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Steelcase Gesture Chair Review

Steelcase Gesture Chair

There are tons of office chairs in the market today. But only a few can really deem to be optimized ergonomically. True enough, it’s difficult to find an office chair that is comfortable, ergonomic, and promotes a painless working experience.

When it comes to ergonomics, an ideal office chair would have a tilting backrest, adequate support, perfect height, and some even armrests that allow the shoulders and arms to fall naturally. These are the criteria one should be looking for in an office chair. Read our complete guide to know more about ergonomic seating options.

Is this chair worthy to be called one of the best ergonomic chairs in the market today? Let’s find out in this Steelcase Gesture review.

Are Steelcase Chairs Worth It?

Similar to other premium task chairs in the market, Gesture chairs also have quite the hefty price tag. You may be apprehensive in purchasing a Steelcase chair, but trust us when we say it’s all worth it. Think about it this way. If you purchase a cheaper office chair and it breaks down on you a year or two in, you would need to shell out money once more to buy another chair. This cycle can go on and on and in the long run, you’d end up having spent more on the chairs you replaced than paying one-time for a premium chair such as the Steelcase chair. 

Apart from the durability of a Steelcase, they also offer a host of customization options and have a ton of adjustable ergonomic features that can help your overall well-being. Coupled with a standing desk, it can improve your setup and is truly worth investing in.

How Long Do Steelcase Chairs Last?

Steelcase has a huge lineup of seating options such as the Series 1, Series 2, Amia, Think, Leap, and the Gesture. All of them can last for a lifetime thanks to the durable and quality materials used in their construction. Steelcase also offers a users warranty period of 12 years for their products, ensuring that their products are sturdy and you can use them as much as you can, lasting you for a long time.

About the Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair
Steelcase Gesture Chair
Dimensions40 1/4″ H x 28 3/4″ D x 28 3/4″ W
Weight78 lbs.

As we said, there are several office seats in the market claiming to be ergonomic and promoting a healthy posture for the body. But we have to ask ourselves if they really take into account the way a human body should be positioned while working. That is exactly what sets the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair apart.

Designed with factors such as head size, head shape, neck length, and range of motion, this ergonomic office chair was inspired by the working posture of the human body. To manufacture a chair that perfectly places you in optimal working posture, Steelcase conducted a Global Posture Study. This series of tests comprised more than 2,000 participants across 6 continents. Through this study, they found that conventional office chairs today do not support an optimal sitting position for everyday people and workers, affecting not only our health but also our productivity.

This finding urged them to create Gesture, the first ergonomic office chair design to support a wide range of technologies, postures, and sizes. Taking into account how the human body works versus how it’s supposed to be positioned, the Steelcase Gesture Chair has adapted the best technologies and resources to effectively improve our working postures and boost our productivity.

Steelcase Gesture Chair Features

Steelcase Gesture Features
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Wide range of technologies. Wide range of postures. Wide range of sizes. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair.

3D LiveBack

Conventional ergonomic office chairs would have a huge, soft backrest to enable the seater to support their spine and neck as they work. But there’s more to ergonomics than that. There must be adequate support to your back, promoting its right shape and movement.

Unlike others, the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair is made with a 3D LiveBack technology that mimics the natural movement and shape of your back. No matter what the posture, the Gesture chair effectively contours all critical back areas, giving good lumbar support throughout. The 3D technology allows the chair to adapt to any posture, so move around all you want, but you’ll still have that healthy back support.

360 Arm

We know by now that all the parts and components of the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair took the human body and its natural movements into consideration. The armrests are no exception to this well thought-out and well-optimized build. The Gesture Office Chair is equipped with a 360 arm that moves just like the human arm. The adjustable arms support any seating position, enabling the user to navigate through any part of their desk while still giving their arms and shoulders adequate and ergonomic support.

Intuitive Adjustments

The Steelcase Gesture Chair has two intuitive and easy-to-operate controls. There is a front knob that adjusts the seat height and seat depth of the chair, as well as a back knob that controls the tension and variable back stop. 

The seat depth adjustment can be extended within a 3-inch range, able to accommodate people with any height. As for the seat height adjustment, it can be modified within a 5-inch range using a curved-shaped mechanism. 

The Gesture Chair also has advanced synchro-tilt angle technology that allows the chair and back rest to move at a ratio of 2:8:1. This means that as the user leans back, the seat rises with it, keeping the seater’s feet planted on the ground — which is an important aspect of ergonomics.

