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How to Make Exercise a Regular Habit

Exercise has a plethora of benefits for both the body and mind. Regular exercise can help keep your weight in check, improve your mood and reduce stress, prevent illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, and even boost self-confidence. It also encourages better sleep quality and can improve overall well-being.

Establishing an exercise habit can seem intimidating, but with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be.

Ways to Make Exercise a Regular Habit

Regular exercise can help make physical activity a part of your daily life, and the more you do it, the easier it is to continue. It can be a struggle to do it consistently but with a few techniques, you’ll find yourself sticking to it.

Start Small

Don’t be too ambitious when starting out, especially if you’re a beginner. Begin with small, manageable exercises that are easy to keep up with over time. A good place to start is by doing two 30-minute sessions of moderate physical activity each week. As your fitness levels improve, you can gradually increase the amount and intensity of exercise you do.

Have a Plan

Having a plan helps to keep you on track and accountable for your progress. Whether it’s taking a class at the gym or starting up an online program, having something to guide you will help ensure that you stay consistent with your workouts.

Make It Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or strictly confined to the gym. Find activities you enjoy and make them part of your routine. If you like to dance, why not try a Zumba class? Or if you prefer the outdoors, go for a jog or bike ride in your local park.

Taking walking breaks in between work or before work also count as exercise. You can also join sports clubs in your community to meet new people you can exercise with.

Track Your Progress

Tracking how far and how often you exercise can be a powerful motivator. Write it down, use an app, or get a fitness watch to monitor your workouts and set goals for yourself. Once you start seeing your progress, it can give you the extra push to stay committed and keep going.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate small victories along the way by rewarding yourself for sticking with your exercise plan. You can reward yourself with a lot of things. It can be something small like watching an episode of your favorite show after your workout, or it can be something big such as buying a new pair of running shoes after reaching a mile goal.

Find something that makes you feel accomplished and motivated to keep up the good work.

Final Note

Creating a regular exercise habit can take time, effort, and dedication but it’s well worth it in the end. Consistency is key, so start small and build up gradually to ensure that you stay committed and on track. Once you get the habit going, you’ll soon enjoy all the benefits of regular exercise.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.