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Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion Review

Sitting for long periods of time can bring about numerous health problems that include back and spine injuries. It can also cause pelvic pain and lower back chronic aches. The best way to prevent this is by buying an ergonomic chair or to have a sit-stand desk that allows you to work part of the time sitting and part of the time standing.

Unfortunately, sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs can be quite expensive. These can set you back tens of thousands of pesos. If you want to save money but still want to avoid the aches and pains that come with sitting at work for long periods of time, you should consider getting a seat cushion. One such seat cushion that can help you avoid the problems that come with sitting a lot is the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion.

Advantages of Using a Seat Cushion

Why should you consider buying a seat cushion? There are many reasons.

Improves Posture

Seat cushions are also designed to help promote proper posture when seated. This is one of the reasons why lower back pain and neck pain is reduced since proper posture removes pressure from these parts of your back.

Improves Blood Circulation

Seat cushions like this one help promote proper blood circulation since it doesn’t put your thighs and legs in a bad position. It allows blood to move freely from your pelvis to your legs to your back.

Increases Energy

When you are comfortable and are not in pain, chances are, you will get a boost in energy.

About the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion
Manufacturer Everlasting Comfort
Model Memory Foam Wedge Cushion
Dimensions 17 inches x 13 inches x 3 inches
Material 100% Memory Foam


This seat cushion is made out of 100% memory foam that offers soft but firm support to your backside, hips, and legs. It comes with a removable black cloth cover, wedge design, and U-shaped cutout in the back. It measures 17 x 13 x 3 inches. This cushion comes with a non-slip rubber bottom that ensures it stays put on any seat you use it on.

The cushion also comes with a handle that allows you to easily carry it with you everywhere you go. If you need to work in the office, you can bring this with you and bring it back home after. You can even use this in the car to help give you added support and comfort during your ride.

Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion Features

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This cushion is designed to help ease pressure on the coccyx, leg, tailbone, and hip. It also helps those who suffer from sciatica and decreases pain experienced when sitting for long. For this cushion to do all these, it comes with design features that include the following:

Memory Foam Material

Using 100% memory foam as the primary material for the cushion makes it comfortable and durable. It also makes the cushion effective in giving each person who uses it the kind of relief they need when sitting down.

Ergonomic Shape

If you look at the cushion’s shape, you will notice it is entirely different from other seat cushions. It has a wedge shape that you won’t find in other comparable products. This design adds height to your seat while ensuring that your thighs don’t suffer from additional pressure, which can happen with other seat cushions.

U-Shaped Cutout

This cutout is added to keep your tailbone and coccyx suspended. This relieves any pressure that can cause pain to this part of your back since it isn’t kept in a position that is unnatural.

Comes With a Handy Travel Strap

If you want to carry your comfortable Everlasting Comfort cushion with you, it’s easy with the help of the built-in strap. This handle is sewn into the side of the cushion.

Non-Slip Rubberized Bottom

One of the problems people experience with other seat cushions is the need to constantly move it back in place. This isn’t a problem with the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion since it has a non-slip rubber bottom that keeps it in place.

Machine Washable

Another noteworthy feature of the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion is how easy it is to clean. Just unzip the cover and throw it into the washing machine or hand wash when needed.

Heat Responsive Technology

The Wedge Seat Cushion also adjusts to your body and weight with its heat responsive technology. This feature responds to your body’s heat and conforms to your contours for a perfectly custom shape for utmost comfort.

Pros and Cons of the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion

✔ Portable, comes with a handy strap
✔ Ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort
✔ Non-slip bottom
✔ Machine washable
✘ A little small for larger chairs

What People Are Saying About It

This portable cushion shouldn’t be underestimated. Everlasting Comfort has created a handy little pillow that offers pressure relief and support thrice its size. Let’s see if other reviews agree about the benefits of this wedge seat cushion!

"The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion features a U-shaped, ergonomic design to relieve lower back and tailbone pain."
The Balance

Where to Buy the Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion can be found on Lazada and can be purchased easily with the use of any mobile device or via your computer. You can buy this cushion on installment, pay for it via other Lazada payment methods, or via COD. Keep in mind, however, that the availability of your preferred payment mode is dependent on the seller.

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The Review

93% Innovative seat cushion

The Everlasting Comfort Wedge Seat Cushion was engineered to provide you with more comfort and ease while you work. Made with 100% pure memory foam and structured to support critical areas in your body, you can rest assured that this product will foster painless and healthier working postures.