Core Equalizer

The most common pain associated with sitting for long hours is lower back pain. This is because we don’t get that perfect level of support when seated on a conventional chair. If you noticed, the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair has a curved backrest, with the lower back portion slightly more elevated than the rest.

This shape of the chair makes way for the core equalizer. It’s powered by a spring in the torso area of the chair that adjusts with the angle of the seat and backrest. What it does is provide more lumbar support when one is seated in an upright position. And then it transitions when you lean back, providing less lumbar support but enabling a deep recline.

Adaptive Bolstering

The seat cushion of the Steelcase Gesture offers more than a soft and comfy surface. The chair is equipped with air pockets placed beneath the foam. This allows the Steelcase Chair to support users of any size or body weight, while still giving consistent comfort and support, regardless of who sits on it.

Customization Options

The Steelcase Gesture has a number of customization options, freely accommodating any and all user preferences to their heart’s content. Steelcase offers the following custom preferences:

  • Color options – Users can choose from four color schemes, namely light/light, dark/light, dark/dark, and black/black.
  • Back style options – Choice of having an upholstered wrap back or a shell back.
  • Upholstery options – There are six leather options to choose from and over 50 fabric choices, such as Buzz2, Cogent: Connect, Billard, Bo Peep, and more.
  • Base options – Users can choose between a frame-matching base or an aluminum base.
  • Arm options – Choice between having fixed arms or no arms at all.
  • Additional options – Steelcase also offers the Gesture with glides an a coat hanger

Pros and Cons of the Steelcase Gesture Chair

✔ Durable and sturdy
✔ Various ergonomic adjustments
✔ Highly customizable
✔ 12-year warranty
✘ Expensive
✘ Lack of back height adjustment

What People Are Saying About It

The Steelcase Gesture is truly one of the best in the market. In fact, we’ve named it as one of the best ergonomic chairs in our complete guide. It comes with numerous ergonomic features that’s made for any user of all shapes, sizes, and weights. One can make great use of its adjustable lumbar support and modify its seat height adjustment to their liking. It also comes with adjustable armrests, 3D live back technology, and a superb curved backrest. The chair also gives one excellent comfort no matter which way or sitting position a user chooses. 

Unlike the Steelcase Leap and other counterparts, the Gesture is highly customizable, allowing its users to modify it to their heart’s content. Additionally, the Gesture is covered with a 12-year warranty and comes fully assembled out of the box. Its price range may be in the higher end but the comfort and personalization options that it offers makes it a worthy investment and definitely one of the best ergonomic seating options in the market today.

“The Steelcase Gesture is a solid chair. As it is widely adjustable, there is a good chance it will fit most users well in any and all sitting positions. The Gesture has a comfortable seat, back, and armrests; three of the most important aspects of creating a comfortable chair.”

Beyond the Office Door

Where to Buy the Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Bottom line, what’s more is that the Steelcase Gesture Chair is offered in tons of different makes and colors. Think of it as if you can create your own Gesture Office Chair! Choose between an upholstered wrap back or a shell back, fabric or leather upholstery, and choose from more than 50 color options!

The Gesture Chair is ranked at #238 in the Home Office Desk Chairs category. Has our Steelcase Gesture review convinced you to get your own? Check the best prices on Amazon today.

Did our Steelcase Gesture review light up a curiosity within you? If you’re interested to know more information about ergonomic chairs, take a look at our complete guide to the best ones in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Steelcase Better than the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair?

There are a couple of similarities and differences between the Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron, but both of them are equally great. Both the Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron offer excellent comfort with ergonomic features such as moveable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and more. They also have great build quality, sleek designs, long-term warranty, and come fully assembled out of the box. 

The deal breaker between the two, however, is their price tag. This could make or break your purchase decision between the Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron. Between them, the Aeron has a slightly lower price tag than the Gesture. Despite their difference in price, both are excellent in comfort and features and are worth investing in. 

In case you find the Gesture or the Aeron to be a little out of budget but still want a premium chair from Steelcase or Herman Miller, you can opt for the Steelcase Leap or the Herman Miller Sayl. For more information on either product, take a look at our Herman Miller Sayl review or our Steelcase Leap review.

The Review

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There are several office chairs in the market. But only a few of them actually take into consideration the way the human body is positioned while working. That's what sets the Steelcase Gesture Chair apart. Manufactured after extensive research aimed to understand the posture of a working individual, it is the first-ever ergonomic office chair to utilize a wide range of technologies to support a wide range of postures and user sizes.

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