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How to Work Out in Small Spaces

You may think that you have to go to the gym just to exercise but in reality, that isn’t necessary. The gym is a conducive area to exercise but working out can be done almost anywhere, be it at the park, in the office, or at your own home.

However, most people scoff at the idea of working out at home or in the office, citing a “lack of space.”

Truthfully, there is no “lack of space.” In fact, you can still work out even in the smallest spaces. Whether you only have your office workstation or a studio-type apartment, are stuck in a hotel room, or have no time to drag yourself to the gym, you can still exercise. No space is too small to not workout!

Small Space Exercise Tips

Do you only have space in front of your couch? Or maybe the only available area you have is the front of your bed? Or perhaps, your workstation can only fit your desk and chair? Not a problem at all!

Even if those spaces are small, don’t let them limit you from working up a sweat. Here are some workout tips that you can follow to maximize your small space.

Use Portable Exercise Equipment

Portable means compact, and anything portable is a great idea when it comes to small spaces. The gym may have all the full-sized equipment but portable exercise equipment work just as well as their bigger counterparts.

A lot of compact fitness equipment that you can use and easily store away when not needed such as resistance bands and dumbbells are available in the market. You can also get a stepper, roller wheel, yoga mat, and more.

Nowadays too, you can buy foldable machines like an under-desk bike or a foldable treadmill that you can put away under your bed after your workout.

Walk in Place

Walking is a simple yet effective exercise, but there are times when you can’t go out or take a much-needed walk. An alternative that is just as effective and works in small spaces is walking in place.

Just like a regular walking routine, walking in place can help you burn calories, get your heart rate up, improve your lean muscle mass, enhance balance, reduce chronic pain, and so much more.

Do Desk Exercises

Are you in the office and all you’ve got is your desk and chair? Worry not, for those two things are more than enough to help you work your muscles. Use your table and chair to assist you in doing your workout.

You can use your table to do desk push-ups, and you can use your chair to do dips. You aren’t limited to those two exercises either; you can stay seated and do twists, ab crunches, chair planks, and the like. High knees, calf raises, ankle rotations and desk pulses are also available for you to do.

Do Bodyweight Exercises

Toning your muscles and building your strength won’t be a problem even if you have little space. The most ideal workouts to do in small spaces are bodyweight exercises because they use your own weight to provide resistance against gravity. This means that you don’t need any equipment to do them, and your only limit is your own body.

Bodyweight exercises such as squats, dips, lunges, crunches, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and burpees are ideal to do in small spaces. Furthermore, once you find yourself getting used to the basic bodyweight workout, you can modify the movements into something more challenging as you increase your fitness level.

Do Small Space-Friendly Exercises

Aside from bodyweight exercises, workouts that only require the use of a mat are ideal for small spaces. There are plenty of yoga and pilates-inspired video workouts that you can follow online and do daily.

You can also do agility training which can help you work up a sweat. Doing cardio won’t be an issue either, even if a small space. HIIT is known to be explosive, but it can also be low-impact and quiet and still have the same effect as that of a regular HIIT routine.

Mix Things Up

Doing the same set of exercises in a small area can get really old fast, which is why it’s important to switch things up. You can do bodyweight exercises today, try yoga the next day, walk in place the following day, and so on.

You don’t even have to have a set workout to do; you can put on some dance music and move until you’re out of breath.

Additionally, doing light physical activity throughout the day can help improve your overall health. Chores such as ironing, washing the dishes, cooking, and folding the laundry decreases your sedentary time and helps increase your physical activity levels.

By increasing your current activity, you can lower the risk of health issues and become fitter and healthier.

Final Note

Having a small space may be inconvenient, but it’s totally workable if you want to exercise. There is no such thing as “no space” to work out, just as there is no such thing as “no time” to exercise.

There are many workouts that you can do in a small space! Try them out and see which ones suit you best.

Tricia Montano

Tricia founded Pain Free Working in 2019 due to suffering from degenerative disc disease in her L5-S1 from working an office job for the past 18 years. She and her team strive on finding and reviewing the best office equipment to help fellow pain sufferers find relief and to enable people like her to do their jobs comfortably.