Ergonomic cut-out design
✔ Wide tabletop surface area
✔ 4 height presets
✘ 225 lbs. capacity is lower than others
✘ Takes longer to assemble

One of the most notable electric standing desks in our lineup is this Flexispot offering. If you’re someone who can forget to adjust their working position (standing up for too long is not recommended, as is sitting down at length), this smart desk has got you covered. It comes with a handy “sitting too long” reminder, so you remember to stand up when needed, making it perfect for workers who get too caught up in their work.

This desk is also one of the sturdier ones in the market. With its double-steel tubing in the frame, you won’t be getting any front-to-back wobble, even when the table is at its maximum height of 47.6 inches. With 28 inches as its lowest level, you’re still getting a durable piece of office equipment that comes with a touchpad for encoding height presets. These height presets are perfect if you don’t want to think about the perfect height to adjust your table to, as this desk will help you get there with just one press of a button.

If you’re looking for an office desk that is a little more customizable, then this Flexispot model is exactly that. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors online, all to your liking — you won’t have to worry about another piece of furniture clashing with your living room wallpaper. To top it all off, this table’s sleek, minimalist top is consciously sourced, so you’re working with more durable material while supporting sustainable modes of production.

A drawback of this table is that it doesn’t come with a keyboard tray, and it also takes a little less than an hour to assemble compared to other desks that promise only 10 minutes. But unless those are major deal breakers for you, then you’d be remiss not to consider this desk for your workspace.


Pros and Cons of the Flexispot Electric

✔ Has a “sitting too long” reminder
✔ Customizable design
✔ High-quality double-steel tubing
✘ A little longer to assemble than other models
✘ No keyboard tray

Sometimes the struggle in looking for the perfect desk is its customizability. Our needs and wants as consumers and workers change over time, so it’s only normal to want to invest in a tabletop that grows with us. This RightAngle Elegante model is a sit-stand desk that comes with a variety of designs and widths as well as colors and finishes, so you’re not getting your hands tied when it comes to choosing a style that’s suited for you. With this table, you can easily opt for different finishes and capacities.

Once you’ve decided on what design works better for you, you’ll be able to fully utilize this table’s 24-51 inch height range, an offering that is more than what you get from most sitting and standing desks. No matter what height you are, this product won’t give you any problems and actually lets you work ergonomically, without slouching or straining your neck. Additionally, all your office equipment and decor from monitor to keyboard to small plant is perfectly secure with this desk’s 325-lbs. weight capacity, so you’ll be able to place your items without worrying about a front-to-back wobble situation.

Lastly, this product is our pick for a multifunctional desk because it comes with the unique feature of a 4-outlet and 2-USB port power strip, so you won’t have to buy one! Charge your phone and plug in your appliances with ease with this RightAngle model. Accidentally pulling on a wire while adjusting your height is no longer a problem, either.


Pros and Cons of the RightAngle Elegante

✔ 325 lbs. weight capacity on 2-leg variation
✔ Comes with beautiful black and silver options
✔ Programmable height range
✔ Goes up to 51 inches in height
✔ Includes a power strip & adjustable wire management
✘ No keyboard and mouse tray unlike other RightAngle products

Ergonomics doesn’t start and end within working hours — it should also extend to our everyday lives, and that includes a much-awaited after-shift gaming session. With this unique model that’s geared towards enhancing the everyday gaming experience, Eureka has changed the way gaming is done by introducing more comfortable and safer ways to play. Because many gamers are notoriously known for sitting in front of their computers for long periods of time, ergonomics and overall muscle health is of the utmost importance. Let’s take a look at this product’s features and why it’s a great gaming desk.

The most noticeable component of this high-rated standing desk is its exterior: the dark black finish is similar to many popular gaming chair and computer designs, so your appliances will fit right in. Its sleek carbon fiber texture also gives it an edgy, high-tech feel that’s sure to get you in the mood for playing. It’s designed with only 2 legs and no crossbar, so your CPU can stay put at the bottom without any interference, and you’ll be able to move your legs around as you please without fear of hitting a metal bar.

This easy-to-install desk also comes with a convenient power strip storage box, cell phone slot, and cable grommets, so all your wires and cables stay in place and don’t remove your focus from the game. The wide work surface area with different ports and the table’s inherent curved design makes sure everything you need is within reach. This table is also able to hold heavy equipment with ease as it’s made with a heavy-duty base.


Pros and Cons of the Eureka Ergonomic I1

✔ Heavy-duty base
✔ Wide surface area with contour
✔ Unique, edgy design
✘ No keyboard tray unlike other Eureka products
✘ A little difficult to assemble

If you’re going to make the switch from a normal office desk to a standing one, then you’d better go with electric standing desks. The Seville Classics Airlift Pro Electric is the perfect go-to, because it has everything one needs to adjust to the standing desk lifestyle. One of the greatest things about this desk is its simplicity. It has a solid desktop that is 54 inches by 28 inches and comes with pre-installed anchors plus a detailed manual, so you won’t have to spend hours on end trying to put this piece of furniture together. 

Adding onto its list of user-friendly functions and features, the Airlift Pro makes mixing home and work life easier with its 4 memory settings that make adjustment a breeze throughout the day. It’s also great if more than one person is using the desk. The memory recall function allows users of different heights to save their ideal height settings and move through each one with ease.

