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ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse Review

Are you experiencing shoulder pain or wrist ache whenever you use a mouse? If you are, one of the best things that you can do to save your wrist is to switch from a regular mouse to a trackball mouse. A great alternative to a traditional computer or trackpad, a trackball mouse is an ergonomic computer accessory that offers great support, making scrolling and clicking around an absolute breeze.

One of the best trackballs available on the market today is the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse. Let’s take an in-depth look at it in this review!

Advantages of a Trackball Mouse

A trackball mouse is a type of mouse that encourages better ergonomics as it offers increased productivity and helps in reducing the risk of injury. It may look intimidating to some people, especially to those who are used to a regular mouse, but switching to a trackball can help make using a computer more comfortable. The design and shape of trackball mice put less strain on the hand, especially if you’re someone who suffers from medical issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Despite their size, trackballs actually take up less space on your desk. Unlike a regular mouse, a trackball does not need a mousepad to operate. You can also use a trackball on any surface, be it your table, bed, couch, your leg, and so on. You can even use them as a remote control. As long as you’re able to roll the ball, you can use it wherever you place it.

Trackball mice are also easier to operate than regular mice thanks to the buttons and the ball. You don’t have to move your hand around too much, you only need to move the ball to use it on your device. Trackballs are also suitable for both left-hand and right-hand use; you’ll only need to make slight changes in the system settings to suit your needs.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any medical issues, you may appreciate the benefits that a trackball mouse can provide. There is a little learning curve to them, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to one.

About the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse



EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse

Product Dimensions4.92 x 2.5 x 1.55 in
1.2 g (Weight)

A trackball mouse functions the same way as a traditional computer mouse. However, a trackball remains stationary on your desk and you don’t have to move it around just to use it. The design of a trackball mouse encourages a natural position for the hand.

The ProtoArc EM01 RGB Trackball Mouse can fit a variety of preferences. Its thumb control, RGB lights, and adjustable angle are just some of its greatest features. Read on further to get to know this trackball mouse better!

Benefits of the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse

The ProtoArc EM01 Ergonomic Trackball Mouse can effectively reduce wrist pain that you may experience due to long hours of working on a computer. Here are more of its highlights:

Ergonomic Thumb Mouse

The ProtoArc EM01 lets you control the cursor just with the use of your thumb. This helps reduce the fatigue and strain on your wrist and arm whenever you use your computer. The rollerball of the ProtoArc EM01 is smooth and precise to move around, allowing you to cruise freely without any worries. Its shape is well-suited for any user.

On the other hand, the scroll wheel right in the middle of the mouse does not have the best feel. While it is functional, it’s not such a joy to use and could be smoother. Further, the buttons, are positioned in an awkward place, right beneath the wrist and too low under the trackball. This makes it difficult to reach. But it’s not a big dealbreaker, considering that they don’t need to be accessed in an urgency. They also have a soft click, which we didn’t like that much as we prefer a stronger click action.

Adjustable Angle

Most trackball mice don’t allow you to adjust their angle. The ProtoArc EM01 sets itself apart from others with its adjustable hinge, letting you position it from 0 to 20 degrees. You can set the EM01 according to your needs for a more natural, comfortable hand position and less muscle strain. The switching angle also doesn’t shift too easily by accident.

4 RGB Lighting Modes

Elevate the level of your workstation with the ProtoArc EM01’s 4 RGB lighting modes. Featuring a Rainbow Streaming Light, Rainbow Breathing Light, Neon Color, and Mixing Breathing Light, these lighting options can give your desk a unique colorful atmosphere. Easily change the lighting modes just by pressing the RGB button on the mouse. You can also program the colors of the EM01 Trackball Mouse, allowing you to fully personalize it to your liking.

Easy to Use

Offering three DPI levels, the sensitivity of the ProtoArc EM01 can be modified to let you track smoothly over a variety of surfaces and click with precision. The ProtoArc EM01 can connect via Bluetooth or using the included 2.4G USB receiver. Do you have a number of devices that you use a mouse with? Worry not, you can link the ProtoArc EM01 with up to three devices simultaneously. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, PC, laptops, desktop devices, and more.

The trackball seamlessly switches between various operating systems and devices. Additionally, the ProtoArc EM01 has a built-in 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to a month per one full charge.

Pros and Cons of the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse

✔ Ergonomically-designed trackball mouse
✔ Has a solid build and heft to it
✔ 0-20 degree switching angle
✔ Connects via Bluetooth or using the included USB receiver; simultaneously use with up to 3 devices
✔ 900mAh battery capacity
✔ Compatible with numerous operating systems
✘ Button placement to change RGB is awkward
✘ Has no quick-charge feature
✘ Buttons may feel too "soft" for some

What People Are Saying About It

A trackball mouse such as the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse is a more convenient way to use the computer, especially if you’re experiencing wrist issues or Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs). Its shape is ergonomically-designed to reduce the physical strain that comes with using a regular computer mouse. You can even adjust the angle of the ProtoArc EM01 so that you can position your hand in the most natural way possible.

It’s a space-saver too as you don’t have to move it across the desk just to be able to use it; simply use your thumb over the trackball to smoothly roll the cursor across your screen. The body of the ProtoArc EM01 is also pretty solid and has a heft to it, making it durable and robust whenever in use.

Its RGB lighting modes can give your workspace an incredible colorful atmosphere. Additionally, it’s compatible with numerous operating systems and can be connected with up to three devices all at once. If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse for your workstation, definitely consider this one.

“Long gone are the days when a trackball mouse looks like some sort of modern art installation. The ProtoArc EM01 has a design that places the cursor trackball at your thumb for more comfortable navigation. You can also adjust the tilt angle of your mouse up to 20 degrees for a more natural hand and arm placement.  And if you want to show off a little of your personal style, the mouse has an RGB ring light around the trackball that can be programmed with over 16 million colors and 4 lighting effects.”

Reviewer – ZDNet

Where to Buy the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse

Switch your regular computer mouse with the ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse. To get this product, you can head on over to the ProtoArc website or make your way over to Amazon to get the best deals prices.

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ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse

The ProtoArc EM01 Advanced Wireless RGB Trackball Mouse is a revolutionary addition to the world of computer peripherals.

Designed with ergonomic excellence in mind, it provides optimal comfort for extended use. The mouse boasts a solid build and weight, offering a premium feel in your hand. With its versatile 0-20 degree switching angle, it adapts to your preferred hand position with ease.

Offering flexible connectivity options, it can be effortlessly connected via Bluetooth or the included USB receiver, allowing simultaneous usage with up to 3 devices.

The mouse’s impressive 900mAh battery capacity ensures long-lasting performance. Compatible with a wide range of operating systems, it seamlessly integrates into your preferred setup.

The Review

95% Provides Great Ergonomics

Trackball mice can seem intimidating to use, especially with how they look, but they certainly have incredible benefits. The ProtoArc EM01 has a modern design and uses a thumb trackball for very comfortable navigation. It can even be adjusted, allowing you to position it to your liking. The RGB light modes that this trackball mouse greatly elevates the aesthetics of any work desk. Moreover, this trackball mouse is easy to use and can be connected to a variety of devices, allowing for seamless operation. The tactility of the buttons may feel soft for some people but it's easy to get accustomed to.

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