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3M Keyboard Tray Review

Desk jobs that heavily rely on typing and using a keyboard can cause aches in our arms, hands, and wrists. We might believe this discomfort to be normal, but that’s not at all true. In fact, these muscle and joint pains are quite avoidable in the first place. That’s exactly the purpose of most ergonomic equipment: so we can actually enjoy working, or rather focus on work without being distracted by muscle pain. An ergonomic accessory, including the 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray, is just one of the many office products that aim to provide a healthy lifestyle for working people. 

Take a close look at the height-adjustable keyboard tray, an invention that has spared many office employees from undue arm, hand, and wrist injuries. A height adjustable keyboard tray is not only great for reducing muscle pains, but it also helps us maintain correct posture as we work. We all know that incorrect posture is the ultimate culprit for the regular pains we experience in our bodies while working, but it’s also a condition that can be corrected with the right ergonomic products. 

Before we get started on this keyboard tray review, let’s first take a look at the benefits of a keyboard tray to understand why it’s a necessity for any modern workstation. Read on to find out what they are!

Benefits of a Keyboard Tray

Most of us have gone on working without a solid, height-adjustable keyboard tray and, for years, have been content with our simple setup. So why exactly should we add one into the picture now? Well, to really understand the benefits of an adjustable keyboard tray, we’ve outlined a few of its features and functions. 

It Helps Maintain Proper Posture

A keyboard tray not only holds your keyboard in place, but it also offers wrist support by letting you position your arms in the “neutral range”. A hanging wrist, or one that is elevated when typing, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle fatigue that could stay with you your entire life. Likewise, if you type for long hours with an elevated arm, you’ll notice that your shoulders will eventually feel sore, too.

Allows Easy Changes in Position

Keyboard trays easily let you configure the angle of your keyboard, allowing the user to pivot, tilt, slide, elevate or lower the product as needed. Most built-in keyboard trays have a limited range of motion, and some have none at all, which is why a separate keyboard tray is often necessary. 

The good news is, whether you prefer standing desks or fixed computer tables, installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3, meaning you won’t have to spend hours in setup before working with the tray. A good one should have clear instructions provided and all the necessary tools included in the package, and will not take more than a few minutes to fully attach onto any desk. Once installation is over, you’re free to configure, tilt, and angle your keyboard tray however you like. 

Frees Up Your Desk

Finally, a keyboard tray will save you a ton of space on your desk so you’ll never have to worry about where to place important items again. Keep your documents, phone, gadgets, and even your morning coffee at an arm’s reach without cluttering your tabletop.

About the 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray

3M Keyboard Tray
ModelKeyboard Tray
Dimensions26 inches x 23.5 inches
Weight27.5 lbs.

Indulge yourself in an ergonomic working lifestyle with this fully adjustable keyboard tray. Let’s see what makes it the perfect desk accessory.

Benefits of the 3M Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray

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With the many keyboard trays popping up in the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. The 3M (in AKT150LE, AKT90LE, and AKT60LE variations) has a number of benefits to its name. Check them out and see if this keyboard tray deserves a spot in your workstation!

Fully Adjustable Tray Design

Bid adieu to awkward working positions when you purchase this 3M product! Unlike other keyboard trays, this one is fully adjustable in both height and tilt, so height adjustment is no problem. Simply lift the platform to adjust and elevate it 5 inches higher or lower by 6 inches below its mounting surface.

You may also keep your wrists in the neutral range by configuring the angle of the desk tray, which can tilt 10 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward, or switch up your workflow by swivelling the platform, which can go 360 degrees left and right. You may purchase this 3M unit in its knob-adjust version or the standard platform design.

Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

We’ve mentioned that this 3M product can help keep you working in the best ergonomic position, but it also has the added value of a gel wrist rest. The leatherette covered gel wrist rest provides relief and comfort to the carpal bones, ideal for long hours spent working or gaming. The design lets you work your way through long hours with ease and without any fatigue on the wrist, making mousing more comfortable.

Easy to Install

The 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray has another benefit to its name, and that is quick installation. Clear instructions are provided and mounting doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Just make sure there is enough space under the desktop as the tray measures 26 inches in width and 23.25 inches in depth. 

Once the installation process is done, you’ll be able to use, adjust, tilt, and angle your keyboard tray as needed. Do note that there is a lifetime warranty on the keyboard arm, while the keyboard platform has 5 years and the gel wrist rest 1 year.

Quick Use for All Setups

Do you work with a sit-stand desk or prefer a standard computer table? Well, regardless of what your setup looks like, this keyboard tray works well with both fixed and standing desks. Plenty of positive customer reviews shed light on how this keyboard tray works with their individual setup, showing just how versatile a product this can be. The easy adjustment becomes even more handy with a standing desk, letting the user adjust and position the product easily to keep the wrists, arms, and shoulders relaxed.

Pros and Cons of the 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray

✔ Fully adjustable with 360 degrees swivel
✔ Battery saving mouse surface
✔ Leather-covered gel wrist rest
✔ Adjustable tilt and height
✘ Adequate under desk space is needed to tuck it under the desk when not in use
✘ A little pricey

What People Are Saying About It

Bottom line, this 3M product has an edge among other keyboard trays for its thoughtful design and flexible construction, allowing people to maneuver the keyboard and mouse tray as desired. It’s compatible with all desks, too, so we understand its high rating among office workers. But let’s see what other product reviews have to say about it.

“A sturdy, adequately ergonomic keyboard tray, this model would be a decent choice for any solo desker on a budget.”

Work While Walking

Where to Buy the 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Ready to use this product for your home or office? The 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray is available now on Amazon. Check the website for all the best prices, shipping/delivery deals, and more! You can choose between a knob-adjust version, standard platform, adjustable platform, or separate mouse tray design. Each one is compatible with all desks in the recommended dimensions.

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The Review

93% Flexible and durable

The 3M Keyboard Tray leaves no customer unsatisfied with its flexible range of motion, seamless adjustment, and comfortable ergonomic design. Get this if you've been plagued with aches in your arm and wrist area.

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