The desk isn’t just packed with useful technology, it’s also pretty heavy-duty. This desk has an uplift capacity of up to 264 lbs. or 119 kg. Paired with its three-section legs and screw-in leveling feet, you can go from the lowest height of 25.6 inches to the maximum height of 51.4 inches without worrying about your table wobbling or giving in. Whether you stand at 6 feet or 5 feet, this desk has got you covered.


Pros and Cons of the Seville Classics Airlift Pro

✔ Four memory presets
✔ Sturdy build without a crossbar
✔ Ample weight capacity
✔ Fully-electric and quiet motors
✔ Comes with a seven year warranty
✔ Affordable price
✘ No keyboard tray
✘ Not a lot of design variety

The 2nd gaming desk on our list is one that’s sure to light up your space. If you’re an avid gamer who loves the aesthetics and visual signatures of modern gaming equipment, then the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Computer Desk is just what you need. There is a lot to unpack about this sleek product from its powerful lifting capacity to its smart panel function. Gamers everywhere are certainly going to give this gaming desk a five-star rating.

Everything from the littlest details to the big design of this product is well thought-out. The edges of the desktop are lined with 16.8 million RGB colors that have 8 dynamic lighting effects. You also get customization options for 20 lighting zones through the iTAKE software, so you’ll never get bored with just one single display. It’s also compatible with other products and software such as the Razer Chroma and Amazon’s voice command service, Alexa. 

Worried about mouse control and movement? This desk has you covered. Its entire surface is made up of a full cloth design, enhancing the user’s gameplay by making sure mouse tracking is as smooth and balanced as possible. The cloth is sewn perfectly in order to avoid it from coming off or peeling over time. We don’t recommend putting drinks or anything spillable on this desktop, but the cloth cover is removable should you need to clean it for whatever reason. It’s also worth noting that because of its different functions and features, this model will have a higher price than other desks. While other models will have a lower price, you’re getting a host of unique features with this brand, so the choice is up to you.


Pros and Cons of the Thermaltake Tt

✔ Full-frame RGB lighting with 8 effects
✔ Full surface mouse pad
✔ Wide surface area for multiple monitor setup
✘ No keyboard tray
✘ Below average range of motion
✘ Expensive price

Electric height-adjustable standing desks may be the rage these days but there are manually-operated options in the market that are still a good buy and are on par with their automatic counterparts. Implied in its name, the DeVaise Crank Desk utilizes a crank handle for users to adjust its height.

This manually-operated standing desk can be easily adjusted from 29 inches up to 44.9 inches by simply turning the crank. This wide range of adjustments allows it to be used by people of varying heights. The DeVaise is also stable and sturdy, thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy construction. You need not worry about any wobbling taking place whenever you raise or lower the desk.

Another unique feature of the DeVaise is that you can move the crank to either side of the desk. Additionally, since it’s crank adjustable, it doesn’t require any kind of electricity. This means that you won’t have to fret about placing it anywhere in your workspace, whether it’s a corner or to the side, or against a wall without a power socket.

Best of all, the DeVaise Crank Desk is more affordable compared to its electric motor peers, saving your wallet from taking a deep dent. With its stable construction, wide surface, and durable frame, the DeVaise can be your new companion in your working den.


Pros and Cons of the DeVaise Crank

✔ Firm and stable construction
✔ Spacious desktop area for a productive workspace
✔ Tall height-adjustment range
✔ Requires no electrical power
✘ Needs to be manually adjusted
✘ No programmed memory settings

Best Standing Desk Comparison

Standing DeskBrandDesignPerformanceUsabilityFeaturesTotal RatingCheck Price on Amazon
01 Fully Jarvis Standing DeskFully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk100100979598Check Prices on Amazon
02 Uplift V2 Standing DeskUplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk100951009698Check Prices on Amazon
03 VariDesk Prodesk 60VariDesk Prodesk 60 Electric99961009598Check Prices on Amazon
04 Ikea BekantIKEA Bekant9092929091Check Prices on Amazon
05 ApexDesk Elite Series Standing DeskApexDesk Elite Series 60" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk9494959594.5Check Prices on Amazon
06 FlexiSpot Electric Adjustable DeskFlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk9595949394.25Check Prices on Amazon
07 RightAngle Elegante Electric Standing DeskRightAngle Elegante Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk9696959796Check Prices on Amazon
08 Eureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming DeskEureka Ergonomic I1 Gaming Standing Desk9494949494Check Prices on Amazon
09 Seville Classics Airlift ProSeville Classics Airlift Pro Electric Adjustable Standing Desk9494949494Check Prices on Amazon
10 Thermaltake Tt Gaming RGB DeskThermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Computer Desk9494939493.75Check Prices on Amazon
11 DeVaise Adjustable Height DeskDeVaise Crank Desk9493939393Check Prices on Amazon

Final Note

While ergonomics has certainly taken a different shape over the past few years, one thing remains the same: in order to make the most out of our work day, we have to incorporate enough movement. Staying still too long, be it in a sitting or standing position, can cause too much strain on our bodies and muscles. The key to any healthy lifestyle is to have a balance of both movement and rest, and these desks offer just that.

However, not all standing desks are created equal, and this guide is here to help you make an informed decision. There are many standing desks in the market that come in different price points, desktop size, functions, and many more. Make the most out of your work space and time at home or in the office by getting the equipment that’s perfectly suited for you and your needs, because the best standing desk option will depend on what each worker is looking for. We’ve gathered the best standing desks in the market so you won’t have to look anywhere else.

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